The great escape 2.0

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  1. Andrews cold eyes stared around the cafeteria. His fur still wet from shower. Fur covered his body entirely. He stood like a human, but his bushy fox like tail told some of his origins. The greyish brown color of it shown tales of two different species. Grey fox, and the wolf. He had many of their abilities which shown in his fit and healthy body. He a couple times a day every day, just to keep these abilities sharp. His days were mostly full to avoid well just about everyone here. He didn't like to talk, and the guards were vicious and cruel to the residents here. Treated them as if they were freaks. This place, more like a prison than a lab. He hated it here, the hatred was obvious. Especially the tests. This place loved their tests. Especially the anger and resistance tests. He wasn't actually born here, but he had been here all his life. As he was created in a test tube he didn't actually have a mother. But there was a woman who became his mother. One of the scientists here felt sorry for him, and in turn treated him as a son, and he loved her as a mother. She was kind and caring, and she actually moved close to the lab and stayed at the lab most times, so she could be there with him. She loved him as a son. She protected him from these tests normally but she could not any more as she had past, a year earlier. While he looked the age of a twenty year old and his mind had passed that, he was actually created three years ago.

    As he jumped into the line so he could go back to his room and escape the other residents and reduce the chance of a run in with anybody. Not eager to even stand in this line he debated on just skipping the meal anyway. But his growling stomach and the moving line made that choice for him. When someone came up behind him, he hoped it was just another resident, and they wouldn't try to talk to him. Sometimes residents made comments to him just to try to get him to talk. He sighed with relief when they didn't talk to him, yet when they stopped and where able to reach in for what they wanted, her arm caught his eye and he turned to see Annie. He didn't personally know her, but for as long as he's known her, he's had an explainable attraction to her, and her tribal markings. She was different and unique. They had never spoken however. He didn't try to, instead he just moved along when the line did. But when her arm came out in front of him again as she reached for food, he didn't notice the line stop, and he bumped into the resident in front of him. The resident turned and looked at him weird for a second, so he mumbled a sorry. And tried not to look at either person. He was truly embarrassed. He was usually able to notice these kind of things, like a line stopping with out looking at it. His other senses being so good. He should not have made such a mistake.
  2. Annie was still new to this world. She had been the last "miracle" that the scientists had created little over two years ago. No more creations had been made since then, she was the last "born". She was different then the white-coated humans who littered the lab like ants, she was mysterious, and the scientists were lucky to get anything out of her. She was quiet, reclusive -stuck in her own thoughts. She never had fit in here, even with the other Miracles -as the scientists called them. She was one of the only ones who wasn't covered in fur, and she wasn't as book-smart as the other Miracles. No, she was nature smart. Tell her the name of any herb or plant and she could talk for hours about their medicinal properties and where they grew. But as the daily lunchtime rolled around, she was forced to eat. The scientists made her eat the food here, but she knew why they were really intent on her eating the food in the "cafeteria" as the humans called it. They were putting hormones into the Miracles' food, and she could smell all of the chemicals in it, and what plants they used. The chemicals: Radon, for extra strength; Copper, Nickle, and Gold for added memory boost, and several others that she tried to pretend weren't there because of how inhumane they were. And the herbs: Thyme, for an added health boost; Lavender, as a calming agent, and many more that she could name, but didn't want to... because, honestly, what was the point? So she gritted her fangs and teeth together and walked to the lunch line.

    Oh, she had tried to starve herself, hide the food, regurgitate it -but they always found out. They had a round-the-clock guard on her now while she ate.

    At least I am given the freedom to choose my poison!, she thought cynically. As she mindlessly reached across one of the other Miracles she grabbed a bread roll and laid it on her disposable tray. She then reached across again and, this time, noticed the fox-wolf Miracle looking at her. She stopped with her hand mid-air that was holding a spoonful of mashed potatoes, and looked back. She got a feeling that the Miracle was nice, so she dared a rare smile. She simply smiled a quick smile, then left the line. She walked towards the table she was told to sit at, and began to mindlessly put spoonfuls of food into her mouth. This was her hell.
  3. Andrew's eyes fell on her as she quietly sat down. Gone into her own mind. So graceful. So beautiful. Andrew smiled. It wasn't often that he did. He normally headed straight to his room, but instead he walked over to her and looked down at her. Setting his tray down on the table. He didn't know what he would say but he couldn't just not say anything it was too late. Now he sat there kicking himself in the ass as he couldn't form the words. He watched as she had pushed the food around on her tray. She didn't look too excited to eat. Finally something to say came to mind. "So um, you want some real food?" He said in a hushed tone, his eyes on the guard. "Well not real food. But food not prepared by the ones here." It had been a while since he had ate snacks of any kind. But he knew in the old wing of the lab, was an old snack machine in the staff lounge. There was one in the new one, but he dared not go there. Too many people there.

    "But we have to be quick. And they cant see us. Nobody can see us there. It's a nice quiet place. I'll leave now, they know I take my tray back to my room normally anyway. If you want to come with me, I can take you there. Meet me in hallway 24-b in ten minutes. I'll show you the way." He stood quickly not waiting for a response, and he turned quickly heading from the room. He picked up a piece of meat off his tray, eating it as he walked, then dropped his tray off in his room before making his way to the hallway, still shocked he had spoken to her or that he was on his way to meet her there. If she came. She probably wouldn't. But he could be hopeful.
  4. Annie stared at her tray full of now growing cold food. Luckily she had very good hearing so she could hear... Andrew was it? Andrew's voice. He had whispered so the human guards would not hear his plotting. Annie debated whether or not to go. Why not? It could prove to be fun, and she could learn a thing or two from the man.

