The Grawson Werewolf Pack

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    The Grawson Pack is a werewolf pack located in Southern California in the small town of Grawson who's population consists of mostly Grawson wolves. In Grawson Estate sits the pack's Manor.

    The Pack's History:
    The Pack was originally lead by Ethan Grawson who is now an elder and the current Alpha is Lucas Grawson. The Grawson Pack is the largest and oldest pack in the U.S and Canada. Its also the strongest. The closeness of the wolves make the pack wars even more successful. No one would dare venture on Grawson Territory.

    Grawson Manor:

    The Kitchen:

    The Bedrooms:


    Positions Available:
    Alpha: (Filled) Lucas Grawson
    Alpha Female: (Reserved for Alpha’s Mate)
    Beta 1: (Open)
    Beta 1 Mate: (Open)
    Beta 2: (Open)
    Beta 2 Mate: (Open)
    Den Mother: (Unlimited Open Spots) –For now-
    Scouts: (Unlimited Open Spots)-For now-
    Elders: (5 Open spots)
    Omegas: (Four Open Spots)
    Pups: (All Open)
    Mothers: (Open)
    Mated Couples:
    Head Warriors/Trainers: (Open)

    ~All rules still apply
    ~Romance is okay, just take R-Rated things to PM
    ~You Have To Rp two characters. 1 Female and 1 Male. I prefer you use both until we get more members.
    ~I wont ask much but please at least one paragraph (Meaning 6 to 7 sentences)
    ~I don’t mind anime but I prefer real pictures
    ~I Maximum Of Five characters per typist ^-^ (were a large pack)
    ~Have Fun
    Im using one of my character’s as an example of the CS
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    Lucas sat at his desk typing away intently at his computer. He didn’t usually wear shirts inside the house. Just jeans. Only jeans. He had to hurry and get the freaking bills paid or they would be sleeping in the freaking cold dark. It was Mid November and the Moon Goddess knew Sierra would kick his ass if she was cold. Not that he was scared of her. Pfft. He was in love with the small framed blonde for crying out loud. It’s just, he hated when she was mad at him. Plus her being cold would just make him feel worst. He loved her so damned much. Just too much of a bitch to tell her that.
    But, what had him in a nervous situation was the fact that a new male was arriving. Kyle, his name was. He wanted to keep any male as far away from Sierra ass possible but that wasn’t possible. She was the Alpha Female. Plus, keeping them away wouldn’t help. He’d have to make his territory. He’d have to mark her sooner or later to claim her as his but he wanted to make sure it was at the right time. They were soul mates after all.
    He loved her. Her scent was like strawberries and her eyes were as blue as the sky. Not only that her hair was a golden color that made her look like an angel. God, knows she could kick ass though. It’s what made them so close. She was her and he was his arrogant dominant self. He remembered when he first met her and had almost shifted and mated her then. But, he gently took her aside and told her she was his. Forever.

    Aphra knocked on the office door. “Hey dude, im about to come in. I hope you’re not master bating again. “ She held back a laugh as he growled and stepped in. “Where’s Sierra?”
    “Out.” He grumbled. “And that’s not funny.”
    “Oh shush. I won’t tell your girlfriend.” I smiled sitting on his desk.
    “Did you solve that roof problem?” He asked her stopping his typing and looking up.
    “Well as you can see dear brother, me and hammers? Don’t mix. So I called someone.” Aphra played with her shirt sleeves. She’d tried at least. Took her an good hour. Maybe two.
    “Okay. Be ready for the new wolf.” Lucas murmured.
    “Your are so moody when Sierra’s gone!” Aphra pointed out.
    “Something could happen to her.”
    “Stop acting like a butt. I will go raid the kitchen and wait on the new wolf and you go call you’re precious.” She jumped off the desk heading to the kitchen as Lucas dialed Sierra in a worry.
    He can be such an ass when she’s away. Aphra thought digging through the fridge. She wore a long sleeve white sweater that was a little itchy and some baggy sweats. She had on her bunny bedroom shoes to wear to bed her midnight black hair tied in a bun. She pulled out a bagel and pushed some popcorn in the oven. Yes, in the oven. She was weird like that. With that she headed over to the living room and turned on the television.
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