The Great 4 Kingdoms and Armies {Signups}

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What kingdom would you be?

  1. Fire

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  2. Water

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  3. Air

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  4. Earth

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  1. [​IMG]


    Full of mystical beast who roam the seas and land they consist of sea serpents, Cyclops, Giants, Trolls and other dangerous things but there not alone....

    The world has 4 Powerful Kingdoms
    all of which rule over a section or the world.

    AirKingdom (open)

    Lorridia - Controls Air, people born there are blessed with grace and elegance, Men/women inherit an extra ability of Telekinesis (Limited uses unless well trained). If your royal you can control massive tornadoes. The men are known for there quick thinking, The women are of pure beauty and fight there battles with intelligence. Still some believe Women should be able to fight and have equal if not more power. Their enemies with the Earth kingdom, and there allies with The Water kingdom.Fire isn't of there concerns. Only royalty can control the throne.

    FireKingdom (open)

    Ruketh - Controls Fire, People born there are blessed with brute strength and the power to summon great beast including demons, They are known for there fiery attitudes and short patience. Especially gifted children can control Lava.(These powers are optional)Men and women are equal and they fight and control there own armies. When war happens The fire kingdom is who other kingdoms run to for more strength. The taste of battle and blood excites them, And some are natural trouble makers. The women are feisty and sometimes jealous. The men are handsome and controlling. They have plenty of weapons and a large army, food on the other hand comes in short supply. Although they may not care who's siding with who, they tend to trade with the earth kingdom. The women are born with an extra power, the ability to shift shape (Limited uses unless well trained). Only royalty can control the throne.

    EarthKingdom (open)

    Yarengol - Controls Earth, people born of the earth kingdom can manipulate earthly things and cause threatening Earthquakes.(These powers are optional) The Men have a lot of say when it comes to trading with other kingdoms, Women are Mesmerizing and kind. Food supply is never a problem with them because food is all around them nether are armies. There Enemies with The Kingdom of Air and Allies with the Fire kingdom. The men are born with an extra gift, the power to turn invisible (Limited uses unless well trained). Only royalty can control the throne.

    WaterKingdom (open)


    Esangria - Controls Water, People born of the water kingdom can create large bodies of water or tsunamis. Men born here have an extra ability to Teleport(limited uses Unless well trained these Powers are optional). Men and women believe no other kingdom should rule except for them, some of the kids/teens/adults are hybrids from mermaids. They are still able to breath on land, but when they touch water there legs turn back into a mermaid/merman tail. They have both Food and a large army, Sorcery plays a big hand in there kingdom, just like other kingdoms but that's there strong suit. There allies lye with The kingdom of air and there enemies with who ever the other party has issues with. There loyalty phenomenal. Only Royalty can control the throne.


    Years and years of battles and endless wars occurred, many lost. Until one day the queens from each kingdom banned together and created a school named Oreyano for each of there soon to be/or all ready kings and queens to attend. They built it off peace and prosperity and assigned knights and maids to each of the children. There hopes were to bring the kingdoms together and create peace for all to live in The land of Fatlin equally. They are assigned classes such as Math, Chemistry, Magic/Spells/Witchcraft, PE, Battle combat/ Training, Cooking/Baking, Armor crafting/Sewing/ Weapon crafting, and group projects.

    The group projects are assignments that are given to the students randomly they have 3 days to pair up with someone from a different kingdom and finish it together, grades are given based on teamwork and time its turned in and of course if its correct.

    Fieldtrips/Dances/Special events ex: Pep rally's, and Charity's also happen here.

    Dorms are also assigned, Boys with Boys and Girls with Girls.

    The rules are not to be broken!, If they are then punishments are deadly.

    1. Curfew's 7:30 no exceptions unless you were somehow in the infirmary.

    2. No Fighting unless during the Training/Combat class.

    3. No Food in dorm rooms/No graphic inappropriate items in dorms

    4. No sneaking into the girls dorms and vise versa!

    5.No skipping class! (Your grading at the end of the year will show if your a proper ruler for your kingdom.)

    OREYANA (open)





    Gym Locker room ( separate )


    Nurses Office/Infirmary


    Café / Lunchroom


    Trips Bus




    Principal's Office


    Schools Roof


    Heir single dorm


    Knights single dorm


    Regular dorms (its the same for boys' and girl's)


    Bathrooms (they look the same for both)


    Dragons (open)

    The Beasts/Monsters!

