The Great 4 Kingdoms and Armies

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    To the land of Faltin full of mystical beast who roam the seas and land they consist of sea serpents, Cyclops, Giants, Trolls and other dangerous things. But there not alone....

    The world's made of 4 Powerful Kingdoms, And 1 High school for each of the kingdoms children to attend. Strict on its rules, the teachers there enjoy teaching their students. Its not just the normal school you may think it is, Mystical creatures, Half-lings, Demons, Angels, and other beast's I cant begin to explain attend the school as well.

    Students are assigned dorms, A uniform, They have the choice of there first class, and are able to create their own clubs ex: Potions/Magic, Sparring/Fighting. The Class President and Vice Class President control most of the events that happen.

    Besides that, Grades will be given to each student according to the work he/she has completed at the end of the trimester. Those grades will go toward your placement in your kingdom, So if your a king/queen now you will NOT take the throne until your subjects in school prove that your a plausible leader. If you do not reach the standers than your crown will be taken and given to the next eligible king/queen. You may challenge them to a dual if you please to win the crown back, but only if they accept.

    Students are allowed to carry their weapon/s around school grounds but may not use them unless in the proper class, Some students still don't except the fact that the school is built so that the 4 kingdoms may live in peace, and so they reap havoc.

    You've been chosen to attend this school either because your a ruler, a knight, a maid ,a blood relative, or a teacher. Your position is vital to this schools well being and the students. But for now forget about the duty's you have at hand and enjoy yourself here at.


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  2. The Hot sun had hid behind the clouds that allowed a slight breeze to kick in. Oreyano High had Opened its gates and the staff had prepared the classes for the students. All in all the aura around the School was marvelous. Malacia couldn't contain the urge to squeal like a little girl, Holding the flyers she'd printed in her dorm room the night before she over looked them one more time just incase they had an error. Biting her lip she read the paper at the top of her pile.

    "Welcome to Oreyano High!"
    I'm your Class President Malacia Renie Princess of the Earth Kingdom, Please feel free to contact me on any of your concerns whether it be school related or not. Usually if I'm not in class you can find me in Room #304 in wing B of the building. My Twin Brother Malcious Renie is also located in the same area we're actually interviewing for a Treasurer, So if your interested please come to the room listed above!. If your planning on making a club then Notify my brother and he'll give you with the keys to your new club room, Clubs are very important they have a lot of responsibility so think hard and long if your planning on making one!. Come to me for grants, A Grants is simply a certain amount of money I receive from the school in which I give to you; The money goes towards your clubs appearance or trips for your club member's and you don't have to pay it back. Every 4 weeks you receive one and if you plan on saving it up your rewarded with an extra 5%! and 10 points in school credits!. School credit's are points you receive towards anything you choose, the starting amount is 10 so right now you've been given 10 school credits to spend on/ in the listed areas.

    1. Snack bar. (the prices there rang between 10-35 school points)
    2. Breaks. (So lets say you don't feel like coming to class and want to skip. Well depending on the class your in the points amount will very.)
    3. Purchasing more grants. (If you've blown through your first grant on fixing up your club or advertisement which can be pretty pricey, And you save exactly 35 credits up you can swap them out for another grant of $1,000)

    Your key cards for your dorms and your ID card for your grants/Points will be given to you in your first classes. You'll Receive 10 points in school credits, and 100 dollars in school money. Our principal Mr. Plane's decided to give each student a 100 dollars to spend for lunch, and In the gift shop. The money is tradable so if you want to give that lucky person a surprise than go ahead give them the free money to spend. Your accounts are refilled every day! so don't worry about going hungry. The Sports we have are not like normal ones; all of them contain powers to play.

    Your welcoming gift is A Haunted house event! How FUN!?. After your 3rd period an announcement will be made over the speakers, You will be asked to exit the building where me and my brother will lead you to the fancy buses. It's spacious with reclining seats, massage controls, and a Buss attendants to serve you whatever food you'd like. You will be chaperoned by the Principal and The Vice Principal so please behave.

    'Fighting for the throne'

    Sighing She closed her eyes, suddenly a tap danced on her shoulder and she turned around to see her Twin Malcious smiling looking stunning as always. He pushed his fingers into the pile of papers and skimmed through equally giving them both enough. "I see your doubting yourself again." Pouting playfully at his tease she giggled at how he always knew what she was thinking.
    "Have you come to help me?...Or will you tease me more?" She joked.

    "Both!" Laughing they stopped and turned to watch as the New Students of there Kingdoms entered there school gates some talking amongst each other making new friends, or talking to the ones they already knew.

