The Great Adventurers Of The Chosen: The Waken Elements (A Musical Adventure?????)

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  1. The Waken Elements
    by The Dreamer
    (has nothing to do with the other rp (>.>))

    Legend has it that the goddess of the moon will send 4 warriors to save the kingdom of Cray when it is in very deep danger. The 4 have very interesting power of control of the elements. but there is also told of that here is a 5th one. the one their controls all element but no one ever meet or need her/him that is

    till now.......

    Earth: Close By @Alis_Audāx by Cain Talamh
    Air: (open)
    Water: Close By @Raitoningu By Elyssa Saermé
    fire:Close By @Haruka by Seika Serafino
    Lightning: (Opening)

    Air kingdom:

    water kingdom:




    Charater Sheet:
    (Picture on top here)
    age: (16-20)
    race: ((dragon bird whatever)rider, nymph, human etc...)
    likes:(just tell me XD)
    dislike:(>.> evil side of me >XD)
    weapon: (anything)
    bio: (very long or very short)
    Theme song: (don't really need this)

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  2. Tattoo for each character: (it can be anywhere and also can be big)

    Air: control the wind and weather
    Instrument: Flute
    Water: control water and talk to water animal
    Instrument: little hand harp
    Fire: control fire and light
    Instrument: Violin
    Earth: control earth and talks to animals, tress and nature.
    Instrument: piano
    Lighting: Control the weather and lighting as well as the light ((s)he what Fire and Air are)
    Instrument: Drum (any but no modern drum)

    Tattoo for Lighting
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  3. [​IMG]
    name: alice
    age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Element: Zero
    race: Unknown But looks Human
    likes: Cookies And Cute things and Lucas (as a brother)
    dislike: Mean people and people making Fun of Lucas
    weapon: daggers
    bio: Lucas is Like a brother to her. and they lived in the castle since they where little.
    Theme song:


    name: Lucas
    age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Element: Unknown (or just do got none)
    race: unknown
    likes: being alone, his family and music
    dislike: annoying people and people that are rude to his family
    weapon: his long nails

    bio: he has lived with Alice and will do anything for her. she is his master after all and she did save him from death but he hopes that she would fine out something that she is. he also never takes off his mask and Alice always tries to and fails miserably
    Theme song:

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    also do not mind questions and everything

  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Elyssa Saermé
    age: 19
    Gender: F
    Element: Water
    race: Aetherling
    likes: Symmetry, Snow, night time.
    dislike: Anything not aesthetically pleasing.
    weapons: Mainly ice, also water and occasionally mind manipulation
    bio: (to come shortly)
    Theme song:
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  6. Charater Sheet:
    name: Cain Talamh
    age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Element: Earth
    race: Dragon child
    likes: Botany, flower design, painting, music, and glucose.
    dislike: Mean individuals, people mistaking him for a girl, disrespect of the earth, and his weak heart.
    weapon: Controlling of plants, move the earth (this is rare, for it takes a lot of energy.), and hypnosis.
    bio: Cain was born with the power of earth, being part of the dragon born he came out of his mother as a child covered in scales. His mother was so frightened that she threw him into the forest and he was left there to die. The spirits of the earth took pity on him and took him into their care; he now lives in the main castle. Due to being left out in the forest at such a young age Cain’s heart is weak and his body gets tired easily. Though he is 19 he looked to be 15 or 16, being part of the earth element slows his growth. He is self-conscious of his height (5’6) and is very suspicious of new people. Though he was born with scales, he does not show his dragon form out in the open. Cain keeps to himself and hides his forms under his human looking skin. He often stares awkwardly at people not because he is looking for a meal (being a dragon child) like many think, but instead he is observing and learning. He wasn't always so lonely sounding, he did have one love but her spirit was taken from his kingdom to another plain on a pair of red wings. At night he has nightmares and if he is not careful.....they can shake the earth kingdom.
    Theme song:
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  7. Hey look the earth character is a girl! :P
  8. Wait I just realised - how is this "musical" part going to work? like tunes activating things like Ocarina of Time or something?
  9. hehe! Cain: "B-but....I'M A Male!" >///<''

