The Great Hunt (for a 1x1 partner)

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  1. Greetings

    Hi, I’m Jageroux, but feel from to call me Jage or whatever. I’m somewhat of a casual writer who enjoys thinking up grand plots and writing them out with others. I value the participation of anyone involved in an RP above all else, basically.

    • Be 16 years or older. (While I acknowledge there are great and aspiring writers under the age of 16, I prefer for any prospective partner to be 16+. If I see you’re under 16 but extremely interested with decent grammar, I’d be more than willing to go through with it.)
    • Be dedicated! It’d suck for us to get a particularly interesting point in the story only for you to lose interest and abandon. I understand real life can’t be ignored, so if you need to drop the RP, just let me know and write up an ‘exit’ post.
    • I’d really hate if I was the only one showing interest in the plot itself – so try to help with plot building!
    • Don’t be a 1 gender writer. If you can only write for one gender, then I think it’d cripple any potential character interactions.
    • If you need some time in between posting, just let me know you it’ll be a while before you can post again. I’m a patient and flexible individual and I understand how life can be sometimes.
    • Any RPs I do are rarely focused on romance, so while romance can be a theme, it will rarely be the entire focus. I do not write MxM. I will do male and male RPs, but there will be no romance between characters.
    • I would prefer at least a paragraph (Ideally larger) response. No one liners, please.
    • Skype is optional.
    Fandom Plots

    Destiny – The Ahamkara Legacy [Adventure – Action – [Possible] Romance – Extensive knowledge of Destiny Lore not needed.] TAKEN.
    Intercepted message from Commander Zavala to Ikora Rey:
    ‘I have… Alarming news. After Fireteam [King’s Fall] slew Oryx, there were reports of tremors on Venus. While I wrote it off as mere coincidence, I still sent a team to do recon. What they found was evidence is failure, and dire warning. It appears that we were wrong – we thought the Warlocks had eradicated the Ahamkara… But we were wrong. One, as far as we know, survived. And, after Operation: [King’s Fall], it has awoken from its slumber.’

    infamous – Third Strike [Adventure – Action – [Possible] Romance] TAKEN.
    Two Conduits, One Conspiracy, and a hell of a lot of trouble.
    ‘There are incoming[LIES] news reports of [BETRAYERS] a Conduit-Powered plot[DO NOT TRUST THEM] to destroy the city and assassinate the governor [SECRETS KEPT], more details [LIES] will follow shortly. ‘

    Bloodborne – The First Hunt [Adventure – Action]
    How did these things come to be…? Before this dream… Before this death. We followed Gerhman to his workshop and he gave us the tools to cleanse this vile city… But how did we end? Did we ever end? Or is this yet another dream? Another nightmare of an ill-mind; twisted and defiled beyond all belief. Can you hear it? It is crying again. And, when it cries, more nightmares are born. More blood is shed, yet, the Healing Church does nothing. Perhaps… I am still dreaming. Perhaps, this nightmare shall never meet its twilight.

    The Order: 1896 [Adventure – Action – [Possible] Romance] TAKEN.
    Was Sir Galahad truly a traitor? Were the rumors of about Sir Lucan’s true nature false? No one knows, and, at this present date in time, no one cares. Even after ten long years of suffering, London is still under martial law – the creatures of the night having become bolder as The Order slowly tore itself apart. But, inevitably, change came. No one knows how or by whose authority, but one thing is certain – The Order has been resurrected like a phoenix from its own ashes. With a new breath and new recruits, it has sworn to purge the blight which has plagued the streets of London for so long.

    Mid-Apocalypse – Taking place during the fall of humanity, a tale of two survivors strive to stay alive as everything around them crumbles.

    Fantasy – The story of a Witch and Witch Hunter who find themselves in a mess to undo a curse and right a wrong, and maybe, just maybe, find some common ground.

    Modern Fantasy – The story a Demon/Child of a Demon and a Demon Hunter.

    Sci-fi – What determines life? Is it the conception, or the mental value of it? What does it mean to be alive and to live? What does it mean to be ‘human’? Two experiments can only ponder upon these questions as they struggle to survive in a world foreign to them as they’re hunted by their creators.

    If any of these interest you, just send me a PM and have a nice day.
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  2. I'm a bit interested in hitting an Ahamkara right in the face with a Celestial Nighthawk boosted Golden Gun... Just saying.
  3. You. I like you. Send me a PM so we can get things started.
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