The golden party.

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  1. (Takes place in the 1920s)

    Charles entered the loud, roaring underground room. The music was a loud jazz, the drinks were illegal and definitely stronger and the people glimmering and young.
    The bar was set with glitz, silver and colorful drinks that were passed out to bootleggers and flappers.
    "Charles! There you are!" Daisy yelled with joy as she saw me. Oh daisy, my younger sister always joyful and loud. He passed me a clear martini and slipped it to my mouth.
    "Here drink this," she said. I smiled and did. A man can up to me and smiled as daisy came to his side. " hey, aren't you the man who fancies other men?" He laughed. I continued to drink more and ignore the mass and flapper girls.
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  2. Soul was sat at he bar, drink in hand. Every thing around him was bright, loud... And slightly blurry, that was probably because he had drank too much... The strongest drinks the bar served to be precise. He rubbed his eyes and finished off his current drink, dropping the cup on the floor. he jumped a little and nearly fell of his chair as he heard the loud smash.
  3. Charles rushed to his side, helping the poor man get up. " sir, are you okay?" He laughed, while Daisy beckoned him to dance with her, he obliged.
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