    "WELCOME TO OREYANO!" They both spoke in unison as they extended the fliers in there hands.

  3. Aurelia stared at the gates as she slowly approached them. It was the first time in several months that she was outside of her kingdom and she couldn't really believe she was let of the leash after the last incident. She looked back before quickly running at full speed through the gate so she was lost within the crowd. She was hard to stay out of sight due to her red hair but none the less she attempted it the best she could. After nearly six minutes of watching she realized that she truly was free to go to school.

    Aurelia giggled just as a fly was shoved her way. Aurelia jumped back and blinked twice before taking it. She looked up at the two that were handing them out and tilted her head. She then looked down at the paper and began to read it. It stated who these people were and that there was to be a.... 'Haunted House' even soon. She began to grin widely before laughing. 'Oh, what fun!' She thought to herself at thinking of the demonic blood that coursed through her.
  4. Canis had been very early to the opening ceremony so he had to wait a couple hour it's not like he didn't like waiting, he was good at waiting. After a while had passed he got tired of waiting so he found a nice spot on the ground and drifted of to sleep for an hour or so.

    Canis awoke when he heard the gates open, but he didn't like the idea of getting up, but he had to so pulled himself away from the ground. He looked about at the crowd of people remembering who he was to mind. When he saw a familiar looking red head he yelled "Miss Delenae," but he couldn't be heard over the crowed. And when she ran off at full speed he had to chase after her which he knew he would enjoy. He wasn't able to get through the crowd so easily as Aurelia.

    He did mange to catch up with Aurelia when she was stopped at the flyer girl. "Miss Delenae," he says bowing, "Hello, I am your knight until you leave this school."
  5. Elysia slid out of the carriage, taking in the scene at the gates as she did so. The heels of her boots made a soft tap as they touched the ground. Elysia, to her knowledge, as being dropped off alone. It had been something she and her father had fought about for the past month. Elysia wanted to come alone without a guard or maid to attend her as she explored this chapter in her young life. Her father, already against the idea of her going to such a school, had blown a gasket and the two had come to verbal debate. of course, looking at the two nobles it wouldn't have seemed like anything more than a mildly heated debate. One look outside at the sky however.....put simply there may have been a few floods during said month. The tempers of the Storm Master and the Storm Maiden made the sky rage. However, after enough complaints the two of them dropped it long enough for the weather to quell. However, she had the feeling that she hadn't yet won that particular battle yet.

    The Storm Maiden shook her head once, a quick minute jerk to the side, sliding the memory from her mind as she walked towards the gates. Her boots making soft clacking noises the entire time she moved. The bangs of her hair danced just a little as the breeze circled her lightly, whispering against her wind in welcome before it resumed its normal flow. Golden eyes glanced around leisurely, not betraying just how curious the princess was about all of those attending. her eyes locked one two purple haired twins and she paused just a little, head tilting as she surveyed them. How did she approach enemies in this situation? Simply act as if the outside world didn't exist? Should she ignore them? She continued to watch them hand out flyers for a minute more. Polite indifference would do for now. Unless they started something, she wouldn't cause a scene. Elysia approached them and thanked the girl of the duo for the flyer she was handed before walking past them towards the school. Golden orbs flickered over the page quickly, taking note and absorbing the information listed on the document.

    A slender brow quirked. A haunted house? Suddenly the image of herself shrieking and a giant bolt of lightening striking the house flashed through her mind. A tiny grimace flashed over her features. The image didn't seem like a good first impression to make on those attending...Maybe she could use some of those before mentioned points to duck out of that.
  6. It's about damn time! The journey from Lorridia's inner sanctums hadn't been an easy one; even Levina, usually so spry and strong, was beginning to feel the toll of hours on the road, and mentally kicking herself for not having at least packed a few extra things for the trip. Her eyes drooped baggily towards her red, chilled cheeks as she came in line with the stone-laid path leading to the Academy's front doors. Her youthful face, still childish in its right, appeared a little worse for the wear, worn and weathered by a few bouts of too-chilly air that she dared not use her power to relieve herself of, lest she bring her presence to the awareness of her inadvertent and unassuming transportation: the very Lorridian carriage within which her own big sister was currently sitting, which she had, by fortune, encountered about half way between home and the Academy.

