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~ Premise to the Roleplay ~

We are warriors, mages, artificers, thieves, righteous guardians, freelancers and tyrannical overlords. What brings us together? We ride. Each of us commands a Golem, a construct substantial physical elements bound to a soul by everlasting shackles of magic. Without our Golems, we are nothing. Without us, our Golems are nothing. We have the ability to become one with our Golem, slipping them on like a second skin. When the boundary between you and your Golem ceases to exist, so do your limitations cease to exist. Because of our strange relationship with these constructs --these people-- we have decided to seek out those that have a similar relationship. What shall we do with our combined potential? That much we have yet to discover.

Golems are more than mere servants to our will over them. While they cannot disobey the command of their rider, they have their own will, their own persona and their own needs. A Golem is bound and operated with a human soul and thus must be met with the same respect one would have with a life long companion. That is what they are, even if it were just bestowed upon you, a life long companion.

~ This, our great Mother Land of Laurentia ~

The nation of Laurentia is blessed with vast prosperity. It is the cultural center of the known world, playing host to countless painters, sculpters and artisans of master quality. Laurentian writers reinvented the art of play into the masterworks they are today and with the help of the devices of artificers they mass produced wonderful tomes of deeply insightful and poetic works. It is treated with massive wealth as it's merchants have trade routes spanning all the lands surrounding the nation. As long as an item has any sort of physical or magical value, it will likely turn up in a Laurentian trader's pocket before it ages into the ether. Laurentia is also a nation that constantly innovates human lifestyle. The wizards, scholars and alchemists of this land manufacture the grandest devices in human civilization. These constructs are commonly used to heighten Man's way of life, where art is used to glorify Man's way of life and wealth to empower Man's way of life. All to the betterment of the already great nation of Laurentia.

The Three States of Florens

If Laurentia is the center of the world, then the city of Jaquen would be the center of Laurentia. The city is made famous by it's dazzling glass spires that stretch to the clouds themselves, the tallest of which is the Obsidian Tower that is made of the volcanic glass of the same name. Among the tallest towers are enchanted crystal bridges that form below your feet as you step onto them and take you to any of the other tallest towers. Even the smallest towers on the outer edges of the city where the commonfolk live, towers that are made of stone and bark, have such bridges, though these are merely wooden and of mundane design. Throughout the city and dotting the sky all around are flying machines of many different shapes, sizes and methods of lift. From the great blimp galleons to the nimble tri-planes, the city is the playground of flying men. The one that sits in the seat of power and at the very top of the Obsidian Tower is Arthur Gunwald, a man appointed into the executive position by the city's elected officials that are named 'the Red Council'. Among the notable names in Jaquen are the Artificer's Guild, a group of technologically inclined alchemists and wizards who have no leader, Alexandre de Hoste, the man that leads a den of highly organized thieves that commonly take to the night skies and steal without bloodshed, Treice the Bear, a beast of a woman who leads the city's police force in her Brass Golem suit of armor, and Timothy Yarnac, the greatest alchemist in the nation and Dean to the local College for Astounding Young Tinkerers.

Nestled by the Sea of Drakes in the northeast is the city of Vellorae. The city is set atop a lake suspended a thousand feet above ground in a giant bowl of marble. The buildings are founded on stone islands scattered across the lake and form expertly sculpted canals that are decorated in colorful mosaics. Across the edges of Vellorae are four steady waterfalls. Two of these waterfalls flow down and two flow up. These falls, one of each held on either side of the city, form the boat lifts that grant them their ability to trade at the rate that they do. The rivers that flow to and from these lifts are gentle yet swift and it is this design that makes Vellorae the merchant city of Laurentia. In this city, the most ruthless and wealthy of merchants are held as host. As such, the democracy of Vellorae has elected the Trade King himself, Vincent Papovilis, as their governor. As the city of the highest wealth, it is also the city of the highest poverty. At the feet of the elevating rivers, hidden by the shadow of the city above, is a deep, dark slum. The people here came to Vellorae from many different places, some far and wide, to try and drink from the same golden chalice as the trade princes in the lake town above. Down here is cesspit of crime, hunger and broken dreams. Though the lucky few that work their way closer and closer to the Watery Gates, crawling their way to the top, eventually become the richest of those that once trotted on their hopes of success. The famous residents of Vellorae are Thomm the Pietous, a saintly druid that brings fruit and healing to slums, Ser Kenshice Hoff, a rich man with a voracious appetite for food, drink and women who has made harassing slummers a favorite pastime, the Nightraven, a masked woman in a black feathered cloak that steals valuables for the benefit of the slums, and Duchess Rose Valenca, a charitable old woman that is held in very high standing in Velloran government.

