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  1. Clowny.jpg I Call this Mr. Gacy. He is a very depressed clown...

    Afro woman.jpg This is My Afro Lady.... She is COMPLETLEY made up of Inspirational words written in Ink.

    rihanna.jpg This is abit badder quality and abit crinkly, it is a painting of Rihanna..... (Dont ask XD)

    Uhm... more to come i guess... ill be posting more than just this. Hope it seems kind of okay....
  2. These are a few of my old Clothing designs, my style of drawing has changed abit after these but i still like them.
    Dont mind the Quality, the no hands or faces, or the no color XD
    they are just sketches after all.....

    Beachwear.jpg Dressy.jpg Casual.jpg
    Beachwear x Dressy x Casual
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  4. This is the first time ive tried to digitally paint a person from scratch
    I worked really hard on it

    I call her GeGe~
  5. I edited my Avatar profile picture for the site imvu....

    this is how it ended up i guess...
    I used with this as well

    Imvu picture editing is mainly done on Gimp though

  6. I'm going for the pictures i took of my profile! every 3days or so i changed the theme to get psyched up for Halloween!

    Halloween Profiles (open)
    Halloween Profiles (open)

    October 1-3​
    Candy Corn
    October 3-5​
    October 5-7​
    Hells Fire
    October 7-9​
    October 9-12​
    October 12-15​
    October 15-17​
    Unlucky Kitty
    October 18-20​
    Ghastly Ghosts​
    October 20-22​
    Under the Moonlight
    October 22-24​
    Darkness (not the member)​
    October 24-26​
    pump Pump PUMPKINS!
    October 27-31​
    Bloody Mess
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  7. More IMVU pics ive edited or created....

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] This is actually me and Amethyst from the site. Hence the "Wifey, Hubby"

    I dunno what happened with this one? XD just go with it.....

    This was for a chatroom ive made.... Urbandictionary the word: Quirkdom
  8. [​IMG]
    Moke Moke had to join my showcase!! Lookit his wittle eyeball~

    This is also my latest work.... she doesnt have a name yet but she will have many sisters created at a later time!
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  9. Did you edit the mouth skin in that avatar you were showing me before?

    Also, your drawings are really good! I like the nameless girl. She reminds me of the characters from Adventure Time? XD
  10. I remember Moke Moke from the monster contest! :]

    The nameless girl is really cute.
  11. Still dunno what to call the first one... but I made this next one after my friend Angel...
    So its obviously named ANGEL :D
    And yes.... she has Horns o __ o
  12. [​IMG]

    This is another Chibi pic for my friend Ally!! she is now within the chibi collection!
    The colors made me so happy though!

    And Then these 2 are from the ring i made today out of nail glue and tissue paper.
  14. [​IMG]
    This is a Water color, of a African American Woman, nude. i painted it for my mothers mothers day gift... and yes... she likes this kinda art...

    This is a heart keychain i made outta felt and stuffing!
  15. DAT ASS.

    Now that I've got that out of my system, that painting is lovely! The hair and the colors and the shape of her. WELL FREAKING DONE GIRLY!

    Also, the keychain is cuuuuuuuuuuute! I can't sew myself and I hate sewing so congrats on being patient enough to do it. :P
  16. [​IMG]
    Quick Sketches of myself of what i EXACTLY look like at the moment in time... tank and panties :D

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Phone case i made for myself and a tiny tiny bunny

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This is my Kawaii Cubey Bun Bun i sewed up with a light pink fwuffy fabric!
    Lookit his little plushy taaaail!<3
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  17. THEM BUNNIES! Are cute! You're getting really good with that sewing missy, :D.
  18. This is a remake of the Orange woman in an earlier post named GeGe :D
    I redid Gege because i honestly hated each part of her in the old pic ^^
    So here she is, the brand new Gege so far!
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  19. My new Phone Background i randomly tossed together!

    OH OH!! :D and this was the pringles can i wrapped in paper then decorated
    I used pastel pink purple and green and did cheetah print on it, im so proud of it! :D
    I use it for holding change in now o u o
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