    To the best of her knowledge, no one inside of the carriage had paid much attention its backside, let alone felt that an extra passenger had hopped on board and much less that said passenger was one someone that wasn't supposed to have been there to begin with. In the passing, silent moment between the carriage's halt in front of the school and Elysia's exit, Levi bit her tongue and held her breath. She kept in mind the one consoling fact she had, that if she were discovered, she would at worst, be reprimanded by the driver and grounded by her parents the minute she set foot back home. Unless I can convince the driver to go along with the story of my going along to see El off to school. She just barely caught herself from chuckling aloud and breaking her cover.

    There was a lot for her to chuckle about when it came to how much whit and luck had held to her on this particular adventure. Concocting her cover story, which she would be more than able to coax the driver into telling; catching up with the right carriage at just the right time to save herself the extra walking; having run into and taken the place of that other girl that was supposed to go the Academy but ran away from home to avoid it; her last comments to her parents the night before she left: "You probably won't see so much of me, what with El being gone; I suspect I'll have to pick things up where she left off around the Kingdom." Not that she really needed to lie to her parents like that, being that that the probably wouldn't know she was gone until she showed back up at home at the end of the term.

    Oh. Time to stop reminiscing. The carriage rustled slightly as someone climbed out. Seconds later, Levi saw the familiar back view of her sister striding towards the building and through the doors. Once the doors into the Academy had closed, the carriage gave a lurch and began to move slowly forward, gaining speed. This was Levina's opportunity. Bags and all, each personal effect fastened to her person the whole way there, released from the back of the carriage with the pulling of a single knot that had held Levi in place. After a bit of a rough landing, the girl backtracked towards the Academy. For a minute she stood, gazing at the majesty of the building, fantasizing of her future there. "There's no turning back now. Ha! Like I'd have turned back anyways." She wrapped her traveling scarf around her face, obscuring her features, especially her hair and around her nose and mouth. She double-checked her traveling cloak, ensuring that it was covering as much of her visible figure as it could. Though she had her disguises, beauty-type items to give her a more permanent change of appearance, she hadn't had the time to apply them.

    "Alright!" She started on her way towards the front door, speaking in a slight sing-songy kind of way. "Time for "Zephyr Vagan" to show the world what she can do!" She pulled one of the large doors open, begrudgingly snatched a flier from the hands of one of purple-haired siblings and stole away into the mass of students, and possibly faculty, that filled the entrance hall. Occasionally, between scattering clusters, she could spot her sister... well, spot her more clearly than usual; it was hard for a girl, or boy, that tall to hide in a crowd of people their age. Keeping her eyes on Elysia, she cut her way through the other students to put a comfortable distance between her and her sister. As much as she wanted to get right down to business, she also didn't want to blow her cover before she had too...

    Though hopefully, she wouldn't have to at all.
  7. Aurelia turned towards the man that began to speak to her. She tilted her head "Uhm.. I dont need protection... You have no idea what you are looking at.." She said before beginning to laugh. "But! You must know since you protect my family. I show the most progress out of all my siblings... I defeated my old brother to take the crown when my parents pass. Well, they gave it to me when they found out he was whining and couldn't figure things out on his own." She said before running a hand through her red hair.

    She turned back around to look at the people who were handing them flyers. She eventually got tired of studying them then turned around. "Well, I guess you will probably be following me.." She said slowly with obvious distaste. "Here I thought I was left to my own ends... not surprise that my parents have sent.... an enforcer.." She mumbled before beginning to walk away. She then stopped at noticing a girl cutting through the crowd with obvious intent. Her witch sight made the person clear as day even through the mass of people as she narrowed her sight in on the person. She then turned towards the tall girl. 'Well, I think I found an interesting individual... or individuals.. I will keep this in mind.' She said to herself before just standing and waiting.
  8. Irritated Lerretta Weaver sucked her teeth and continued to pull at the very short schools skirt. 'Uniform?!...Its nothing but a cloth if you ask me!...To short, What if someone see's my-' while imagining her worst nightmare, a girl with white hair seeming to be covering her face pushed past her unknowingly. Lerretta tossed her fist into the air and growled at the little brat who seemed to be in a hurry, Her eyes were off her skirt for one second and all it took was the beautiful morning breeze to push it up and expose her pink underwear wish fish and bubbles decorated childishly on them. "SWEET POSEIDON!" her face turned redder than apples as she shrieked and tugged at the edge of the skirt once more. 'Great that's all I need!...some low life seeing my underwear!' Fixing her blue ocean hair she glided past the purple duo and snatched a flier. Quickly she skimmed through it and took a deep breath at the haunted house. She conjured a small bubble of water to play with while reading over the flyer again just to make sure she understood. Slightly bumping the red headed girl she ignored it and continued to past by, all of the students who entered were gathered in the hall way crowding the entrance. Lerretta's face smashed into the body of someone who seemed to be standing as well the bubble she had made splashed all over the two. "HEY YOU SEAWEED BRAINED-" Cutting her insult short she looked up to the face of a red haired man who's faced looked to similar to that of a dog. 'Wo-Wow...Why's he so hot?!' Blush riddled her cheeks as she stared dumbfounded at the boy.
  9. He followed her shortly behind, "King sent me to keep you safe and out of trouble," he said, "He knows what you can and many others here can do."

