The grand partner search begins

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I'm looking for RP partners. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet with a little list here

What I like: MxF (me as M), FxF (willing to try), sci fi, post apocalyptic, medieval (preferably fantasy, but can be non), feudal eastern (can be fantasy or non as well). Daily responses (understand life happens just let me know if you can't post if you won't be posting for some days as I will let you know, writers block happens and even I tend to slow down after things are officially underway.) PM RPs, and the biggest one of all ROMAAAAAANCE! :D

What I don't like: MxM, modern, slice of life (usually), sudden disappearances, public RPs.

Post lengths: a couple of sentences will be fine. I will generally work off of how my partner posts.

Ideas: I don't usually have any unless they are mainly smutty, sorry. Bring one before messaging if you can (even a simple concept is fine. I have one of sentient weapons such as swords, axes, etc.)

Smut: completely welcomed, whether you are sex>plot or plot>sex is fine either way.

I also have one more thing, and this is just a personal reasons thing if I can keep it at that, I prefer my partners to be female IRL, or at least you make yourself come off as one and I will just use denial. XD

(This was put up in the libertine place as well because...u know...put it in more places and more chance there is of partners....right? <:p )
Not open for further replies.