The Great Eight and the Quest for the Humans

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  1. It's been three hundred years since the Great Magical Revolution.
    King Damarian Crastenstein I united the Magicals under his rule, abolishing the stereotypes and horrible conditions most Magicals lived in. He created the cornerstone for the prosperity that King Damarian Crastenstein II brought about. The world is now peaceful under King Darmarian Crastenstein III's rule as he leads the people gently yet firmly. Everything has been better since the revolution. Yet there seems to be something missing...
    Oh yeah, the humans.
    The great oppressors that kept Magicals in poverty. The horrid brutes that killed so many innocents. The devilish creatures that thought themselves better than anything else on the planet. King Damarian Crastenstein I had gotten rid of most of the nuisances during his reign and the Great Magical Revolution. King Damarian Crastenstein II removed the rest of the scourges, returning a total peace to the land. Now the world lives happily without humans to plague it.
    However there have been rumors.
    Some say humans still roam among the Magicals. Others say that they have hidden away, afraid of the Magicals. Finally those rumors may be put to rest as King Damarian Crastenstein III sent out a letter to eight of the greatest warriors of the world...
    Bravest Warriors,

    I request that you read this letter in the most secure place you can reasonably locate. If others can possibly spy on this letter please do not continue reading.

    I am writing the eight of you to request that you come to the castle immediately for a special task. I have something in dire need of protection, and I can not trust my own guard to keep this precious thing a secret.

    Please come to my castle by the 26th. I will pay you all handsomely for your service.

    I am grateful,
    King Damarian Crastenstein III
    All right for the lot of you who TL;DR this is a roleplay where you take care of a small human child. You will play a great warrior who has been tasked by the king to take care of this small human. You can use any fantasy race imaginable within reason. More on that in the rules tab.
    Welcome to Da Rules. Here's how we're gonna keep this fun and awesome!

    1. Have fun! This is the most important part of the roleplay! If you aren't having fun then something needs to change so you can have fun with us.

    2. No Godmodding, Mary-suing, or Gary-stuing. No one likes a pretty perfect character who makes everyone do their bidding. We're creating a story together, not being pawns to one peron's fantasies.

    3. 1 character per person. I want a lot of people to have a chance to play here, and having multiple characters can limit that chance and make it harder for me to keep track.

    4. No OP characters. I reserve the right to call a character OP or not. If I think a character is too OP then I will ask you to change them or leave.

    5. All made up races have to be approved by me. You wanna create a creature that's entirely new and unique? Great! But I will need to approve of the creature to make sure the race is not OP or Mary-sue/Gary-stu. This will happen when I accept or deny your character sheet.

    6. What I say goes. I want to make this fun for everyone, but I also have an idea of where I want you guys to go and play with. While I am open to suggestions and love hearing other people's ideas and implementing them, most important plot related points will happen with my say so. You guys can start subplots, romances, rivalries, all the goodies, but if one of you wants to start a war then I will probably have to veto it.
    Here's the character sheet. Please fill everything out and leave nothing blank.

    Race: (Put a description if it is not a common race or is one you made up including strengths and weaknesses.)
    This is a list of our brave warriors:

    Isaac Caine Reifere

    Hope to RP with you all soon! Feel free to ask me any questions! :D
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    You CAN play a human, but you have to know that you will have to disguise your character and I'm limiting it to only 2 people can be humans. Otherwise you can play any magical creature or race your heart desires.
  3. This is neat. Expect my CS soon. cx
  4. Ooh! May I join?
  5. Oh my God, people! My lonely heart is filled with joy!

    Yes, you most certainly can join, @wolfgurl1999!!! Just fill out the character sheet I have in one of the tabs and I'll look it over! :D
  6. Name: Marium Di Felice

    • Age:17
    • evading
    • hiding
    • running
    • self-preservation
    • strength
    • often grows ill during the winter like her mother
    General Appearance:
    Race/species: Human

    Height: 5’4 1/2

    Weight: 111 lbs.

