The Great Adventurers Of The Chosen: The Tree Of Life (finish no more all are here)

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  1. Tree of life

    By Dark Light

    In a world not are own a war is braking out. The only way for the war to stop is to find the Queen and the 6 guardians. To be able to find her and save the kingdom are the 6 chosen ones each one control one element; Fire, Wind, Water, Darkness, Light. How are from different kingdoms of the element. Ginia the kingdom where the Fire element lived, Wicobwyn the Wind element Kingdom, Ulelalia the Light Kingdom, Draowia water element kingdom, Uckulandathe dark kingdom. The guardians are the only hope to find Earth, the queen. They will meet friends, enemies, and friemies (love this word XD). They will be going around the world of Cray (yes I used a word that already is in a TV show and/or card game don’t hate me.).
    The Chosen Ones
    Fire: Chosen
    Wind: Chosen
    Water: (open)
    Light: Chosen
    Darkness: Chosen


    (Picture on top)


    Age: (14-19 (if you want to be 20 ask me and show me your character))

    Race: (feel free to be anything you want ^^)




    Element: (only Fire, Wind, Water, Dark, Light)


    Background: (it can be long but I warn you I won’t read it all (unless its really good and i want to read it))

    Extra: (anything you want you can say I love cookies and would not give a shit)

    The reason the story is not very long (and not telling you much) is because if I write it here I will have to copy it over to the rp. Sorry if you want to know more i can tell you more​

    Names: Wind Light

    Age: 14

    Race: Fee-Elf/Human

    Personality: Sweet kind, but can be mean when friends are in Danger.

    Likes: people, books, Journeys and Reading maps.

    Dislikes: people bossing her around, meanie faces, and whole lot of other stuff.

    Element: Have none

    Weapons: daggers and small swords

    Background: She lived in the kingdom since she was 5 and the only thing she could remember is her first time she pulled out a book from the library about a knight and saving a girl from evil and how the knight went on a long journey fighting monsters and meeting allies on the way after a while she slowly started to readied about the kingdom and when she was walking around, reading, she bumped into the headmaster. She was worried he was going to be upset but he turned out to be a very nice man and after she meets the head master of the kingdom she started worked with him. She liked it there that was till someone attacks the kingdom and tried to kill the Tree of Life. It’s the main power of the kingdom and the world of Cray. After they stopped the assassin they were sent out a letter of the other kingdoms to send there chosen one. Or find their chosen one. She hoped that the head master would let her go on the journey with the chosen one which to her luck he letting her go with them. She could not wait to meet her partners that would come on the journey with her to save the kingdom and the world.​
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  2. Water kingdom: upload_2014-3-2_16-46-32.png

    Fire kingdom: upload_2014-3-2_16-46-49.png

    Dark Kingdom: upload_2014-3-2_16-47-0.png

    Wind Kingdom: upload_2014-3-2_16-47-9.png

    Light Kingdom: upload_2014-3-2_16-47-18.png

    Earth Kingdom/Tree of Light: upload_2014-3-2_16-47-30.png
  3. Reserved Dark Guardian!
  4. alright @Raitoningu you are in i still have things to add though. ^^;
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  6. Yeah i see that a lot. XD I love darkness because its cool.

    ok So last post info is coming right after this.
  7. Kingdom Info:

    The First war: The world of Cray was attacked by an unknown force but with the help of 6 brave worriers they saved the plant Cray. They where called the first kings of Cray. But what when they saved the world only 5 kings came out. the earth king saved them all by sacrifice himself to save his friends. That was when the kingdoms where made. Even though one of the kings was still upset about the lost of one of kings the water king.

    (Pic are the flags and the tattoos of the chosen ones (you can have more tattoos if you want but the main one is the one from your clan/kingdom/whatever one.))

    Water kingdom: 2nd kingdom to be made and is called the kingdom of wisdom.

    Fire Kingdom: 5th kingdom to be made and called the kingdom of strength.
    Earth Kingdom: 1st kingdom to be made and called the Healing kingdom.
    Wind kingdom: 3 kingdom and called the kingdom of hope.
    Light Kingdom: 6th kingdom made and is called the kingdom of Guide. Looking for Guidance ask them.
    Dark Kingdom: 4th kingdom made and is called the Kingdom of Warriors
  8. !!!!!Finish!!!!!

    any questions ask me please!!! i know i didn't put much info on the rp I'm sorry
  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Torun Zeg'al

    Age: 15

    Race: "Cursed" Human

    Personality: Around people Torun seems to be distant, and even a little standoffish at first, suspicious of anyone with "good intentions", expecting them to be playing some sort of prank to mess with him, he rarely trusts anyone but himself. Though he can be difficult to deal with, if you can convince him you are a friend, he would die for you, he would put his friends needs over his in an instant. Due to never really having anyone to trust, or many people to rely on, Torun is a sort of lone wolf, he doesn't understand what it means to be helped, or if he can trust people to help him, so he prefers to do things himself, if he can help it. Despite this he's insecure about his position as the Fire Kingdoms Chosen

    Likes: Adventure, Exploration, Heights, Climbing, Swimming

    Dislikes: Magic, Help from anyone, Pity, People making fun of his horns

    Element: Fire

    Weapons: Dual Katars'

    Background: Lived in a small village with his foster mom, he never actually met his real parents, he was raised by the only person he could truly trust, his foster mother, Kali. Torun's actual parents tampered in magic, and were both exceptional at it. So when Torun was born, cold, and unbreathing, they used their magic to save his life. But magic like that has a cost, they gave their lives so he could live. Their life energy revived him, and the remaining energy manifested as his horns. Growing up he was ostracized by the other villagers, because they were scared of him, they usually tended to avoid him, scared of catching his "curse". The braver kids went out of their way to torment him, beating him down, blaming him for the death of his parents. Because of this Torun was constantly in fights with the other village kids, people eventually really began to believe he was a monster, and shunned him even more. Torun took solace in exploring, so when the time came when he learned he was the Chosen of the Fire Kingdom, he left gladly.

