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    Hello fellow Iwakuians. I was formerly seeking roleplays on but the harder I tried, the less quality I found. So here I am! On a website specifically designed FOR roleplaying and roleplayers. So far I have found much success but I do feel as if I could take on one or two more roleplays.

    You can call me Finch, or by my real name, Shanelle. Both are rather easy to remember.

    I am looking for a roleplay partner who is patient but also long term. I have two jobs and school to work around so I cannot post every single day although I can guarantee a post every 2 to 3 days.

    I expect my roleplay partner to follow english grammar guidelines with little spelling errors (nobody's perfect - especially myself when it comes to spelling.) and a grasp of writing styles and full complete paragraphs. Please, please, no one liners. There is always something to elaborate on. Although I do understand writers block, it happens. Either way, let's work it out together. (:

    Pairings/General plots are in the next post! Make suggestions??

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  2. ***Absofuckinglutely
    **I'm down!
    *Eh, maybe later.

    The Legend of Korra/Avatar The Last Airbender***
    AsamiXIroh II


    Treasure Planet/Pirates/Sky Pirates***

    SarahXJareth "Years Later..."

    An ASPCA officer is scratched by a mysterious cat and her life changes immediately. (Catwoman X OC)*

    Country Girl meets City Boy or Country Boy meets City Girl**

    Post-Apocalyptic, The Walking Dead, Revolution**

    Tomb Raider (Next Generation?)**
    Lara Croft, after her adventures, finally settled down and had a daughter. To her dismay, her daughter did not share her love of archaic mysteries. But she encourages her adventure driven granddaughter to discover the world, even if she has to take a few risks along the way, no matter what her timid mother has to say about it.

    Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden***

    The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi***

    Pay it Forward StrangerxStranger by Catherine Ryan Hyde***
    They told her she was crazy for helping a man like him – but she felt like it was the right thing to do after she had received great good from another. Now, she had only two more people to help and pass the good deed along.

    Winter’s Tale (Film Adaptation)*

    The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis**

    Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling (Next Generation) ***

    Heavenly Sword **
    A Goddess never truly dies...
    NarikoX OC

    Little Red Riding Hood***
    After the death of her grandmother, Little Red seeks revenge. She calls upon her only friend to help her take on the big bad wolf living in the woods. However, upon her time in the woods, she realizes that not only does the have the wolf to worry about. The forest is full of dark, dangerous creatures hidden in the shadows. Alas, there are good creatures too. Although humans generally do not survive long there, Little Red defies all expectations.

    Alice in Wonderland***
    Long after Alice’s adventures in wonderland, the world turned dark. Alice has become a middle aged woman, a housewife, and mother to a young girl. However, as her daughter begins complaining of strange dreams, Alice began to worry. She had long since put her strange adventures in wonderland to bed – but her daughter’s dream’s likeliness strikes a chord in her. One day, her daughter Malia disappears. Lost in the darkness of grief, Alice falls into a depression. She awakens one day to a curious White Rabbit standing in her doorway. “Miss Alice… Y-you must come with me. Or else, or else Malia will not escape Wonderland!” However, this was not the White Rabbit Alice knew but a taller, younger rabbit and the great grandson of Alice’s rabbit. However, he is only a messenger rabbit – for The Queen of Hearts has sent for Alice.

    Anything Disney***

    Make a suggestion~
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