    Eye color(s): Rare Light Blue Eyes

    Face shape: Oval/Heart

    Describe their eyes: Deep Set Eyes

    Describe their nose: Dainty

    Describe their lips: Natural/ Cupid’s bow

    Ears (pointed, cat, etc.): Round

    Body build (slim, muscular, etc.): Normal/Petite

    Extra extremities (Another arm, tail, horns etc.): N/A

    Hair color(s): Light Brown

    Hair length: 17 in.

    Hair style: Thick and Straight

    Complexion: porcelain-like / Light

    Patterns/designs(on skin/fur and where they are, such as a zebra stripe pattern): N/A

    Usual Attire: Big grey sweater, black leggings with knee high brown combat boots, non-layered ruffled skirt, a heart-shaped locket containing a picture of her family, and a white tank top
    • fighting (physically or verbally)
    • abandonment
    • forgotten
    • Silence or screaming
    • violence/gore
    General Personality:
    Personality snapshot: Shy

    (optional)In depth personality: Is big hearted and willing to sacrifice self for others.

    Most prominent personality trait: Trustworthy

    Best traits of their personality: Caring

    Worst traits of their personality: Gullible/Naive
    Inner Personality:
    • lonely and hurt (hides it w/kindness)
  7. I like that you've put a lot of detail into your character, and it's great that you think of all of these things, but I'm afraid that Marium wouldn't be a good fit for this rp. See, the whole thing is that the king is hiring warriors, mercenaries, martial artists, people like that. Marium seems like a girl you'd find on the farm or in a small town. I'm sure she'd be better fit in an rp that doesn't include fighting and possibly killing monsters. If you came up with a warrior character I'd love to take a look at him/her, but I'm afraid that I'll have to reject your character sheet since I don't think this character would be best used for this rp.
  8. Name:
    Isaac Caine Reifere




    Isaac looks like a twelve year old.

    He has been 'cursed' or blessed as his mother says, to look like a twelve year old. His height doesn't help him either.
    He usually has been seen wearing a silver necklace and a silver bracelet that has a locket on his necklace while a key on his bracelet.
    Though on his ankle there's an anklet that he almost never touches. It's charm is a hammer. He carries a black pouch bag with him always. His eyes are a bright electric orange while his hair is a midnight black. He's always seen wearing a hat of some sort with a mask tilted on top. (The mask resembles a crying face with a fang.) If he takes the hat off he shows midnight black fox ears and if he decides to show you he has a matching tail. If he decides to show his true form his hair and tail color turns white. He's usually wearing a tux or the outfit below.

    ^ Looks similar except adjustments according to the description of appearance


    He has a tendency to lie. Though he acts cheerful he can be very brutal. You screw around with him and he will stop at NOTHING to make sure you die a painful death. He has a way of letting you know and normally doesn't let out a deadly 'atmosphere' but pretty capable of letting one out. He doesn't particularly like being his size so if you comment on his clothes, or his physical appearance for that matter he'll probably smile and later 'stab' you in the back. Maybe literally.

    He's very fit, also very cheerful. Isaac can be helpful when he wants to. Though he's also very intelligent. He's very organized meaning he knows what he's doing, and prepared. He always has something up his sleeve, or something to improve the situation.

    He cannot stand water, or loud noises. If you pour water on him or get him wet, or make a ridiculously loud noise he will snap.
    (big weakness)
    He also can't stand people who act 'grown up' when they're small or a grown-up acting childish when they're not the age. He'll lose his cool. (small weakness) Isaac has a short temper though it's not seen from the outside.

    His charms, (On the accessories not his looks.) and sometimes the power of the elements. (Except water, we all know why.)
  9. Woop! I'm finished.
  10. All right, Isaac looks pretty good! He's a little young, but I'm sure we can deal with a couple younger warriors. @xLarius, you are accepted! Now we just need 7 more people.
  11. Name: Melandi
    Age: 29
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Melandi stands just over 5'5, and with a light but powerful build she does not cut the most impressive figure in that sense, but she has sharp, knowing eyes and she is quick to catch on. Among the other magicals she tends to keep her wings neatly folded and her feet covered to project a more subtle appearance. Her wings are a steel grey with darker edges on the flight feathers and a bit of speckling along the tops of her wings. On her legs and shoulder she has a couple of tattoos, her left leg has two thick, black bars encircling just above where the grey of her legs ends, her right leg has a series of vertical stripes about an inch long and spaced half an inch apart also encircling her leg, lastly on her shoulder there is a single black line that runs from the base of her neck straight down her arm to her elbow.
    Show Spoiler


