The Great Adventurers Of The Chosen: The Tree Of Life

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    Chapter One

    the beginning
    In a world not are own a war is braking out. The only way for the war to stop is to find the Queen and the 6 guardians. To be able to find her and save the kingdom are the 6 chosen ones each one control one element; Fire, Wind, Water, Darkness, Light. How are from different kingdoms of the element. Ginia the kingdom where the Fire element lived, Wicobwyn the Wind element Kingdom, Ulelalia the Light Kingdom, Draowia water element kingdom, Uckulandathe dark kingdom. The guardians are the only hope to find Earth, the queen. They will meet friends, enemies, and friemies (love this word XD). They will be going around the world of Cray.

    At the palace of Raia, the Earth kingdom. the head master walked up to a little girl. "Dreamer may i speak with you" the little girl Dreamer looked up from her book and smiled. "yes sir" she got up and walked with him. "You know something is wrong right” Dream nodded “well the tree of life needs help and you and other will be looking for the lost guardian of Earth” “For real wait does that mean I can go on a adventure” she said and jumped up and down. “Haha but you need to know the dangers of the outside world and you will have others with you.”

    “The guardians of Cray?”

    Meanwhile at the gate~~~~~~

  2. Regal stood, staring up at the castle before him quietly, his gray eyes full of curiosity, excitement and hesitation. Questions like: What will the other guardians be like? Would they all even get along? And; Where are the others, anyway? began to fill the young angel's mind. Although his wings weren't stretched out and showing, he was still an angel through and through. He just didn't like to wear togas and thought of them as stupid.
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