    She got up from her table and walked over to her guards. "I have to go to the bathroom." She stared at them, and the two male guards swallowed hard enough so that Annie could see their Adam's apples bobbing up and down. They let her go, trusting her enough.

    She walked the way towards the bathroom, casting a smug look over her shoulder for the guards being so gullible. Why hadn't she tried to excape with that excuse before? She wound her way through the halls and corridors until she reached the destination that her fellow Miracle had told her to meet him. And low, and behold, there he stood, hands in pockets. Annie nodded to him and gave a stiff wave. She was not really one for conversation so she did not know how to properly act around people. "Shall we?" she prodded.
  5. Andrew nodded to her question and weaved in and out of hallways. Avoiding cameras and guards. Leading Annie gently by her elbow when it was needed. Finally he came upon a door with a cracked window on it. His eyes falling upon a camera in the room. "That camera does not work." He nodded in the direction of it, and made his way across the old room towards another one that said staff only. He tried to make sure it did not creak as he stepped through it. Holding it open for her. Inside were tables and empty coffee cups and other assorted items. On the other wall was an old snack machine along with a pop machine. He led her over and gently pulled on it. The front of it swinging open. Inside he pulled out a couple bags of cheese puffs, onion flavored rings, nacho flavored chips and a chocolate snack cake. "What would you like?" After setting the prepackaged food on the table he did the same with the pop machine, then set an assorted array of soda's on the table for her choice.

    After he finished he sat down and pulled out a chair for her. Then he grabbed a bag of cheese puffs, and opened them, popping one into his mouth, then grabbed a mountain dew. Taking a long drink of it before looking at her. "It may not be healthy for you, but it tastes a hell of a lot better then the garbage they serve us. Plus they didn't have access to it during it's making." He smiled popping another cheese puff into his mouth and looked around the empty room. His mother had shown him this a long time ago. She had often broken the rules for him. This was their secret. A moment of shame over took him as he shared their secret with another of the residents but he felt he could trust Annie. She was different then the rest. She would keep this secret. "We can speak freely about this hell hole here, they cannot hear us. Mother told me she was going to rescue me from here one day. That the world was a beautiful place. And this place was nothing like the outside world. There is a way to get to the old gardens from the old wing here, and she had been forming a way for me to escape while she was...." he trailed off as he realized he was talking about her. Annie had no clue who he called mother. Knowing they did not have mothers here. She was merely a human that adopted him.
  6. Annie chose the nacho flavoured chips and chose a seat near Andrew. She had never had anything besides the food the laboratory provided, so she was curious to say the least. She crackled a chip into her mouth and nearly bent over it was so good. "Why have I never heard of these?" she exclaimed excitedly. "And who was your mother that showed you all these secret places? And a garden?" Annie was more excited then she had ever been. A garden outside? Annie had never stepped foot outside, not even on concrete. She had smelled fresh air, but it was through a tiny window. She wanted to see this garden. Better yet, she wanted out of this lab.
  7. Andrew stood, grabbing the snacks he had taken and gently pulled up on Annie's elbow. He led her through the old wing. Finally reaching an old door that had a gar on it then dust and then after some space had er on it. The door used to say garden center on it. The door let out a creak when he pulled it open. Beyond that a blast of scents hit him. This was the outside world...All around he could see dead plants and overgrown vines and trees. All inside of a fence that even climbed up over the garden, only dead tree's and vines hung from it. "Mother said there was a secret exit here, covered by vines. But it was too hard for me to find after she died. Now however, everything is dead, we might be able to pry the door open." He said as he let Annie explore the new world around her that she had so obviously been deprived of.
  8. Annie was lost in the garden. But better yet, she was lost in the scent of fresh air. So this was what it was like to have happy lungs? She took a deep breath, and smiled. Annie looked over to Andrew and she smiled at him as well. "Thank you for showing me this. May I explore your mother's garden?" Annie wanted to touch every leaf, smell every flower, and feel everything in the garden. As the lab was the scientists' haven, nature was hers/
  9. Andrew simply nodded. They had time for her to enjoy their surroundings. In fact he had been curious the first time he was here. He leaned back and watched her for a while. She was beautiful. Her scent mingled with that of the plants and fresh air. It made quite the harmonious smell. He enjoyed it. Enjoyed watching her. She seemed to be in tune with every living plant in there, even the dead ones. He smiled watching her. It was one of his few genuine smiles. Not something he did often. But he was well aware that they would have to get moving before too long and if they didn't, people would realize they were missing and come looking for them.
  10. Annie flickered her tail happily as she bent down to smell a flower known as a "daisy". There were a few insects that she saw flying about, but the beauty of the garden made their names escape her. She knew she couldn't spend all day here, but she would if she could! But this was not her place to stay, it was Andrew's and his mothers, and she respected that. Annie just wanted to get as much enjoyment out of the garden as she could in the little time she would be allotted.