    He stopped when Aurelia did, "What's wrong Miss..." he was cut off when a blue haired girl bumped in to him and splashed water over him, "Oh sorry, are you alright did I hurt you at all I really shouldn't have stood there..."

    He looked down on her scratching the back of his head nervously, he stopped when he saw that the girls face was a bit red, "Why is your face red?" He asked tilting his head to the side, "Do you have a fever maybe?" He put a hand to Lerretta's for head for 2 seconds, "You don't have a fever."
  10. Aurelia turned around and looked at the knight. "Well, I hate being babied.. But, If you must I guess you REALLY must follow me." She trailed off before smiling. It was then that she was bumped into and she snarled. Her hands began to slowly turn into claws before a bubble popped and splashed all over her knight. Her already red eyes flashed as she forced herself to calm down. It was then that she began to break out into a fit of laughter. "Well, I almost lost it there... I hate being... SAY EXCUSE ME YOU BITCH!" She suddenly yelled as she lost her composure. She covered her mouth and began to blush "I apologize.. Normally that doesn't happen." She stammered out.

    Her hands turned back to normal before she brushed herself off. "Well, Who are you since you so rudely ran into us..." She said before Canis spoke up. Aurelia stared at the girl for several seconds. "Nope, she isnt sick.. she has the hots for you.. I can tell by looking at her body language... My eyes see all..." She said slowly as the glow of her eyes died off. "I love that.. I love being able to see how others are feeling and where others are no matter what is between me and them.. I wish I could read minds.. but that emotion is obvious." She continued.
  11. Luci could barley take another step, even with his amount of training the journey he made to the academy left his body acheing all over. Oreyano's scenery was new to the demon boy, as he was used to rock mountains and dark forests from where he trained. The school uniform fitted well but itches on his many scars that covered his body. A bead of sweat fell from his noise and his black hair dropped down his face. He trudged over to the gate dragging his luggage along the floor with him, his res eyes only just stayed open as he looked around.

    "many new people to fight" he thought to himself managing a meekly smile. He took one of the flyers from Malacia, not really caring who she was. He sat down on the floor by the gate skim reading the flyer. His eye lids grew heavy with every word and his body dropped down. Eventually he fell asleep on the floor, his bag lying next to him and the flyer perched in his hand
  12. Malacia was startled by the foul language of the red haired girl. She counted the now small pile of flyers in her hand. She sighed before entering the school to retrieve more.

    While Malcious Flirted with the school girls, after creating a couple of fangirls he looked around and caught sight of sweaty boy with raven black hair sleeping on the floor. After chuckling he approached him kneeled down and poked his face. "Oy Sleepy head that's what dorms are for."
  13. The boy still slept giving a loud snore in responce to the comment. Although he was asleep he could tell that someone was trying to wake him up, but chose to ignore it as he was having a nice dream
  14. Malcious grew quite tiresome of the lazy boy and used his small ability to make the ground rise where his head was. Chuckling he picked a stick up and poked his head with it.'this is rather fun indeed...haven't bothered anyone for a long time...I thought I'd grow rust but thanks to this boy with the strange aura I'm feeling better all ready.'

    Malacia exited the building with more flyers, as soon as she witnessed her brother laughing to himself she instantly knew he was up to no good. Twisting her lips up she stomped over to him now looking more angry than ever. Once the raven haired boy came into view she used her telekinesis to project a rock onto her brothers head. "Malcious Obrey Renie!!.."

    He turned and the amusement had left his face instead it was replaced with a evik smirk of the sorts."Ooo Im so scared baby sister." To defy her even further he kneeled again and tugged at the boys hair. "I guess I'm in trouble huh!?"
  15. Aurelia turned at all of the commotion surrounding a boy being raised into the air. She tilted her head and sighed before sneaking away from the knight and the girl she nearly flipped on. She appeared from the crowd to see a boy poking another boy. It was then a girl came out and seemed to be upset. She watched the entire exchange before taking a step closer to the sleeping boy.