    I was wondering that too, I wasn't sure if maybe it would be part of the weapons as a tool to activate the powers....mine is a piano so it be kinda hard to have my character drag one of those along.
  10. (s)he could do a Sonia type thing (from the sonic underground TV series. Man that was a good childhood.) I think that series did music incorporation quite well except for the lasers thing. Perhaps the elements happen to react to certain frequencies of sound so elemental masters learnt to control them with music?
  11. Oh! that is true she could incorporate them that way. Hopefully she gets back on soon so we can figure this out and start :D
  12. Yup :D
  13. [​IMG]
    -how she looks when she's in her kingdom-
    how she looks when she's outside her kingdom or when she's in war (open)


    Name: Seika Serafino
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Element: Fire
    Race: 1/2 Fire Demon;1/4 Medusa;1/4 Human

    Likes: the Fire Kingdom, autumn, cherry blossoms, music, dancing(mainly traditional dances)
    Dislikes: Off-key singing/instrument playing, swimming(she can't swim), sticky and slimy stuff

    Weapon: the sword in her second appearance.In terms of powers,her ability of fire and light manipulation and her ability of being able to freeze people with her Medusa side for 10 minutes the longest.To do this,she simply looks into her target's eyes and when her eyes glow,that means she just used her Medusa powers.She can undo this if she wants,or the victim can wait for 10 minutes to unfreeze.If Seika gets even more familiar with this side of her,there's a chance that she would be able to actually turn someone into stone permanently.

    Bio: Seika came from the powerful Serafino family line who has ruled over the Fire Kingdom for over a century now.The fact that she's the eldest and only child of her parents,the Emperor and his beloved wife,didn't bother them at all.She was treasured by them and was very proud of her.They admired her graceful dancing and would watch her everyday whenever she did it.

    After her parents' death from a battle against a dragon located far away from all four kingdoms,Seika was automatically held as the new ruler of the Fire Kingdom at the age of 17.Although she was very young to be a ruler,she was still able to manage.She was mostly recognized and was described as a "graceful flame among all flowers" because of her graceful movements and attention-grabbing beauty,or at least that's what people say.Currently,she still remains in her position as Empress in the Kingdom and everyone she rules over on respects and loves her.Of course,she strives to keep this relationship with the people,and she swears to protect all the citizens of her kingdom whatever the cost.

    Theme song:
    -will put one soon-
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  14. Hey is this still open and if so, what elements are still free?
  15. hmmm I believe the Air one is the only one left from what it looks like from everyones character sheet. :D
  16. Dangit, late again! D:

    Heck, can I just be elementless and somehow end up in this wonderful, virtuous group of individuals? Or perhaps, a hybrid of two?
  17. OK

    1. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wow Ok maybe i will add two more elements or something so many people holy shit

    2. and person that did that grammar shit i know its bad it was not looked over and I did it fast because my Nana told me to get off the computer or no computer for a week. >.> that works to get me off..... and i don't feel like fix it...... so yeah so sue me....... (also hate that you did this and is not posting anything >.>)

    3. and how its a musical is hard to say..... and GUYS CAN SING TOOOOOOO. take the guy that played wolverine he can sing. ill have to show you when the rp starts because yeah I'm awesome

    4. how you are moving the piano all around is by your element love your element can make stuff and everything.

    5. also the music is tunes from any musical you hard and you guys can make you own lyrics or stick with theirs.

    (the reason for the musical was because one Rhapsody and this lyrics)

    Winter is a good time to say in and cuddle
    but put me in summer and ill be a- *looks down in a puddle then jumps over it*


    Then this--> I'm going to tell him

    then--> someone got to tell him

    FROZEN mother got the movie i watched will laughing my but off
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  18. also Cain man up your a man for crying out loud if the wolverine guy can do it so can you
  19. Man up in what way?....his looks? I was planning to make him strong willed and such...but if there is something in particular please let me know.
  20. they're talking about the music thing and the moving of the piano
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