The grave

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  1. Name: Alexis Matsuki
    Age: 23
    Species: Skinwalker. (Shapeshifter)
    Hair: Long, black
    Attire: Mostly black always.
    Skin tone: Pale
    Attitude: Bitter.
    Eye Color: Deep violet.

    Alexis looked down at the grave before her. It read "Jace Shinoba. 1994-2012"
    With a deep, and heavy sigh, she pulled out a cigarette and lit it, putting it to the corner of her lips and smoked it, letting the smoke come out the other side of her mouth. Her long black hair fell in front of her face as she looked down even closer, bending her knees a little so she could reach out her hand and pat the grave.
    "I am so sorry...I could have prevented it...But...I didnt..." She tried to hold back her tears, but some were slipping. This was the reason why Alexis was bitter. The reason she had a scowl on her face all the time, anymore. No one would even give her the time of day anymore and she did the same with everyone else. She was a loner and intended to be that way for a good, long time.
  2. The embodiment of something sat on the grave before her. He seemed to have always been before her but she now recognized his existence. He seemed to have a slightly recognizable face as he continued to look upon her sorrow. Hie eyes seemed like silver pools of mercury as his hair was as white as the moon. His skin was pale and his coat was white with his shirt underneath a dark red color. He continued to remain silent until tears began to drip before him. He slightly tilted his head as he opened his mouth.

    "If you dislike this life so much you can always leave it."

    His lips seemed to barely move as he continued to watch on as if hoping the women would not notice what he said. Not many beings could see him and as he began to feel the emotions emanate from her body he was beginning to be afraid that she could. He was the angel of suicide created and born after he took his life without a single care from anyone. The devil had offered him a deal to live without punishment if he could cause others to do the same but as it continued he seemed to constantly lose his mind as if the devil had created an emotional hell for him to deal with. Watching people die because they felt they needed to or wanted to caused him great harm since he shared the same feelings they once did. He couldn't offer anything to anybody except the one thing he himself had once done.

    He coughed slightly as he glanced at her feeling the same feelings he had felt thousands of times but instead he offered something else. "Or, if you wish... We could fight the devil and bring him back." Shiruba couldn't think of such an absurd idea. It wouldn't work and even if it did it didn't guarantee anybody could be brought back into this world. Especially, without a body. It was just an old dream he had continued to think of as he looked at the woman before him and as he jumped from the grave he walked around to look at the name etched into small monument.

    Name: Shiruba Dangan

    Age: ?

    Species: Demon

    Hair: White and mid length.

    Attire: Mostly white with long dark pants and a black undershirt.

    Skin tone: Pale

    Attitude: ?

    Eye Color: Silver.

    (Sorry. Hope you like seeing a friendly face.)
  3. Alexis took one last look at the grave before she was about to leave. Just as her heels began to turn away from it she noticed a voice. It wasn't very clear, but the next thing it said was. "Fight the devil and bring him back?" She repeated, and looked around. "Who said such things?!" She threw her cigarette on the ground and stomped it out with her foot, and tilted her head to look up at the sky. Why would anyone toy with her mind like that? The nerve of them! She growled. "Answer me you son of a bitch!" She hissed and shook her fist. When she realized nothing was in the air that spoke to her she sighed, and hung her head. Almost in wishes that someone had spoken to her.
    With her final look up back at the grave, she noticed a figure standing beside her. It was faint, and very light. Probably why she never saw him before. She turned her head slightly, seeing that he was admiring the grave as she was.
    " say those things?"
  4. He was shocked for a few moments before retreating a bit back. "You heard me?" He said a bit perplexed at the situation. He had noticed her reaction and the fierceness in her voice. Probably somebody he should have not interfered with. He was still faint against the background but he looked at her softly as he touched the grave and moved his fingers along its edges. "I don't say those things particularly. I am not a person as you might think but am revealing inner emotions you have." He replied as he pointed at her. "I guess I am as much you as I am this body within the ground." He replied as he looked between the two. "Except for the fact that you exist in this world and he exists in the next. I can explain this all later but it is rare for people to hear me. At times I disappear only to talk to people fifty years later than I originally met them. I help people make hard decisions and guide people to their death. I am one of the angels but not the one who guided this person's death." He replied as he looked at her.
  5. Alexis looked at the faint figure for a moment and raised her eyebrow. She listened to his words carefully. An angel of death? Guiding? What? She glared at him, finally turning her whole body towards him and crossing her arms. She wasn't buying it, but at the same time she was. She wasn't sure what to make of it.
    "So you mean to tell me that there is some other son of a bitch who guided my best friend to his death?!" She growled. "It was someone else who made him get in a damn car accident?! I find THAT very hard to believe. I'm not even sure if you're real...I could be talking to nothingness and going crazy!" She clenched her fists and lowered her voice. "How the hell do I believe you?"
  6. "He's telling the truth," a faint voice sounded a few graves away. "Same thing happened to my boyfriend...except I knew something else lead him to his horrible death...I knew right away." A red headed girl stepped out from under the shadow of a tree where her boyfriend's grave was. "I'm still trying to figure out what it was, but my point is you should believe him." Kitty took a few steps toward the two. "My name's Kitty," she said extending an arm and an open hand toward the girl.
  7. Alexis's head turned when the voice of another came from the shadows. Another ghost? No, this was just a girl. A bit relieved she rolled her eyes and glared. "Kitty?" She let out a faint chuckle, and looked at the hand extended to her. She didn't shake back, for she wasnt one for being friendly. "Anyways." She looked back at the faint ghost. "I have to have more proof than just instinct."
  8. "If you didn't believe me I was about to do the same to you." Shiruba replied before watching as Kitty began to get near. Two people could see him? That is preposterous but he didn't doubt it when she referred to him. He watched as she extened her arm forward to Alexis.

