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  1. Intro

    "The Golden Age, That's what the new generation of superheroes deem it. We just called it the 40's, The first boom of Superheroes(and Villains) appeared around that time. The boom was World wide but mostly in America, The cultural melting pot. The spike in superpowered individuals was sometime at the beginning of the world war 2. I remember hearing about the terrifying things that came to light once the fighting was over. The Nazi War Machines, Super Soldiers, Death Camps and other atrocities committed by the Axis forces. America its self isn't excluded from these atrocities sadly, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, A means to a end. It was a different time back then, No cellphones, internet or video games the kids seem to love so much. It was a simple time even with men that could fly and rip metal apart like card board with there bare hands. Now I won't lie to you, At that point in time in America had it's social problems, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and more. Society wasn't so accepted back then, People were excepted to stay in there place. This was the Golden Age, The push that was needed to make a change."


    (Real or Realistic Art only.)

    (Full Name.)

    (Superhero Name and nicknames.)



    (You may include Ethnicity as well.)


    (1 Paragraph at least. Try to include strongly held views of your character.)


    (Limited to 3 and Include if your powers are Magical, Technological or Biological.)



    (At least 2 Paragraphs and Include how you obtain your powers.)


    Geld City is where this story will start from. This city is the most technologically advance city in America. Do not be surprised of seeing out of placed like AC, Colored TV and other such minor things like robots. Geld is a very affluent city shown throughout the city, With that said Geld of course has it's slums. The Slums can range to Poor, broke down and completely horrendous as if these people never left the depression. This city has many farms and small town on route to it. This city is located east coast of America and has it's own bay with boat from all around the world docked in it. Geld is located in NC, North Carolina.

    1. Don't be a jerk, Just at least try.
    2. Decent grammar skills
    3. No one-liners please or two,three or fours. All I ask is a paragraph if you're lazy.
    4. You are limited to the number of character you can handle.
    5. 5.Be prepared for topics such as Racism, Segregation, Sexism and Homophobia and other related topics of discrimination.
    6. I am God GM and can add rules and change them as I please.
    7. Have fun, We're Superheroes!

    The Setting
    07/01/1948 on a Wednesday​

    • Veronica Fox, 30 yo. (Vixen) - Illusions, Superhuman Senses/Reflexes.
    • Earl Maxson, 17 yo. (Sonorous) - Sound Control.
    • Ivy Little, 28 yo. (Alley Cat) - Shadow Camouflage & Manipulation.
    • Harry Himura, 30 yo. (The Setting Sun) - Our Friendly Neighborhood Ninja Samurai Batman.
    • CarnelIan Douglass, 20 yo. (Black Flag) - Magic/Technology Abilities.
    • Emilie Sabra Jameson, 16 yo. (Tarot) - Cartokinesis, Cartomancy.
    • Witticism "Wit" Tenant (Gone Girl) - Luck, Ice generation/Temperature control, Intimidation.
    • Scott Stone "Lucas Well" (Aeros) - Flight, Enhance Reflexes.
    • Adalberto Serpico, 29 yo. (Poison Prince) - Poison Body, Breath, Immunity.
    • Sadie Rosemary, 23 yo. (Fire Ice) - Fire Manipulation/Resistance, Telepath.
    • Nathaniel Stone, 20 yo. (Siphon) - Power Absorption, Flight.
    • Thomas Frey, 24 yo. (The Chameleon) - Atom Control, Invisibility, Stealth.
    • Holly Mason, 20 yo. (The Silver Dragon) - Siren/Mermaid: Sonar Skills, Water Manipulation, Xenolinquist.
    • Elaine Michaelis, 22 yo. (Switchblade) - Energy Blast, Phasing, Technopathy.
    • Leone Kyvak, 32 yo. (Kot) - Aggression, Feline Adaptation & Skills.
    • Dashiell Vincent, 21 yo. (Silver Witch) - Telekinesis, Lucid Manipulation, Energy Burst.
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  2. (Hero/Neutral Informant)


    Veronica Fox

    (The) Vixen





    A well-known social butterfly, she's Geld's guilty pleasure with her mockingly sweet demeanor and saucy wit. She's open-minded and a good listener, absorbing whatever people tell her about themselves, which makes her more endearing and sincere. She's truly caring but only of a select number of people and to others, she's guarded by an unreadable flirtatious expression and sometimes the ice-cold sarcasm dripping off her smile. A quiet feminist, she has a habit of shaming sexists remarks. She can be quite frank but is also secretive, specially about her past. Likewise, she doesn't trust others to be truthful most of the time. She keeps grudges but hardly acts on them.

