The Grawson Werewolf Pack

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  1. Positions Available:
    Alpha: (Filled) Lucas Grawson
    Alpha Female: (Sierra) @Powerless_
    Beta 1: (Open)
    Beta 1 Mate: (Open)
    Beta 2: (Open)
    Beta 2 Mate: (Open)
    Den Mother: (Unlimited Open Spots) –For now-
    Scouts: (Unlimited Open Spots)-For now-
    Elders: (5 Open spots)
    Omegas: (Four Open Spots)
    Pups: (All Open)
    Mothers: (Open)
    Mated Couples:
    Head Warriors/Trainers: (Kyle) @Powerless_

    ~All rules still apply
    ~Romance is okay, just take R-Rated things to PM
    ~You Have To Rp two characters. 1 Female and 1 Male. I prefer you use both until we get more members.
    ~I wont ask much but please at least one paragraph (Meaning 6 to 7 sentences)
    ~I don’t mind anime but I prefer real pictures
    ~I Maximum Of Five characters per typist ^-^ (were a large pack)
    ~Have Fun
    Im using one of my character’s as an example of the CS
    Name: Lucas Grawson
    Gender: Male
    Lucas can be very Caring. Especially for his pack. He tends to Thinks Too Hard and if with a female can be very Dominant. If giving something he knows is right he can be very Stubborn and Easily Angered if any other male steps on his tail or looks at him the wrong way.
    Lucas was born into the Manor two years older than his sister so the Alpha role automatically became his. With thick black hair and blue eyes he became an immediate magnet for girls and being the arrogant male he was, enjoyed the attention.
    When he was six his parents became aware that he was dyslexic. He couldn’t see words people normally saw them. His parents only saw it as an obstacle and simply pushed him harder which immediately made him a stronger person. The kids at school made fun of him constantly. They called him a ‘retard’ or the ‘rich boy who couldn’t read’. When he grew tired of the names he simply kicked ass. He made the kids who lived with him then and there in the first grade, the he was the boss. They all stood by his side from then.When he was in third grade his mother died. He was only eight. It had a big effect on him but he was more worried about his sister in the first grade. Even then he thought, ‘What would happen to my six year old sister? Who would teach her how to do girl things?’ Then Luke knew very little about the Pack System and that Aphrodite still had Den Mothers. That made them even closer than they were for elementary kids. They stuck together after that.
    When he turned twelve there was a car accident which involved him, Aphrodite, and his young Pack Mate and close friend, Ben. Lucas dragged his sister out but Ben died. Ben had been his best friend and had even held the future Beta position, something his father had always told him happened in packs. His sister almost died and this scarred him a lot but, mostly, taught him loyalty and leadership. On his 18th Birthday he was granted Alpha position and was thought soon to find his soul mate. Of course he’d had girlfriends but, left them all when he became Alpha so he could be a loyal leader and available for when he found his mate.

    Mate: (mates are usually unexpected but found as soon as the couple see each other they have a lustful reaction to one another so match up as soon as you can but talk it over with the other typist. If you rather not have one or haven’t talked it over with someone just put N/Y)

    (Wolf)>Description or photo is fine<
    Big furry black wolf with bright blue eyes and a white tipped tail

    Aphrodite Grawson and Ethan Grawson

    IC -
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  2. Looks neat I have a wolf character I will post up his info soon.
  3. @Karuko_TheShifter Can you tell me a bit about the positions from your context? I don't wanna fluck it up.
  4. The Next Alpha In Line And The Helpy Person Or Whtever :D To Be Honest Its Kinda Like The Alpha's Best Friend
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  5. Which One?

    And You Can Just Pick Any Position, As LOng As Youre Sure About Playing The Role

    And Ask Away ^-^
  6. @Karuko_TheShifter Are betas allowed to be female? Or are they a strictly male class? What's the difference between them and Omegas?
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  7. Yea females are allowed xD
  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Sierra 'Si' Logan

    Age: Eighteen.

    Personality: The first moment you speak to the girl, you can either become enlightened by her warm mannerisms and bubbly personality or quickly annoyed by her talkative nature and silly spontaneity. Though she does have a huge heart and a lot of love to share with people she comes to know and care about, you can always find that she is stubborn and almost always has a reason for any rude actions that might occur. Almost always thinking of the cup half full, her optimism is beyond belief and though some people feel as if this makes her weak, she is one of the strongest people you will ever meet.

    History: Her life was laid out in front of her since day one, her future pieced together and shown to her before she even had the chance to create a life for herself. Becoming top of her class, staying pure and away from anyone or anything that can distract her from her duties as a promised beta. Her father always had the mindset that his little girl would be the best there was, an alpha's female..running with the pack. Though Sierra was unsure of that theory, despite what her father told her..he was taking on silly whims. But she pushed through everything and can proudly say she has made rank of a beta in the pack.

    Mate: If anyone would like to talk to me about it, feel free.

  9. Accepted

    PM me about maybe her and Lucas being mates?

    We can start the rp as soon as two more people join.
  10. [​IMG]

    Name: Kyle 'Ky' Morriset

    Age: Seventeen

    Personality: One of the most cocky, arrogant assholes you will ever come across. If he likes you he will tell you just that, and if he doesn't then his blunt edge will say the things he wants to say. Though he doesn't try to come off as the jerk that ruins people's's a bit less something he wants to do then something that's programmed into his personality since he was a little kid. Though if he likes you, he will render off his blunt comments as jokes and show off his warm and positive side, which is rarely ever seen.

    History: At the age of three he was separated from the only family he had ever known, by death. His mother and father dying together in a terrible house fire, lucky he was out with his uncle that night or he would have went along with them. A candle left lit before they went to bed proved to be their ultimate downfall. Now Kyle has an extreme fear of open flames, forest fires and basically anything to do with candles. People think it's a babyish thing to be afraid of, but when you lost the only people you really loved in your life, it's something that's bound to happen. Though over time, he believes he can handle the pain..healing his wounds and being the best warrior he can be.

    Mate: Someone can talk to me about it, if you want.

  11. We just need one more typist. Im gonna come up with the cs for Lucas's sister
  12. Name: Aphradite Grawson

    Gender: Female

    Aphra's a more of the type of girl who thinks too much. She's very afraid of the outcomes of her actions instead of just doing them. She loves to surf, paint, and play the piano just as much as each other. She trusts people too easily and her brother hates it. But, she's her. So, he cant really change that. She's a very sweet girl. Since she almost died before she took it as she was supposed to be dead so always put others first. She's very caring but is kind of sensitive towards things like love and relationships. She usually stays away because something like what happened to her mother, might happen to the guy she dated.

    Aphra was born into the Manor two years younger than her brother. She looked just like her brother. Thick black hair and bright blue eyes. She was a spitting image of her mother.
    She was very attached to her brother. Following him anywhere and everywhere with her little stuffed doll. She was the only one there when he was being bullied for his dyslexia. When her mother died it really hurt her. She was too young to understand everyone thought but, she knew she was gone. But, as her father's and mother's daughter she had to put on a strong front. When her brother had to pull her out of a car wreck it drew her even closer to him. She never let him down after that. She saw it as owing him her life. When she grew older she started helping out with patrol's and Alpha positions.


    (Wolf)>Description or photo is fine<
    Big furry black wolf with bright blue eyes and a white tipped tail

    Lucas Grawson and Ethan Grawson​