    Rank A snow Dragon

    Teachers will explain the ability's of Beasts/Monsters to you
    Beasts go by ranks A being to dangerous for students
    B slightly dangerous best to avoid
    C use caution but can be killed
    D child's play

    Rank B dragon


    Rank C Dragon


    Rank D Water Dragon


    These dragons actually exist, but this is just to show the meaning of ranking and beast.
    Extra info can be asked and answered in the OOC.

    earthworms (open)

    Earth worm

    Rank D unless traveling in pack they create large holes in the ground; there homes. Earth worm's
    Spit acid, there leg tentacles are quick, They will eat you once in their belly the stomach juices eat you away. Usually their found near the earth kingdom, or basically anywhere with dense terrain. The adults are Two Tree's tall
    and the baby's are about the size of a tree.

    Trolls (open)


    Rank C, They carries hand made weapons, easily avoidable unless in packs. Their protective of what they have and
    are awkwardly attracted to shiny things. They can communicate though ancient tongue named "DUNMARE". they eat anything they get there hands on.

    Giants (open)



    Rank B, Warriors at heart and usually peaceful, they speak English but because of their enormous height it may sound like thunder. Some cause trouble without meaning to, Instead of clubs they use trees or rocks. Men have an unusual attraction to any girl/women and will try to kidnap them.

    Ogre's (open)



    Rank B, Greedy snobby beast, They have a knack for starting trouble and hate everything. They love fighting whether it be enemies or each other No thanks to their name people think there ugly beast, but are very handsome/beautiful. Some become interested in Humanly deeds so they might help but always expect something in it for them. (They kill B rank dragons)

    Cyclops's (open)


    Rank D Despite their name they're friendly beasts, love nature and wish only to be accepted. sadly other beast think them weak and will try to kill them. There easily confused and embarrassed.

    Demons (open)


    Rank A they lust for women be it human or other race, They travel vast areas looking for trouble they have the power to command and ride A rank dragons. Tricky and Evil they summon recruits, and use them to consume more energy.

    necromancers (open)

    Rank B and come in any gender or shape, the summon the dead and can easily manipulate other monsters. Can be found in dark parks of the world.

    Rangers (open)



    Ranked depending on amount of people. They feel like the worlds theirs only, they like spying but keep there nose out of things unless something bad is happening.

    Guardian's (open)



    Rank C, Guardian's are animal beasts who watch over the different parts of the world.

    witches (open)


    Some witches are horribly ugly, There terribly evil and want noting but to hurt others and are terrible with others. Each wields a power of there own, and have the ability to create deadly or heath potions.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Hello, and Welcome to the Applications desk here at Oreyano High! Please take the time to fill out the form below and turn it in once your done. Thank you!

    Skeleton (open)

    Appearance: (Please use a picture and the site Tektek so I as well as others can see what your character fully looks like the site is click on create avatar)

    Name: (First and last.)

    Age:( Freshman-Seniors)


    Sexual Preference:

    Race: (Demon?, Angel,Human, etc there are no limits!)

    Kingdom you were born in:

    Placement:(Meaning are you a king/Queen or second to the throne, Are you A knight and if so what kingdom and ruler were you assigned to watch and protect?)






    OpenClosed Positions FireKingdom (open)

    Heir- Aurelia Delenae

    Second in line- Reserved

    Cousin- Luci tenma

    Knight- Canis Draco


    OpenClosed Positions AirKingdom (open)

    Heir- Elysia Zelphor

    Second in line- Levina Zelphor


    Knight- Lampo Elenoire (Reserved)


    OpenClosed Positions WaterKingdom (open)

    Heir- Lir Ceirean Firth VI

    Second in line- Lerretta Weaver


    Knight- Craetos Dramnlynn


    OpenClosed Positions EarthKingdom (open)

    Earth kingdom

    Heir- Malcious Reine

    Second in line- Malacia Reine




    TeacherPositionOpenClosed (open)

    Chemistry- Kyle Forbid


    Magic/Spells/Witchcraft- Victoria Glam

    PE- Clarabell June

    Battle combat/Training- Lezard Coreaner

    Cooking Baking-


    Weapon crafting-

    Nurse- Vince Glarbrow

    Principal- Laurence Plane

    Vice Principle- Olivia Plum

    DormplacementGirls (open)

