The Great Gatsby [2013]

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    Who has seen the 2013 movie of The Great Gatsby with Leonardo Dicaprio, Toby McGuire, and some other people? :3
  2. I watched it. Or, well, I should say I watched half of it before stopping it because it was awful. I'm not surprised it turned out that way either, because I felt the same way about the book when I had to read it in high school. Only finished it because I didn't want to fail the stupid class.

    Nick Carraway is a boring and highly uninteresting character, which was rather disappointing because I had hopes that Tobey Maguire would be able to liven the dork up a bit. There's nothing outstandingly good or bad about him as a person or character. He's just bland. A bland main character makes for bland interactions, and that's bad for a movie.

    Gatsby himself was an awkward manchild who was painful to watch. For that I say kudos to Leonardo DiCaprio, he captured the character perfectly from the book. The guy was too fucking awkward to talk to a girl. That was the entire impetus of the story. Lame as fuck, and often cringe-inducing. Ever seen an episode of a teen drama where some guy asked their friend to ask a girl to the dance for them? Yeah, that's the plot of this movie, except with mountains of extra awkward nonsense heaped on top.

    The rest of the cast was a bunch of two dimensional caricatures for the first half of the movie. They might've gotten better later on, as some of them did in the book, but seriously, not very good as a whole.

    The only positive points of the movie were the cinematography and the costume/scenery work. They did a good job of capturing the whole roaring twenties feel, so credit to them there. It just wasn't enough to make up for the abominable characters and plot.
  3. I hated the book. Hated the original movie, and I really hated the new one. For one, the music didn't fit in at all with the time period the movie was set in. For two, I cannot picture Leo as another eccentric millionaire after seeing him play Howard Hughes, who was by far more interesting than Gatsby ever could be. Daisy was a straight up See you next Tuesday (Because I hate saying the word, but that's what she was.) Nick was about as appealing as watching paint dry, and the entire story fell flat all together.

    The book was unremarkable in high school. Honestly, the only book that I was forced to read during those four years of hell was Lord of the Flies and that book still scares the crap out of me. I honestly have no idea why it was considered worth reading to begin with. There were a lot of other books that could have fit the category.
  4. Basically the hallmark of any Baz Luhrmann film. Australia, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge! et cetera all suffer in every way except for the visuals and the soundtracks, usually. I would argue that Gatsby's soundtrack missed the markfor me, even though I understand the attempt at providing a modern analog to help an audience understand the magnitude of a Gatsby party and to generally update the whole thing without having to move the clock forward.