    "I bet I can wake him up.... I've been known to cause nightmare when I am near." She said slowly with a large and slightly disturbing smile. She couldn't wait for the haunted house. She planned on turning into something terrifying while in the room. "Oh, Just so you are wondering I hope you plan on having people run for their lives... I can be quite the terrifying individual when I want to be. Now, what are you doing to this poor man." She said and put her hand on her hip. She was directly her comments to the boy. It was then she recognized the boy as one of the two handing out fliers. "Hey! You are supposed to be some kind of leader... That's not right.." She said with a large smirk. She agreed that it was hilarious indeed but she didn't want to show it. She was in her scoping mode now and wanted to see how they were going to react.
  16. Malacia was caught off gaurd by the red haired girl who had entered into the conversation. She looked her up and down as she talked about bad deeds.

    Malcious smirked now interested in the girl a little more. "Well if its a haunted house shouldn't people be afraid?, I don't see a reason as to why you cant."

    His twin rolled her eyes and stepped between the two."There's no need to wake the boy rudely, as president I wont allow it....Also if your planning on doing anything of the sorts at the event I will personally take your points away for a week; you'll have homework up to your nose. Not to mention the word I'll put in for you to the principal. " Turning to her brother she watched as he sucked his teeth. "She has a point here. You Malcious have a duty to uphold, If I find that your not fit for the job I'll see to it that your power as Vice President be reprimanded. "

    Malcious pushed a strand of hair in his face out of the way. "Crazy with power.." he mumbled under his breath.

    Malacia fixed the arm wrap on her uniform saying CP meaning Class President. "I'll be taking your name miss...Just in case we have another problem, And your grade please don't try to give me a fake name because I'll visit your homeroom class and find out for myself." She smiled showing her dimples and pink cheeks. "Both of you may head into the building I believe your Homeroom classes are beginning soon...wouldn't want to be late now would we?" She questioned raising an eyebrow to them both and placing her hands on her hips.
  17. "its to late for that" Luci growled as his eyes snapped open, his burning gaze fell onto Malcious. His red eyes stared straight into Malcious's eyes, feeling like they were burning his insides. "did no one ever teach you that its rude to wake people up?" Luci spat at them, clenching his fists, ready to take out his anger on the boy in front of him.

    But before he could he noticed the two lovely girls standing in front of him as well. Luci's cheeks instantly turned red. Since he had spent his life training Luci had little experience with girls, and so got very nervous around them. The killing intent that had just surrounded him faded quickly, as he slowly backed away form the group. stumbling over his words as he picked up his bag
  18. Lerretta found herself dumbfounded when he questioned her. babbling self consciously she felt her ears heat even further and her ocean blue hair started to drip water. "Ummm...." His hand felt her head and she squealed fidgeting with the ends of her skirt. 'Sweet sea shells!...he's hot, no really he's hot!' retracting his hand she pushed some hair behind her ear and giggled. "No its fine really, Its my fault for bumping into you." her hair stopped dripping, and there was a puddle left. "So um, Whats your name?" the purple haired girl who was passing out flyers with her brother entered and then quickly exited with more papers, as soon as she left a commotion could be heard from outside. Turning her head to be nosey she peaked outside and realized the red haired girl who went off on her was now being scolded by the Purple haired girl. 'I wonder what's going on out there?'
  19. Aurelia looked at the boy with a smile. Then turned to the girl "Oh, How can you be sure this is how I truly.. look..." she said before suddenly changing her appearance into something Hag-Like "Maybe I look like this!" she said before changing again to look slightly older than her Real appearance. "Or! Maybe I am actually older and appearing to be young..." She said before changing back to her 'Real' appearance. Her red eyes blinked twice before she giggled "Oh, I am Aurelia... Heir to the Throne of Magma." She said before putting her hands on her hips in a half mocking gesture.

    She could see that her brother was much more lively or at least she thought that it was her brother. She would have to find out at least. It was then that the boy awoke. He seemed very awkward to whatever was going on so she just let him stumble out of the area. She then turned her attention back to Malcious. "Well, lets head into the home room area then.. Shall we?" She asked him before walking past him. She was a flirtatious person but felt like the boy was goofy much like herself. But, she knew that she had to keep a lower profile while here or suffer her parents already waiting wrath.
  20. Everyone in the room felt a sort of chill pass through them as a dark shadow passed through the room. It hovered right behind Lerretta before forming into a tattooed face with well kept ice blue hair and a scar over his left eye. Slowly it formed more of a person, continuing the patterns of blue tattoos onto a bare chest and arms, leading to spiked gloves and dark legs that weren't quite all there. He did not speak. He only closely observed everyone in the room. (Character design for reference
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