The Gospel of the Backwoods

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    Its the year of our lord 1899, Near a small village out in the dead of nowhere in Scottland lies a small village called Marshwater, there is a dark and strange place called Blackbranch woods. These woods, the zealot citisens of the village claim is a threshold to hell. Between the crooked charcoal trees they claim to see the twisted shadows of devils and other sinful creatures frolic in songs of horrid screams f the abyss. Ever since the village was built there has been strange and horrible happenings in the city. Folk disappearing in the middle of the night, Children dying in their beds, and there are some that claim that things crawl out of the forests and whisper dark things into their ears whilst they sleep. The dilapidated church in the village barely lasted a year until a unexplained fire broke out and burnt the church to its bones. It's now blackened and overgrown husk looms over the village, casting a dark and sinister shadow of its former hallowed self upon the forlorn souls below. Its been several years since anything strange happened in the small ill-fated village. Until tonight. This cold October, 1899. In the deep dark of the night all the children who slept so innocently in their beds disappeared. There were strange claw marks by the windows, and crooked paths of tracks leading into the Dark Backwoods. Its now that some of the villagers decided that they have had enough. They decide that with fire and steel and holy might, cast out the foul demons of the tainted woods. A band of the towns bravest souls have gathered to venture into the dark depths of the forest.... May the lord have mercy on their souls, and we pray that we may find their wretched bones amongs the fallen branches...

    This is going to be a horror themed Role Playing Campaign with Occult and religious overtones. It is also going to be Narrator driven, As i myself shall act as the narrator, and colour the world and events you shall all handle before you. Think of me as your merciful Game master. Some simple rules i would like you to adhere you if you wish to join in.


    *DON'T BE OVERPOWERED. You are a mere human. Maybe a bit sickly at that. You are rather weak of body, and of mind.

    *YOU POSSES NO SPECIAL ABILITES. I repete myself, just a human. You can't shoot fire out of your hands, or fly. Your a human made from flesh, filled with fear and blood. The only special ability you posses is dying.

    *BE RESPECTFUL.I won't have you throwing insults around in subtexts and such. Neither do i want you trampling on others feet. Respect your fellow "players" and don't steal the show.

    *RESPECT THE NARRATOR. Don't describe areas, thats the narrators job. Don't controll other characters besides your own. Thats the narrators job. Don't describe the result of an action you make t anything else then yourself or minor objects around you. (Ex. "I swing my axe against the demons and i chop its head of and it falls dead on the ground.) The Narrator determines the results. (Ex. You say "I swing my axe at the foul demon, hoping to hit his neck." And then the narrator say "Your axe cleaves trough the demons neck and its head falls to the ground" Or "You miss the demon and impale your axe on a large tree nearby)

    *LIVE INTO YOUR ROLE. I won't demand that you act EXACTLY as i want, you can be creative, but i do want you to take your setting into consideration. You were raised christian, and since you were a child (you may even BE one still) you were told about demons and how horrible a creatures they were. You fear these woods, and its with the utmost of bravery or foolishness that you dare venture inside.

    *MIND THE SETTING.This isn't much a rule as a friendly pointer. You this all happend a long time ago in Scottland. Please don't use slang or far to modern words. Adding a bit of an accent to your writings and adding a little slang from that time period would be a nice touch.

    *HAVE A GOOD TIME. This is mandatory, VERY MUCH MANDATORY. I will NOT have participants NOT having fun in my thread.

    *DON'T DISTURB THE TARKEBNACKEL. Don't do this. Just don't do this. You should never do this. You should never even consider doing this.

    Going swiftly on to creating your characters. There are but a few small guidelines I would like you to adhere to:
    NAME: Names are ofcourse very important in any RP, this one is no exeption.
    APPERANCE: Help us create an image of your character in our minds.
    EQUIPMENT: Only a fool would venture into the woods without anything to aid themselves with. What will you carry into the forest?

    The rest is COMPLETLY up to you

    Once I think we have enough participants, we can begin.


  2. I love this and wish to be involved.
    I also wish to be a Father in the church, or a holy man of some kind. Would this be allowed?
    No special powers, I swear! :)
  3. I was actually hoping for someone to be a priest of the village. And you granted my wish. The first one to join as well. Aren't i lucky. You should flesh him out a bit more, Can't allow the bare bones of a character joining a story, now can we?
  4. Obviously. Just an initial thought before I sleep! Should be up by tomorrow or Sunday. :)
  5. Rather small edit was made to the rules. So small and intensification that you are bound NOT to notice it. Just like it wasn't even there. Maybe like this post is actually NOT a notification of a rule edit, and actually a thread poke in disguise.
  6. I am expressing interest.
  7. Im expressing fascination towards your interest. I then express a query, wich is if you wan't to join?
  8. Of course, but where's the sheets?
  9. Would you want to just use something simple like this?