    Extra: Tell me if you need anything changed.
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  10. White hair brown eyed anime girl.jpg

    : Ryiah Amarra Alard

    Age: 15

    Race: Albini (Race of White haired people really.)

    Personality: Dandere type (Shy and quiet but has a sweet side when she's comfortable enough to show it to you), Curious, a bit naive

    Likes: Books, flowers, exploring new areas, sweets

    Dislikes: Large groups of people, being the center of attention, being insulted or pushed around, hurting others (but will do so if required).

    Element: Light

    Weapons: Uses flowers within her abilities, but can be seen using medium sized daggers.

    Background: From the moment Ryiah had begun reading, she had always had a thirst for knowledge. Whether it be the beautiful Dahlias outside, to the mysterious ripping fabric that was her brother's undergarments, she was always so interested in learning about new things. She would most commonly be found reading a book or being outside. Growing up, Ryiah began to keep more of her discoveries to herself, rather than sharing it with the whole community. Her parents practiced Light and they wanted their children to know the element as well. The two of them practiced every technique they were taught, both alone and on each other. One day, at the age of 10, a woman who had noticed Ryiah's strong desire to learn offered her an apprenticeship working with the Light element as well as learning how to use weapons. Ryiah wholeheartedly agreed, and continued to build her skill despite all odds. When the young teen discovered she was the Chosen of the Light Kingdom, she was shocked. She had never been on her own before, so it struck fear into her heart.

    Extra: I hope this is okay.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Serei

    Age: 17

    Race: Kayten

    Personality: Quiet and mysterious. Tends to conjure small illusions when nervous.

    Likes: Using illusions to trick people. Manipulating people.

    Dislikes: people with no sense of humour, people of the wind element.

    Element: Dark

    Weapons: illusions, dark energy.

    Background: (I dont know what to put here ATM.)

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  12. ok So anyways THANK YOU for joining. I was like this wont go far. then 3 people joined THANK YOU. in the begaining it was one which made me happy. but knowing 3 people joined IS AWESOME. (not as awesome as Prussia) yeah so anyways

    @Raitoningu Thank you for staying with us and You need a pick (or writing of what your character looks like) you put it on top or bottom. also I am bring the age one age higher because know this
    adventure is going to be insane. so you can be 14.

    @jessica2477 Thank you. By the way Go Pewdie and Cry Go.

    welcome to the war. Hope you don't die. character is fine by the way Love him truth be told.

    you guys are scaring me with the young ages thing. i would like diffrent old kids now maybe i don't know 17 18 19 now.
  13. Yh IK I do, I havent found a good one so far.
  14. IMG_50958152980905.jpeg

    Name: Regal Landon
    Age: 19
    Race: Angel
    Personality: He is loyal and kind most of the time. His mood changes depending on the people around him and whatever situation he finds himself in. He would do about anything for his friends and loved ones.

    Likes: Sunny days, clouds, music, adventuring and travel.

    Dislikes: Spiders, people who are selfish, people who judge before they actually meet the person.

    Element: Wind
    Weapons: A Rapier and a Dagger

    Background: Regal is a dedicated learner and fighter. He will do everything in his power to make others happy. He barely talks to strangers, but after he warms up to someone he becomes more social and talkative. After finding out that he was the Wind's chosen, he was surprised.

    Extra: Regal can be rather clumsy when doing certain activities (like reading a book while walking across a room.)
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  15. nice @Lizzy i really like the character. just so you know your kingdom is in the sky.
  16. One spot left.

  17. I know the kingdoms in the sky, which is why I changed his race to an angel. :3
  18. @Lizzy I think you are awesome for join use because i thought people have forgotten this story. I was LIKE NO MORE PEOPLE ARE COMING. it sucks when you do something (work really hard on it) and you don't get credited for it. I had that happen to me a few times (4 times).
  19. I know how that feels. I'm glad that I could help you! :)
  20. @Lizzy @Raitoningu @Nadrojo @jessica2477 @The Dreamer....

    I would like to say thank you for joining the rp I am really happy it got this far. My other Adventurer story didn't go very far. and i am happy to see this one going this far. I hope to see everyone. to the end of this rp. because once you are in the rp you can't stop. it would be hard to find another Chosen. so this is your last moment to turn back. because this rp will be long and very hard. there will be moments when i am not here. like next week maybe. becuase i need to think about what you guys need to do. i have half of what you guys are need for. and its a very short list.

    so anyways thank you for stay with me for this wait. also if you know someone who like to join or you wish they would join please tell them that I Don't bite.

    from yours truly;

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