The Good Die Young

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    Milo Lee was dead. Deader than dead. Super duper dead. How he got to such a state, he didn't really remember, but if the stab wounds were anything to go by, it involved a knife. Now, that would have been dandy and all, but Milo was also a ghost. He guessed that it had something to do with 'unfinished business', but that really didn't explain why he was forced to stay in a flowershop with some idiot owner.

    Which, by the way, he totally blamed the owner for this. It was probably them who killed him. After all, they could see him. That was odd, considering no one else seemed to be able. So, he set out to make their life a living hell. It started out with simple things, like knocking over pots and then winking at the guy. Slowly, though, he got more creative.

    At one point, if he remember correctly, he drowned all the petunias, which were going to be sent to a customer the next day. Another time, he had thrown a pot at a customers head, and, of course, it seemed like the owners fault. Eventually, it became less for revenge(though the motive was still somewhat there) and more for fun. The guy had the funniest looks when Milo messed things up, after all.

    Right now, it was morning. The shop was just opening up, and the man was going through the door. So, Milo being Milo, the ghost knocked a pot onto the guys foot. He winked at him afterwards, grinning widely "Whoops! Sorry. My bad."

    Here's a secret: He wasn't actually sorry. Surprising, isn't it? Milo knew the man also knew he wasn't sorry, but the words were more for effect than anything. He floated out from his position in the shelf-half in it, half above it- and went next to the guy, humming. He was already planning on what to do next.
  2. Gavriil's dream to own a flower shop had finally come true!

    But - If only things could be easy...The poor Russian learned from an early age that for him, things were never handed to him with a red bow and clear instructions. He was going to always have to work hard, hard, hard to get what he wanted - And boy, did this man work his ass off for this store. Worked it until it was flat and taut - Well...Maybe not literally, but you get the idea.

    Thinking that maybe, just MAYBE, Milo would turn down the pranks, the man walked in, humming a soft tune, hoping for the best, but expecting the worse. And what did he get as soon as he walked into the door? A ceramic pot slamming down on his toes.

    With a yelp, the blonde shot backward, holding his foot in between his hands and hissing in pain. "Je-Jesus Christ, Milo! When will you ever stop all of dis? What on Earth have I ever done to deserve dis, huh?" Gavriil rarely, if ever, raised his voice, but he had enough of the apparition's antics - Next thing he knew, the Russian would probably wind up dead on the floor, a shovel lodged in his head.

    "I swear! One of dese days you are going to kill me!"
  3. "Yea, darl'in, thanks for telling the future." He quipped, though he seemed to flinch back a bit at the sudden yelling " 'Sides, you did this to yourself! You come here every morning, don't you? You knew this was coming. Also, daily reminder, you're a horrible person."

    The yelling was a bit surprising, so Milo did admit he was startled. But, that didn't change his attitude toward all of this. He was still going to make sure this guy had a horrible time in his own workplace. Which would sound horrible, but, hello. Milo was killed by him. So, there was that. Milo had a RIGHT to do this. After all, he wasn't actually going to murder the guy, but he could. Eye for an eye! Yet here he was, being a good person and not doing that. Gavriil should be grateful that Milo hadn't stabbed HIM yet, right? Right. So, the ghost would continue to have no issues with this, because he had right, like any other.....creature. He couldn't really say living, there.
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