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  1. Hey Buddies. Remember this Guy? The one that created this viral thingy & that viral thingy. If you wanna check them out, press one of teh buttons below!

    You Are Banned because ____________

    Chat with Only Pictures!

    Anyways, if you are bored or waiting for a guy to post on your RP, you could just play one of MY games! Now, here's what I have in mind:

    So I call it: THE GREAT FOOD CHAIN WAR. All thine players have to do is try to pick an Animal stronger than the Animal a player has already spoken. & for Dumdums... pick a Stronger Animal than the Animal before it.

    Here's an example:

    IceButts415: A Worm!

    FrozenPosterior415: A Bird!


    No Copying the Banned Guy Peeps! Let's try to keep it small, & gradually growing bigger. We don't want to ruin the fun out of everything else! Imagine this:

    KawaiiBums!: A Lion!

    CuteHobos!: A Demon!


    Now ain't that sad? We don't want to finish this fast, let's make the ride worth it, & make sure everybody is having fun! Now, I'm just gonna start first mkay? Let's start the War!

    Dear @Grumpy : I am sorry if I used your username in one of the examples. I really tried to make your message authentic, by swearing REAL HARD (Because you Love Swearing, I thought you would fit) So please forgive this guy for any inconvenience. & Please don't smash my face with the Ban Hammer. I'm looking for a girlfriend, & I don't want to get my face all jacked up.
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  2. Okay, now EAT the HELL outta my Animal!

    A Cute Bunny Wabbit!
  3. An owl flies in and eats your precious rabbit :D hehehe
  4. A Mosquito suddenly pricks your Owl & then gives you Malaria! DIE PUNY OWL...
  5. A purple Martin eats that mosquito. FEAR IT!
  6. A Feral Cat bites your Blue Martin's wing & then chews its Head off! *Evil Laughing Montage*
  7. A wolf appears and eats your feral cat.
  8. The alpha wolf of the wolf's pack mauls it to death.
  9. A poisonis snake bites the alpha wolf and kills it. :( Aww.
  10. A Feral Mongoose then proceeds to battle the snake to a victorious End.
  11. A skunk sprays the mongoose, and then the other mongooses (mongeese? Mongi? The plural of mongoose, whatever it is.) tease him for his smell. The mongoose then suffers extreme depression and then commits suicide.

    Epitaph (open)
    RIP- Mongoose

    He lived a good life. He even finished his dispute with the evil snake, forever dooming his people to be at war, as the snakes will see the mongoose community at fault for the death of one of their own, and declare a never-ending war upon them.
  12. A Cat with a broken nose suddenly stalks on your Skunk, thanks to the Cat's broken nose, it is unnafected to its stench. It then proceeds to maul the skunk!
  13. A pelican attacks the cat, swooping out of nowhere and scratching its face with its talons. After a mighty struggle, the cat dies.
  14. The Cat was too heavy, the beak of the Pelican breaks, because of the pain, the pelican crash lands & in turn gets eaten by a bunch of saltwater piranhas.
  15. A Pink Dolphin then swims up and gobbles up the Piranha.
  16. A shark attacks the dolphin, and after a long battle, manages to kill and devour it.
  17. And then an Orca arrives knocking the shark upside down, killing it.
  18. The whale gets beached, and is picked at and eaten by seagulls.
  19. A very convenient eagle suddenly swoops down & kills all the seagulls in one fell swoop.
  20. A Native American shoots the eagle with an arrow.
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