The state of Grecol is a place overflowing with art and culture. It does not have strict borders, class based districts or a closed-minded sensibility, though it still has a love of money in order to preserve these ideals. The structures of the city are not themed like it's sisters of Florens but are instead many, varied and awe inspiring. Every building, even the cobblestone box that houses the poorest of residents, is treated as a unique work of art in its crafting. Landmarks of Grecol include the dense cluster of levitating spires that houses the Laurentian Council of Wizards, the grand Cathedral of Tiloh that boasts the most illustrious glowglass windows in the world and the Statue of Straum, an immense marble and porcelain Golem that was constructed as both a town guardian and the hall of the Grecol Republic. Within the head of the Statue of Straum is Rebec Levisi, an ancient woman who has tirelessly served to bolster the city's ability to create. Some Greccians of fame are Jaco Wulff, a world-renowned bard of magical inclination who has started a revolution in musical theory and understanding, Yaivette the Archwitch, an acclaimed alchemist who took the occultic school of alchemy to a greater height by taking elements of the chemical and astrological, and the Pope of Risso, the head prophet to the worshippers of Risso, the god of stone.

~ GM's Notes ~

-First of all, TL;DR for our setting of Laurentia. The nation of Laurentia is heavily inspired by Renaissance Italy. It has three main themes of high prosperity, these being technological advancement, wealth and culture. These are represented by the three greatest cities of Jaquen, Vellorae and Grecol respectively ordered to the three main themes. There are of course little towns and such as well as other nations but those can be written later and probably elsewhere.

-I endorse full player freedom of creativity for this RP. That includes your race, what your Golem is built from, your alignment (evil dude in a room full of pallies is actually really fun to play), whatever is totally free. If it is completely unreasonable, comes to the detriment of another player or makes no sense then I'll veto it but I'm willing to be lenient.

-The setting and the plot are both left vague. This is because I feel both feel more alive if they are formed organically. So if you want to add to the worldbuilding or have an idea for the plot then share. The whole RP is available for collaboration (also, collaborative efforts and posts are well appreciated as well).

-The level of writing here can be fairly adaptable but the general range should be Adept for this one. Walls of text are not expected, just at least (meaning the very least) a paragraph and good quality to your posts.

-The OP here is probably not the best so I will be making continual changes to it throughout the RP. So... WIP... Keep it in mind and don't crucify me please ^~^

~ Rules ~

#1: Keep to the Iwaku ruleset please. You should know them by now. If not, go find 'em, it's a good read. Useful information.
#2: As mentioned above, Adept-ish posting. I don't know why that's above as well... Too lazy to delete. Not too lazy to talk about it. Logic at work.
#3: If you have trouble with anything in the RP then PM me. Maybe there isn't enough content and you're having difficulty posting, maybe you have an issue something I wrote. Please don't have an issue with that last one. I'll be nice. Want a cookie?
#4: Please play nice with us. Talk a bit in OOC so we know you're alive, grow a friendly work place with the other players, do a little collaboration, find someone you fancy, start dating, pop the question, have children, grow old and... Okay I trailed off there.

#5: After making a character sheet, send it to me over PM for review. After review, I'll put it in this post for you. No jokes at the end of this one... Nope...
#6: UnseenShade is my Co-GM. Say hi to him. He's having a sad day, I think he needs an internet hug.

~ Character Sheet ~

Player Name: (Your username is in sheet because Rule #5)
Name: (Parentheses)
Age: (Parentheses)
Race: (Whatever you want)
Appearance: (Photos and/or descriptions of decent quality are allowed)

Personality: (Can be described in a few words if you feel like figuring it out mid-RP)
Class: (Your occupation described briefly)
Golem Name: (Parentheses)
Golem Appearance: (Go crazy with this one, the Golems are the cool part here anyway. Golems can be made with any material, even ones that make no sense to make them out of)
Golem Personality: (Same as above, just keep in mind that Golems aren't automatically robotic)
Method of Movement: (Chose ONE between land, water, underground and air movement. Any Golem can walk normally)
Background: (Shared background page for both characters. The main thing here is how the relationship came about. The rest can either be written here or left to be determined mid-RP)
Miscellaneous: (I don't personally ever use this one but it should probably be here anyway. Feel free to delete it if you have nothing to put in it)
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I shall defer to the freedom of creativity clause. As long as you can fit in it then it works. And I think you know just about what size will be considered Mary Sue-ing. Could maybe make some adjustments so the golem is the size of a standard marionette, if you wanna get freaky up in here.
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Now you ruined my idea. ;~;
I wanted to play my fungus. ><

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Fungus was also my idea, tyvm
Also not sure how I ruined your idea >_>

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So you want us to pm you our character sheets?
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