    "We supposed 'angels' or what some people think to be guardians actually are told when and where to kill you. We set things up in such a way that you will die at a certain time or date. It is a completely unfair process and can result in multiple people being killed or hurt but it is because we influence the lives to get them there. The angel that probably killed your friends was just following what he had to do. He made sure the other driver made a mistake or was drunk to eliminate his life from the world." Shiruba replied.
  9. "Well thats just fucked up!" Alexis growled and threw her hands in the air. "This is too much! I'm getting out of here..." Her voice trailed off, almost in tears. Just the thought of someone, or something purposely killing her best friend...that was too much. Her heels turned and she started to storm off, all the way back into the city, where she went to go sit at her favorite twenty-four hour cafe. Once inside, she took off her leather jacket, hung it on the back of her chair and sat down at a corner window table. She put her cheek in her hand, elbow on the table and she sighed. As the waitress came over asking for her order, she got a small coffee, black, and continued to stare out the window. She wasn't looking at anything really, just thinking.
  10. Rude much? she thought to herself. Kitty knew that this chick didn't know who she was or what she was capable of, but she decided to let it go. As she started walking away, Kitty followed her at a distance. Keeping an eye on her emotions. As she crossed into the city, Kitty quickly hit the building tops, staying right above her. As she went into the cafe, Kitty dropped onto the ground in a nearby ally. She walked into the coffee shop and watched her from a distance. She hid her face.
  11. "I didn't know your favorite activities included stalking..." Shiruba replied as he was right behind Kitty. His voice seemed to be like a whisper as he looked on. "Still, I found both of you interesting and talking to myself would only drive me insane." He replied as he looked at her.
  12. Alexis knew she was being followed by the two. But she wasn't about to let them know that. Once they looked away for a moment she would shift into her black mist, or something, and get out of there so they wouldn't be able to follow. Just as she decided to look forward, her coffee was placed before her, and before a check or anything came, she handed the waitress a five, and told her to keep the change, she had no need for it. The waitress seemed very happy, thanked her and headed back to the kitchen. Alexis took a sip and licked her lips, her eyes scanning the place. With a head shake, she took another sip and decided to let them know she knew. "Come out...I know you guys are there..."
  13. "You dislike ghosts?" Shiruba replied as he stood looking over her. He had noticed her hatred of what had happened and felt slightly sad she had to find out in such a cruel way. He coughed as if trying to clear his mind from it as he looked at the people around him. "It isn't because of anything personal."
  14. "I know what you've been through okay. And I can help you with finding this...thing, basically that killed him." Kitty walked a little closer towards her. "Oh by the way I freakin hate that attitude of yours," Kitty said on accident. She thought out loud again. That always got her in trouble.
  15. Shiruba even felt her sting as she said she hated the attitude that Alexis had. He could understand both their hatreds though. They took away loved ones and they eliminated any further love that the two would have. He just sighed softly as he began to understand what he was again. He wasn't here to help these two but eventually do what they just experienced. Take them away from loved ones. He simply looked at the two before talking. "You both have to be careful." He reminded them. "Or I might have to remove both of you." He whispered.
  16. "And I dont care what you think, princess!" She was about to stand up in her chair, but decided not to, leaned her back against the chair, cut her eyes to look out the window and took another sip of her coffee. "And I know you both think I am human, of which is not true." She said, looking back at them. "I guess though you will find out in time what I am. Until then I suggest keeping comments about my personality to yourself." She said bluntly, then looked over at the ghost. "So to your question, no. I don't dislike ghosts. But on the anniversary of my best friends death thats not exactly the thing I wanted to hear. That some being, in whatever form, made him die. Bullshit." She clentched her hands and closed her eyes. "I don't see what kind of help I need...apparently you two do though. So fine. 'help' me. But nothing can be done anymore. Jace is gone, and I know no being can fix that."