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  1. So what have you done today for someone else? Whether it be a stranger or a person you know, we often find ourselves doing something small for another and sometimes it can be the only act of kindness they have recieved throughout the day.

    Today, leaving the supermarket I was carrying a lot of bags and saw a woman with a walker edging near me but I had already left the storefront. Upon looking back, I saw her turning to the store and immediately went back to hold the door for her. She was taken a back and said oh my god, bless you and thank you so much!

    Often I see people with disabilities struggle to get into stores and people will walk right past them without a care in the world and as someone who works with special needs children, I see it every day so I like to help out, even if it's minor because it also makes me feel good.

    So what have you done today?
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  2. Oh cool! I work with special needs children too! So I've definitely done a lot of things for other people today, and most days. I'm a teacher's aid for special need children at a school. ^_^

    But today I have a rather nice story in particular. There is a kid in the class I work in who loves Christmas books and Christmas pictures. He doesn't talk. Well, today we went to "paper making" (a building next to the school where kids can make paper cut outs of different shapes, make recycled paper, paper projects, and etc) and I figured maybe he'd have more fun if I gave him a Christmas design for him to make cut-outs of. So I took a little extra time to look for something Christmas related and found a Christmas tree. The student LOVED it. He was smiling, laughing, and pointing at the Christmas tree designs the whole time we were there. It made
    me feel good that I helped him to enjoy his time there so much just by doing something so simple for him. :)
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  3. I'm a school custodian. Kids throw pencils, pens, paper, supplies, etc on the floor year round. Every single one of them I pick up and drop in my pocket.

    When school starts coming back into session each August I make mini-colored pencil/ crayon packs for elementary school kids and bundles of pens/pencils for older kids then donate them or hand them out myself to parents who couldn't afford everything on there (bloated) supply lists.

    Today after only an hour into the working part of my shift I'm up to twelve pencils and five pens, three markers, a whole box of crayons, two empty but pristine binders, and an empty notebook.
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  4. I do what I can. I try to keep bottles of water in the car and give them to the homeless (even though it's illegal here) when I'm out and about. If I have food with me I'll give that too.
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  5. Today? Other than helping my mother go up and down the stairs (she's pretty bad off, mobility wise), nothing really. When I'm out and about, though, I'm just generally polite to everyone, whether I'm holding the door for people or taking someone elses cart back to the store.
  6. I only tend to leave the house when there's plans (Go to club, see friends etc.) so I often don't get many chances to help people out.
    When I do try to do the small stuff as I see then though such as holding the door open and such.

    Online though I do make the attempt to help friends via Skype and others via the Counselling Section whenever I can though.
  7. TODAY nothing of note. O__O No opportunities arose. Unless you count chatting and giggling with our little old lady cashier at the store.

    We are always doing random stuff all the time though. Opening doors, politeness, regular donations of items and monies, nice tips, thankful notes, supporting the kickstarters of local small business.

    A lot of people took care of me when I was poor and had nothing. @___@ So I do anything I can when I have means and opportunity to support others.
  8. Well today, there were no opportunities for me to help because I didn't come across anyone who needed aid ^^;

    However, when I was in grade three and five, I did go to an aged care centre (it was a school thing that we had to do) with a couple of other peeps to help out the elderly there. From simple things like pouring them a glass of juice etc etc, to slightly more complex things like accompanying them by playing board games with them or helping them up etc etc.

    One time, I was out with a bunch of friends to eat lunch at the city, we had far too much leftover, so we ended up giving all of it to the homeless on the streets.
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