The Great Forest of Nazradil

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Which tribe?

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  1. Ambertalon

  2. Bloodcall

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  1. The story of Nazradil
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    For years, the balance of the forest has been disturbed by a deep seeded feud between wolf packs. The wolves, responsible for upholding balance and order with the great forest of Nazradil have turned on each other, killing under the assumption that their leaders murdered each other in a mysterious battle that was only witnessed by Ja’Rom- The Great Owl. Ja’Rom spread terrible rumors to the packs, feeding their hatred and playing games with them. The reason for this betrayal by the Great Owl was his own greedy desires. As long as the Great Forest is in balance, the Great Owl may never travel the world, being forced to remain in the ancient tree to keep watch over the forest and it’s inhabitance. Growing tired of his responsibility made Ja’Rom devise his plan to sabotage his homeland of Nazradil- giving him a chance to escape.

    Bloodcall, the leader of the Bloodcall Tribe and Ambertalon, the leader of the Ambertalon Tribe, met in the forest one night, both summoned by the Great owl- Ja’Rom, completely unaware of his terrible plans.

    When the remaining pack members found their leaders dead in the snow, that is when the battle started, each side blaming the other for what happened. Ja’Rom played sides, telling each in secret that the other was responsible and how horrible the battle was.

    Now the children of the fallen have taken up their rein as leaders, with their loyal mates and family by their sides; they find themselves at war.

    Redbird is the daughter of Ambertalon, leading the tribe with her mate Swiftrunner.

    Smokepelt is the son of Bloodcall, leading the tribe with his mate, Stormshadow ( feel free to change these names if desired)

    ~Please read the rules of the Rp~
    1) posts must be at least two paragraphs long.
    2) no sexual content- obviously, since this is not a "mature" RP, any type of "mating" should be hinted at, not described.
    3) Swearing is fine, but please do not go overboard with it.
    4) I enjoy when someone takes liberties with the plot, but please make sure to run your idea(s) by me first, since I am directing the flow of the story.
    5) please do not take IC comments personally, if a character has a problem with your character, it doesn't mean that player has a problem with you.

    Please fill out this form to be accepted into the rp:

    Description/Pic: (please use pictures of real wolves- this might be fantasy, but none of them have wings or special powers. Their powers are implied by their presence in the forest. thanks!)

    Name:Redbird (Esthalia)
    Tribe: Ambertalon
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    Personality: very fun and playful. Redbird was not ready for leadership, but she tries her best to follow her fathers example. She often looks to her mother, Moonpaw for advice, and comfort in hard times.
    (Moonpaw: View attachment 15711 )

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    Name: Swiftrunner
    Tribe: Ambertalon
    Description/Pic: Dark grey on his back and sides, with a slightly lighter tone on his belly.
    Personality: Swiftrunner is just what any leader should be. Smart. Strong. Caring for his own. But then again, he was born to be the leader, that is how he was raised. He always does what he thinks is best for the tribe, no matter the consequences.

    Name: Ravenpelt
    Tribe: Ambertalon
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    Personality: Reserved, usually sticks to himself, but is fiercely protective of his pack and pack mates.

    Bloodcall: View attachment 15708 Ambertalon: View attachment 15709
  2. May I be Stormshadow?
  3. please fill out the form. When we have enough people who have applied, that is when i will post who has what role. Dedtoo and I created this together, so that is the only reason we are up there already.

  4. Stormshadow



    Personality: Quiet, easily irritable, challenger, usually fierce and can sometimes be kind.
  5. Name: Lyall "Bloodrunner"
    Tribe: Bloodcall
    Description/Pic: 823194132_0ed72e5be9.jpg
    Personality: Lyall is a bloodthirsty wolf who loves blood and hunting. She has a deep hatred for authority.

  6. I clearly stated in the above post that Stormshadow is the mate of the leader of the Bloodcall tribe... Please edit your entry. Thank you.
  7. Looks good!
  8. Whoops, I forgot! But it's edited now. ^^
  9. Dual dragon, I didn't notice before, but you have a very conflicting character personality. It is impossible for someone to be considered "Gentle with the helpless, sympathetic, organized andemotionally warm" but at the same time be "cranky and irritable, and demanding"

    I am going to update the main post with new rules that I believe to be essential if this RP is going to take off successfully. Please (everyone) make sure to read them and edit your c.sheets if need be.

    Hopefully the advertisement I put in will help draw people in. If not, I suppose the wolf idea wasn't meant to be...
  10. Name: Ravenpelt
    Tribe: Ambertalon
    Personality: Reserved, usually sticks to himself, but is fiercely protective of his pack and pack mates.
  11. Perfect! Thanks for Joining! I will add your bio to the top post!
  12. Awesome thanks!
  13. I'm hoping we will get at least four people to play on the Bloodcall side, then we should be good to go. :) Very exciting!
  14. Well, I'm slowly losing hope for this Rp D:

    I hate to say it, but i don't think many people are interested in playing an animal :(
  15. Always sad when such things happen, yes, BUT its barely a week old. No need to lose all hope just yet :P
  16. Well, that's the dark side of the wolf. She has to have a bit of crankiness and easily irritable in her at least. :/ But anyway, I've edited her personality, I hope it's okay.

  17. looks great! thanks!
  18. You're welcome.
  19. Send out invites to newbies
  20. yeah you see, that's the thing... I don't want people who are only going to give me one liners or not try and advance the plot... So without having examples of their previous work, or experiance writing with them; I normally don't do that.

    I prefer to play with people who enjoy the same responsibilities that I enjoy in an RP.