    Dorm room placements for girls

    101- Levina Zelphor

    101- Malacia Reine

    102- Lerretta Weaver






    Heir's with there own room Girls Dormitory

    107- Aurelia Delenae

    110- Elysia Zelphor

    DormroomplacementBoys (open)

    Dorm room placement for boys

    201- Luci tenma






    Heir's with there own room Boy's Dormitory

    216- Lir Ceirean Firth VI

    217- Malcious Reine

    KnightsDorm (open)

    Knights with there own rooms boys dormitory

    206- Canis Draco

    209- Lampo Elenoire

    212- Craetos Dramnlynn


    Royalty is placed in a dorm room of there own ex: a girl heir to the fire kingdom will be placed in the Girls dorm wing but have her own room. The same thing applies for knights.
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  3. imagesFXKYFBLQ.jpg sYfW8l.png

    Name: Mrs. Olivia Plum

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Preference: Straight

    Race: Angel

    Kingdom you were born in: Air

    Placement: Vice Principal

    Personality: Cheery, Wise, Loving, Forgiving, Honest,

    History: Her fathers sisters aunty was one of the queens who brought the school to where it was, She agreed to work there because she two wanted the kingdoms to live in peace. Her fathers a fallen angel who also works at the school.

    Ability: Can summon tornado's, Fly

    Strength: being able to connect with students.

    Weakness: To forgiving, is usually called a pushover​

  4. torrence.png aVS8Yx.png

    Name: Laurence Plane

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Preference: Straight

    Race: Half Angel, Half human

    Kingdom you were born in: None, Fallen and then changed

    Placement: Principal

    Personality: Strict, Smart, Caring, Religious, Funny

    History: As a human Laurence traveled the world, until one day a tragic car accident happened in which he died and went to heaven, God was in the process of turning him angel when he changed his mind and fell from the sky, Only having one wing his flight was horrible and he crashed into the earths soil where Olivia had been planting in her garden. Years had passed and he forgot how to live so Olivia taught him and told him about the School that was going to be built. He asked for a part in it and was given a seat as principle.

    Ability: Calls upon titanium piercing Arrows, Telekinesis

    Strength: Air

    Weakness: Stubborn children/people​
  5. images420U2GNP.jpg zGEaT0.png

    Name: Victoria Glam

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Preference: Bisexual

    Race: Witch

    Kingdom you were born in: Fire

    Placement: Magic/Spells/Witchcraft

    Personality: Crazy, Smart, Goofy, Flirty, Stubborn

    History: Being apart of a witches coven was difficult especially when people were always hunting for them. She'd came across a High School of the sorts and it said they were hiring teachers, Deciding she's lay low she applied as the magic teacher.

    Ability: Potions that may cause harm, shape shifting into a cat

    Strength: Spell Books

    Weakness: Small areas, Loud people​

  6. Appearance:

    ;.png Sg2dFI.png

    Name: Malacia Reine(Mail-Ace-C-Ya)

    Age: 17

    Grade: Junior

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Preference: Straight

    Race: High Elf/Angel

    Kingdom you were born in: Earth

    Placement: Princess

    Personality: Shy, Bubbly, Cheerful, Smart, Funny, Sweet,

    History: As a child Malacia didn't have many friends, her father the king and her mother the queen were very stick so she only had time for studies, she was never aloud to leave her kingdom in fear she'd be kidnapped. Her Twin brother on the other hand was not treated the way she was. He roamed where he wanted when he wanted with out having to answer to there parents. All of the freedom made him different from her, he became evil in a sort. There parents soon passed away and Her Brother Malcious was crowned king and her princess. But before he could put his new found power to use they were sent off to a high school by there aunt. She's class president, while her brothers Vice class president.

    Ability: Invisibility, Telekinesis, Brute strength in both her arms and legs.

    Strength: Combat battling, Quick Planning, Great leader,

    Weakness: Her twin brother​
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  7. Appearance:

    images540IDN0B.jpg joPwtf.png

    Name: Malcious Renie (Mail-A-C-ous)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Preference: Bisexual

    Race: High Elf/Angel

    Kingdom you were born in: Earth

    Placement: Heir/King

    Personality: Stubborn, Adventurous, Bossy, Sly, Tease,

    History: As a boy Malcious traveled the world freely, torturing people and teasing them was fun to him. He protected his sister weather she noticed it or not, there were a lot of family secrets that was hidden from her and he believed she was to pure and innocent to know them yet. He awaited his time as king to come and it did, but was short lived when his aunt snatched him away from his kingdom and sent his sister and him to a school of the sorts. One there Malacia blended well with other or course she was shy but he helped her through it. Because of her brains and mostly because of her barbarian strength in her arms and legs they nominated her as class president and Malcious as Vice president. He awaits the day a war breaks out or he finished his school year so he may go home to his kingdom and rule again as Mighty Malcious King of the Earth lands.