    Race: Venar
    Show Spoiler
    The origins of this race has mostly been lost in time. Years of near total isolation hide their lore from the outside world, and the Venar themselves simply claim that they were born of a winter hail storm, although few give that explanation credit. Over slightly sucken shoulders sits a pair of large wings that every Venar protects with an unconscious pride.The colors of the wings very a fair bit, but they tend to range from white to brown, to black, but almost universally the wings bear a subtle pattern of striped edges and faint speckles. Their other unusual feature is that from the knees down their legs resemble those of a bird of prey. Grey scales cover their shins all the way down to their four large toes, three in front one behind, that end in wickedly sharp talons. Though they bare a lot of similarities to other humanoids they tend to have much sharper features, with well defined faces, large pointed black eyes, and dark hair. Although they are not the tallest group they tend to be slim and wiry, with only a few individuals actually gaining a bulky look.

    In the early days the Venar exsisted nearly every where there was a mountain to support their roosts. However, as in many cases, there came a conflict. The Venar in those days were more martial and they quickly came to blows with the dwarves, who often shared their home range. Good fighters, but lacking much of the technology that the dwarves had, they were pushed north into the cold and unforgiving mountains. So for several hundred years they lived in almost isolation in the northern most mountains. About a hundred years ago an embassy traveled to the dwarven kingdom with talk of peace. It was an uneasy truce but it lay out the foundations for the talks that occurred just five years ago. In response to some trouble and increase in tension the young warrior and diplomat Melandi was sent to attend an annual gathering at the King Damarian's castle. Impressing some with her constitution as a warrior, but winning over most as a level headed embassy a far greater truce was struck between the Venar and the dwarves. Melandi has since felt a dept to the King for his roll in the negotiations.

    Personality: These days Melandi has dealt with far to much pomp and circumstance to be as open and carefree as she once was. Though a kind and even tempered person she is very guarded and lets very little of her true feelings to slip out. Her pride makes her loyal as to break a promise would be almost treason to her. To those she trusts she is open and straight forward, and some of her closest friends worry about her as she tries to bend of backwards in order to achieve her goals. When angry Melandi is very open about being so, she is not one to plot behind another's back. If she feels there is an insult that must be paid for she will confront the individual directly.
    Strengths: As with all Venar Melandi is resistant to the cold and to high altitudes due to growing up in the mountains. She is a very skilled fighter specializing in hand to hand combat and using her talons. With a calm disposition she is usually able to dampen tempers or at least redirect it somewhat.
    Weaknesses: Sometimes she will try to please too many people and put herself in harms way to make everything turns out alright. Her wings are very susceptible to fire, and she has to be careful to guard them lest she damages the feathers to the point of being flightless. As hard as she tries her pride can sometimes get her into trouble as she confronts those she believes have wronged her.
    Weapon: The Venar, isolated to their mountain peaks as they were, had very little metal working within their clans. In years before an official treaty was won most of their tools and weapons were made of stone, bone, and any other objects they found that fit the description. Nowadays, as trade has become more common more metal tools and weapons have been popping up among the clans. Melandi favors a set of steel talons that were gifted to her by the dwarves.
  12. The Venar sound super cool! No pun intended. @E.T. accepted!
  13. Thanks, they are a new-ish concept that I just wanted to test out. Out of curiosity what race is the king?
  14. I'm sorry this reply took so long, but the king is a half-breed. He's half dwarf, half-elf as his mother was the first elven queen to rise to power while the current king's wife is a werebeast.
  15. Just a note this is still very much open! If you guys are still interested after the wait maybe you can talk to some friends to see if they would want to join the rp.
  16. Just as a suggestion you maybe want to consider changing the name, or maybe adding more to the description. The name "The King's pet" Might be giving people a different sort of image of this rp than you intended. Working on the decription might just convince more people to join.
  17. Hey thanks for the advice! I updated the title a bit, though I'm not sure if it's any better than before, but I might work with the description a little later to see if that gets some more people interested.
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    How to get more people to join? ;w;?!?!
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