The Good Girl

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    Every school has that girl who does everything perfectly and never causes any trouble. That girl was Kelsie Morris. She was the girl everyone wanted to cheat off of, the girl who aced everything she touched, and the girl who most everyone ignored; that is the downside of being the nerd girl. No one ever sees her at parties or sporting events. Honestly, they probably don't even notice if she is there or not. And why is she never out and about?

    Well, her parents are super strict. It always feels like nothing is ever good enough for them... so what does Kelsie do in order to try and gain acceptance? Work her ass off in school and hope maybe a grade will be good enough and as long as she stays on Principal's List, then they stay happy with her. If she doesn't have the perfect grades then she is instantly grounded.

    So, being the perfect student that she is, Kelsie was already in her English class, materials on her desk and waiting patiently for everything to start.
  2. As all schools have thier speical groups of people; the jocks, the nerds, goths, emo and the bad kids, Taven deifenitly fell in the the "Bad Kids" group. He is always in and out of trouble, getting into fights, always late for class which is rare for him for he hardly attends class. He has nearly missed being explealled from the school on serval occasions.

    Taven is 18 and lives on his own in a run down hotel room. The only real possion that he owns is his 67 Camaro. That was left to Taven, in his fathers will, his fater had been gunned down in the street for his money when Taven was only three years old. The car was given to him when he turned 16. Due to his father's death his mom worked full time to support them, leaving Taven alone many nights, while he was young, givin him no parental guidenace. He soon truned into a problem chid that his mom could not control and eventalluy gave up on.

    Due to recent events Taven is close to being expelled and if that happens he will loss everything, because the school is paying him to be go to school, because of a spiecal progam that help troubled kids and encourges them to complete school. So it was a surpise that Taven was walking trough the hallways in the morning heading to his english class, and an even bigger surpise that he had his matierals in his hands.

    Walking into the room on time for class, being one of the last few students to walk into the class room. Many students looked at Taven then they began to whisper about him. He catches two girls in the front row say his name and yells in a harsh manner. "What the fuck you are talking about hmm? Mind your own god damn buisness." With that said Taven walks to the back of the class room and sits down in a school desk proping his feet up on the the desk waiting for the day to begin.
  3. Someone she hadn't seen much just walked in class, surprising just about everyone. Taven was the school's token bad kid. If anything 'bad' happened around the school, Taven was the first person the principal called. Needless to say, because of that everyone knew who he was and knew his reputation. If Kelsie were to be completely honest, she would say that Taven scared the bejeezus out of her which... was only made that much worse when he yelled. His big booming voice made her startle in her seat. Nervously, she chewed on her lower lip and stared down at her desk, hoping that he would just ignore her, but he ended up sitting right behind her.

    What do I do? she ran her hands nervously over the thighs of her jeans. Do I say hi? Do I ignore him? Slowly, she turned to look over her shoulder at him then gave him half a smile before quickly looking back down at the top of her desk. Why did I do that? I bet that looked super childish. Deciding she needed to get over her fear, she took a deep breath and turned slightly in her seat.

    "Hi," she said softly, looking shyly at his face then down at her hands. "I uh.. it is nice to see you." Kelsie nodded then turned back to face class, her cheeks bright red by this point. At least the teacher came in which got Kelsie's mind on how awkward she felt until the teacher assigned them to pair up to do their classwork, leaving her with Taven.

    "Hello again," Kelsie choked out, this time not making eye contact with him as she pulled her binder into her lap to start working on the worksheet.
  4. Taven famous cocky smile forms on his face as Kelesi miserably fails at attempting to talk to him, but alas he was use to this. Blessed with his good looks and added with he "Bad boy" reputation most girls get extremely shy around him. Taven even had a few good laughs when a nerd girl fainted when he said "Hi" to her. Thinking to him self about this girl now infront of him he wonders. I wonder how long her shyness will last. Deciding to try and be nice for once Tavens cocky smile turns that into one of kindness. Speaking in a smooth deep bass toned voice he answers Kelsie. "Its nice to see you as well forgive me but I do not know your name, but I'm sure you know mine.

    His midnight blues eyes then glance over as the teacher walks in then rolling his eyes at the teachers request that all students will have to pair up to do class he mutters under his breath "I would prefer to work alone oh well." The teacher clears her throat and speaks Taven would you so kindly remove your feet from off of my desk. For a few seconds Taven thought about refusing but the words of the principle. You will do as the teachers say, you will do your work as told. you will not back talk nor disobey a teachers request or else your out of here." Sighing Taven removes his feet and sets them on the ground turning his gaze back on to Kelsie. "So then what is the assignment."
  5. "Kelsie," she said quickly, looking at him from the corner of her eyes. "My name is Kelsie." Then she smiled a bit and turned to face him again. "I know you're name." The girl nodded and leaned over his desk. "I don't know a girl in this room who doesn't know who you are." Nodding slightly, she pointed to a couple of the girls in front. "I know for a fact that Ashley wants to have sex with you, and Emily, she thinks you're hot." With that, she gave him a quick smirk then focused back down on the work in front of her.

    For a bit, Kelsie thought she was just going to do the assignment on her own and let Taven copy, that was until he asked what the assignment was. She looked back at him, raising an eyebrow with surprise.He is actually going to do school work? What happened to him? "Uh, right. Well, we have to analyze this poem." A slim finger ran down the left side of the page. "And write the analysis over here." She tapped the right side.

    After that, she worked in almost silence. Every so often she would ask him what he thought a line or two meant, but she didn't ask to gain an answer; she just wanted to hear him talk. It was about 10 minutes before class ended, and the teacher announced that there was going to be group project.

    "Okay, class! I am turning this poetry unit into a group project. The person you are paired with now is your partner. What you're going to do is pick a poem, analyze that poem, identify the theme, and then find pictures that relate to the theme. These pictures can be hand drawn or pictures that you have taken. I don't want any copied from the internet, got it?! Soo, get your partners numbers or whatever so you guys can meet up and work on this. I don't know the due date, but I will tomorrow."

    Kelsie swallowed hard. Give my number to Taven? Spend time with him outside of class? She started wringing her shirt in her hands. Okay, I have to give my number to Taven. Taking a deep breath, she rips out a piece of paper, scrawls her name and number across it then turns and hands it to him. "My dad is like never home so, we could just do it at my house. If you aren't comfortable we that, we can do it at yours."