    Ability: Teleportation, Speed, Dual wilding Blades.

    Strength: Tactical, Difficult problems, Fighting hand to hand combat or weapons (blades/swords/knifes etc)

    Weakness: His twin sister​
  8. 57994b40b4fbf8bd719ddb3e0c14f498.jpg

    Name: Lezard Coreaner

    Age: 1003 (looks 25 (the race can become very old)

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Preference : Bisexual

    Race : Keno'na (my own race, I'm very protective over this name and the race as a hole. Ask before you use it. For more info pm me)

    Kingdom you were born in: Fire

    Placement: Battle Combat/Training

    Personality: Strict and precise when teaching. Calm and friendly when off duty.

    Lezard was born into the Fire kingdom though his heritage has nothing to do with either, he grew up among the violent people and quickly picked up the love for fighting. When he heard there was a spot open in the high school as a battle teacher he jumped at the chance.

    Can cast great and terrible magics

    Strength: Battle through spellcasting, ranged weapons and wielding a great sword

    Weakness: Lightning magic, total darkness
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  9. Accepted
  10. Oh one thing before your fully excepted please go to tektek and make a avatar so that I as well as others can see what you're character fully looks like.
  11. I'm sorry, I can't do that. I use my phone to roleplay and it can't load that page. If I can't join the rp without an avatar from that site I'll delete my character and be off
  12. No its fine, don't worry about it C//: thanks for joining this is the Signup page and OOC combined. we wont be starting until more players begin to join.

    P.s I could have went on tektek and created the look for you. it would have looked exactly like your characters photo, but I understand how protective you are of your creations so I wont ask that much of you. Again thanks for signing up.
  13. No the image is expendable. I'm just very protective over the race itself because I've put a lot of work into the name. If you'd like to create a tektek avatar for my character please go right ahead, I don't mind
  14. I understand, The race seems very interesting im a curious person lets talk more about it through PM. I just like hearing about how people came up with the idea's. Thanks I'll go make it now and send it to you, if you don't like it we can trash it and just stick with the photo C:

  15. Appearance:

    essie.png zc6mjV.png

    Name: Lerretta Weaver

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Preference: Straight

    Race: Water Nymph

    Kingdom you were born in: Water

    Placement: Second In Line.

    Personality: Friendly peacemaker, but hates other kingdoms, two faced.

    History: Her powers weren't given to her by her parents, a witch placed a spell on her damning her to have those ability's so she became a two faced person and began reeking havoc in her kingdom; freezing and drowning anybody she felt got in her way. Her parents sent her to the school so that she could change for the better being as she's the next ruler if the current one were to pass. She uses her powers to trick people into believing she never did the crime she actually did commit. She froze her younger brother and framed her parents. Before having been sent to the school her grandmother was killed by a member of the fire kingdom, Which made her want to figure out who did it and make them pay. She wants to freeze Victoria glam because she's a witch.

    Ability: Water from thin air, Tsunamis, Freeze/Ice cold fingers, Legs can morph into a mermaid fin when touching water, Walks on water, can talk to water creatures, can change water temperature, high pitched clicks that could burst eardrums.

    Strength: Extendable sword(turns into whip) Needs water energy, Enchanting weapons.

    Weakness: Scared of the dark, weak against Air magic.​
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  16. Accepted thanks for using tektek! C:
  17. Elysia Zelphor, gold
    Elysia Zelphor



    Sexual Preference:

    Storm Maiden

    Physical Appearance:
    Elysia stands tall at six foot even with a slender, willoy shape. Her skin is a soft ivory and soft. Her hair falls in gentle waves down past her wait. The top of her hair starts at a pale silver, almost white and the further towards the bottom it goes, the darker it gets until it ends in a shade of silver that is nearly black in color. Elysia often keeps her hair held in a low, relaxed braid, just enough to keep the silvery strands from being in her face too much. Elysias eyes are a bright, brilliant gold and always seem to sparkle just a bit, the sparkles gets more pronounced the happier she is. It is very rare to find the princess in a dress, you're more than likely to find her in some sort of pant suit. (If you've ever seen once upon a time, think of Regina's evil queen outfits for an idea.) She has a tattoo along her left arm that looks like storm clouds and crackling lightening.

