The Great Hunt

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    Under the "Divine King" Reinhardt XII, all the territories in the Southeastern regions and the Northern nobility estates were united under a single banner. After the king's untimely demise, the Southeastern region's guilds went back to living in small provinces and villages, forming their own local governments and seceding from the empire, which eventually caused them to fade into obscurity. The entire Southern continent is covered with wild creatures known as the "Furious". These large beasts have terrorized the local provinces for eons now and thus the Southern continent has a largely tribal and warlike culture, although they value communal democracy. Every autumn, a month-long event known as The Great Hunt is held. Beastslayers from all over the continent gather in the mountain town of Vrost to begin the hunt. Several deadly and spectacular creatures are imported onto the continent from lands far away, and it is up to the participants to slay the Furious. Each warrior is given a List of the creatures available for slaughter, but each one carries challenges and risks.

    -The goal of The Great Hunt is to amass as many kills as possible. To prove each kill, the competitor(s) MUST bring back the head of the Furious slaughtered.
    -Although Beastslayers register for the event as single competitors, they are free to team up with other warriors.
    -All classic Fantasy classes allowed or anything you can come up with, but you must pick one of the Character Branches in the CS.
    -Technology level has not yet reached matchlocks and gunpowder-based weaponry.

    Any questions?

    Character Sheet
    -Weapon: (A Beastslayers must possess a Weapon, for it is his or her lifeline. A good weapon should be something big, heavy, and sharp.)
    -Age & Gender:

    -Character Branch: Melee/Ranged/Magic (Pick one)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.