    Character Name:

    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    General History:
  10. The things i specified i wanted in the rules are the only thing i require, you may then add whatever you wish about your character. I don't require you to list what your character is like in its ways or personality because i belive that will be apparent in the story to come. But anyone that wish to use a sheet can use Sir Basils. Its as good as any.
  11. I will be expressing interest as well this rp looks rather exciting, I only ask would my character be able to make like a leather type armor for this time period?
  12. Its most probable that some sort of improvised armor were created before they went into the forest. So i will allow this.
  13. Alright then I will do my CS now should have it posted within the hour
  14. Don't forget do drag your friends into the fray as well. We need more brave souls to venture into the backwoods.
  15. If you still have a place open, may I play to?

    Name: Audrey McClain

    Age: 25

    Appearance: Audrey stands tall for a woman at six foot . Her hair falls to mid back in auburn waves, normally her hair up in a tidy bun under a hat. Long eyelashes frame blue grey eyes amidst ivory colored skin. Freckles lightly dust over her nose and cheeks. If you were to see her on the street, you’d find her in a very simple dress. However, a dress seems unacceptable for the current circumstances. So instead she brought down some of her husband’s old clothes and tailored them to fit her. Nice thick black, trousers and a simple long sleeved red shirt underneath a dark coat. She left her fine boots in her own closet and instead found a pair of rugged boots, meant more for farm work than school teaching.

    Position in Town: Mainly a teacher, but she’s been a nurse in case of emergencies. Mainly when someone’s hurt themselves and needed a quick fix to last them ‘till they reached a proper doctor.

    Living Family: A younger sister (Amanda) and a brother-in-law (Gregory McKenly) who have a four year old daughter. (Elizabeth, Lizzie for short)

    Marital status: Widowed. Her husband disappeared while hunting and never came back.

    Reasoning for venturing into the woods: Children were taken, her students and her niece among them.

    Main Weapon: The spare hunting rifle.

    Equipment: Roughly twenty feet of rope, a bag of jerky for emergencies, ammo, a bottle of whisky, a first aid kit, spare bandages, a sewing needle with thread, a blanket, a hunting knife, fishing hook, fishing line, and a flint stone. Most of these items are stored in a leather satchel. The knife being the only exception, having a holster on her belt where it stays.
  16. Character Name: Reverend William Hopkins
    Gender: Male
    Age: Thirty-two.
    General Appearance: A man with a long, almost horsey face. William has dark eyes with heavy lids, that sit deeply within his face. He has dark arching brows that animate his sometimes sluggish expressions. His nose is rounded, but aquiline, and points downwards on his fit, sitting close to his lips. His lips are usually tightly pursued, and make a thin, centered bow in between the downward tip of his nose and his square, long chin. His dark brown hair is feathery and is usually swept back from his face and he sports small sideburns. His skin is exceptionally pale, and he sometimes has dark rings around his eyes, hinting at a sleeplessness that haunted his person. His expressions are mild and slow to form on his face.
    Contrary to his long and somewhat broad face, William has a tall and thin physique. Like most priests of the day, he sports a black simple wool cassock with the starched white collar that marks him out as a man of the faith. William's cassock hangs loosely on him, as if it was too big for him, and the sleeves often cover his thin white hands to the tips. In the cold October winds, he wears an ashen coloured heavy wool scarf around his neck and a wide brimmed black felt cap. His hands are swaddled in a pair of woolen gloves that match his scarf. His boots are sensible and practical leather, but are clearly well-worn.
    Position in Town: Head of the Church in Marshwater.
    Living Family: A brother, Jack Hopkins, a sister-in-law, Grace Hopkins, and a son-in-law, Joseph Hopkins.
    Reasoning for Adventuring into the Woods: As the head of the church in Marshwater, WIlliam considers himself the most capable of handling the creatures that lurk within the woods, as the Lord God will see him through this and aid him in his quest to rid his community of these demons. Armed with his Bible, candle, and bell William hopes to emerge from the woods as a victor in the struggle between the holy and the damned.
    Annotated copy of the Bible
    10 Candles, with a box of matches.
    A small bag of salt, with iron fillings.
    A loaf of bread, and a skin of water.
    A small silver bell.
    Pen and ink.
    A lamp, with lamp oil, hung on the end of a rowan walking stick.
    All of this is held in a small leather knapsack.

  17. Need a bit more people, like just one or two. Then we can begin this wonderfull little excersion.
  18. I put you guys into the advertisement in the Iwaku Radio Show, so hopefully you'll get more players.
  19. I have returned from the grave, but unfortunatly it seems we are still lacking in members for this venture. And thus im afraid we still have to wait for new blood or this will never enter the woods.