The Gray Garden - GROUP RP

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Warning: Gore and violence and probably will contain lots of implied things like cannibalism.
So me and @Hana were wondering if there are any people in the Mogeko fandom or have played the Gray Garden? We're interested in starting a group roleplay centering around the war between the angels and demons prior to the story of the game.

Knowledge of the game will be preferred, but anyone can join the roleplay. The game isn't too long, if players want to play the game beforehand. Maximum play time is 6 hours. We can provide a link if you want to play.

Still on the fence about introducing original characters.

Lots of headcanons/brainstorming will be present as well, since the war isn't very set in stone.

Important details for those who don't know the game, like I said, there isn't much. ; _ ;
  • Each 'world' has one Devil and one God. The Devil of this world is Kcalb and the God is Etihw.​
  • They, and their race, were at war with each other.​
  • Towards the end of the war, they made the decision to co-exist and live in harmony.​
Characters that are central to the Gray Garden and have well established personalities. HIGHLY PREFER players to have already played.

{slide=Wodahs and Grora|center}


Characters with very little canon information that can be adapted by people who don't know much about the game:

"Yosaflame is one of Kcalb's loyal subordinates. He is thought to be serious and cold."

"A loyal subordinate of Etihw."

"She also one of Kcalb's loyal subordinates. It is implied that she has a gluttonous personality and a taste for disturbing... meals."

"Rigatona is one of Etihw's loyal subordinates who fought in the Great War. Some of Mogeko's works implies that she's rather bold."

{slide=Ciel and Lost|center}
"Ciel works under Etihw and Lost works under Kcalb. Known forbidden lovers."

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Duwang Chew

I'm sad to say I don't know if I'll be able to play this, but I just wanted to chime in that I love the character designs. Best of luck, anyhoo!
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