The Grave

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  1. Alexis looked down at the grave before her. It read "Jace Shinoba. 1994-2012"
    With a deep, and heavy sigh, she pulled out a cigarette and lit it, putting it to the corner of her lips and smoked it, letting the smoke come out the other side of her mouth. Her long black hair fell in front of her face as she looked down even closer, bending her knees a little so she could reach out her hand and pat the grave.
    "I am so sorry...I could have prevented it...But...I didnt..." She tried to hold back her tears, but some were slipping. This was the reason why Alexis was bitter. The reason she had a scowl on her face all the time, anymore. No one would even give her the time of day anymore and she did the same with everyone else. She was a loner and intended to be that way for a good, long time.