    Kingdom you were born in:


    Composed, Polite, Hidden Playful Streak, Strong Willed, Level Headed, Proud, and Bossy

    Elysia is the oldest daughter of the current king of Lorridia. For years, her family has tried to produce a male heir, only for Elysia to get three younger sisters. Finally it was settled that Elysia would be the heir. She was taught accordingly. However, she was not to be a drone. When she turned 15 she became a leading advocate for women equality in her kingdom, and it's a near certain matter of time before she has her way. If not during her father's reign, then it will be one of the first things that happens in her own. As she grew, it became apparent that even for a storm maiden, Elysia had a strong tie with the weather; she's one of the stronger of her race in the air kingdom currently. When the school was established, she asked to go and it took months before her parents relented to her will. Elysia feels that if peace can't be achieved, than at least she'll have a look at who she's up against when she gains power.

    Weathers Whim:
    She can force the weather to change around her within a ten mile radius of her being.
    Not always done on purpose, weather responds to her emotions.

    Air Walk:
    She doesn't need wings to fly, she can just walk on air.

    Elemental of the Sky:
    Can call forth Wind and Lightening

    Her touch can cause a variety of shock levels depending on her emotions. If shes calm, its a small static shock. if shes terrified it could feel like touching an electric fence.

    Companion Cloud:
    There's always a miniature cloud following her around.

    Poise, Self Control

    Can't Swim

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  18. Accepted! Awesome character thanks for using tektek.
  19. Name: Aurelia Delenae

    Age: Sophomore:15 3/4

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Preference: Bi-Sexual

    Race: Half Elf/Demon


    Kingdom you were born in: Fire

    Placement: Heir

    Personality: She is a very feisty and overall active girl. She is quick to act and very fast to move to go out and do something. She suffers from forms of ADHD and is at times hard to keep down and keep from fidgeting. She loves being around others and cant stop from figuring out how people are. She has a very in your face attitude and breaks down social walls no matter what setting she is in. Due to her demonic blood she finds herself drawn to any kind of fire.

    History: Aurelia was born to a Demonic Father and a Elven mother. Her parents also had several other children to which she showed the most progress in the way of the art of War and School to earn the right to be the next Heir. This being fully known she knows that although she has it that she can easily loose it at the slightest of moments. With this in mind she knows to keep her fiery temper down and to keep herself occupied to stay out of trouble. She uses her demonic entities to do her bidding while she carries out creating things that would make the normal person's head spin. With her ability to focus the energies of another plane of existence she is able to create demonic machinery that at one point tries to eat her. After that incident she realized that she had far more magical aspects than she realized before. Now finally her parents had found that it was the time for her to go out and study among the other great kingdoms and learn what she will be up against in the future.

    Demonic Might: She can call upon her demonic blood to bring forth a otherworldly brute strength that is unlike her very frail appearance. Not always reliable as it can happen when picked up a pencil. She truly has no idea when it will work as she has only recently discovered it.

    Witch Sight: Due to her blood she is able to see things others can not. She can see minor differentiation's in the air around her and see clearly for vast distances. She is able to see things that are between the 'Worlds' so to say and call them out by grabbing them.

    Pyrokinesis: Control of Fire,Magma and Plasma. She can call it forth or create it if the elements near are combustible. She can also control it like a liquid. Very vulnerable to water unless she is using the form of plasma.

    Breach In Reality: She can call forth Demonic Entities depending on her mood. The more upset she is the more powerful an Entity that responds to her Royal Call. If she is calm then something that resembles a Goblin will appear and help her carry things around like a Pack Mule.

    Forge Fiend: She was born with the demonic blood of a Forge Fiend giving her an abnormally intelligent mindset compared to her younger siblings. Her parents themselves are unsure as to how this had happened but later noticed that each child had a different mind set. She seemed more cool headed than the others but also was far more intelligent although very hyperactive and hard to focus.

    Much more Cool-Headed than the others in her family.
    Very Intelligent in the means of books and in practical constructive manners.

    In your face personality
    Hard to keep secrets from.
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  20. Accepted! Niceee and thanks for using tektek.

    This is just to aware people buy.

    Ps. This thread will also serve as the OOC and question board so feel free to talk it up.
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