    music, jazz, theater, paintings, Oriental artefacts and antiques

    unusual men

    Illusion (Magical) If her sword is close, she can create powerful illusions that fool all the senses, but at a time limit.
    Superhuman Senses (Biological) She can see, smell and hear the way foxes can.
    Superhuman Reflexes (Biological) She can run and evade quickly but she's not faster than a speeding bullet or something.

    tracking, singing, acting, dancing, modelling, surviving in the wild

    kogitsunemaru (Little Fox) - a mythical sword
    she's not the best at wielding it, but it's her power source

    Once an innocent but endlessly curious daughter of an antique shop owner, Lina Tanger loved playing pretend and locking up in her fantasy worlds. Her widower father had plenty of antiques from the East and these were her absolute favorite, often sneaking into his stockroom to play with the less delicate pieces. Without him knowing, she unboxed a beautiful sword and accidentally cut her finger on it. A silver nine-tailed fox spirit then entered her being, infusing her with attributes and powers from the god Inari. Her shyness faded and she became mischievous and precocious, traits of the spirit that resides in her.
    She was barely legal when her father died, and she took to performing to get herself meals and shelter. Using the name Veronica Fox and a fake age, she started at a jazz club and later moved to bolder performances at a cabaret club. She was then offered a pin-up modelling contract. Her name isn't quite big outside of Geld but she continues to sing and dance but now, places and events have to book her through "Rex Caofino".

    While she doesn't actively initiate missions, she's the go-to informant of superheroes in Geld. If her assistance is requested, she gladly helps. Leaving the fights to the more powerful individuals, she's looking for a master who can teach her how to use her sword and be able to help in a different way.
    She's not the most intelligent by textbook definition, but she's very cunning and witty. She tries to learn from everyone. However, she pretends to be just another clueless bombshell around civilians. Only her superhero friends know what she's really capable of.
    She uses her "Rex V Caofino" persona when meeting clients for the first time at her office.

    Rex V. Caofino (open)
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  3. I would love to join. This is absolutely fantastic. Let me brainstorm.
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  4. You can play a civilian or villain if you would like. There is no agency, this is based on the early days of superheroes.
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  5. I'd like to inquire? What is the year exactly? Is it flat 1940? It's just to base the birth year. :3

    EDIT: And how many chara are we allowed to make, just to get it out there.
  6. Check the first post all your question can be answered there. Check the rules for character limits.
    Role is unknown, Elaine isn't sure if she'd be accepted as a hero or a villain


    Elaine Scott Michaelis


    (22 years)


    English, European


    Elaine is and always has been paranoid, due to her powers and her moderate lack of control often times, she's always worried that she will be caught and persecuted for her differences. She has a bitter attitude towards most strangers due to past encounters and a lack of social skills. She is, however in contrast, very confident when answering questions or defending her views in an argument, she can be very willful and stubborn about things if she's determined enough to be victorious. She is rather sharp-tongued when it comes to making witty comebacks or defending herself verbally. Elaine is also quite strategic and open-minded to suggestions when it comes to planning things out or just going headfirst into something. She's loyal to a fault, and will never betray someone close to her and will stand up for them when in doubt or in danger.

    Figuring out what happened to her family, and what happened to herself,
    destroying the operation that ruined her.

    Energy Blasts: The ability to project a burst of energy from the body and into the surrounding area for a certain distance, like detonating a small bomb of energy, and if one is too close, it has lethal capabilities. This is a biological power.
    Phasing: The ability to Quantum Tunnel through solid matter, or, simply put, to pass through solid objects entirely. This is a biological power.
    Technopathy: Ability to manipulate technology. Allows physical interaction with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows for mental interface with computer databases and digital information collection. This is a technological power implant.

    Elaine has a tactical advantage over many, she's exceptionally well with explosives, guns, knives, and strategic invasion.

    Elaine carries a pistol strapped to her hip at all times, for emergencies, and she has an implant (will learn of it's origins below) that allows her Technopathy. She also near constantly has a switchblade on both wrists. Hence her alias.

    Elaine has no memory of her family, as for her childhood, she sometimes catches hazy glimpse of a cell, people in lab coats, bright lights obstructing her vision. She only has bits and pieces of her life put together from the point she was fourteen. She knows that she was at one point an experimental subject in an occult operation, hidden from the government. She had been born with strange inhuman flaws, and she only remembers the day she escaped. She had been given an implant, but luckily nothing to track her, and this implant gave her Technopathy. It has been at attempt at the first artificial superpower, and it had failed several times until at last it succeeded But there had never been a chance to further experiment because Elaine had broken free of her cell one night and run as far away as she could. From that day, she had built up a life for herself, living on her own and often moving from city to city, only just recently getting a semi-permanent abode to reside within. She keeps it off the grid though, for the most part, doing her best not to expose her "flaws" although sometimes she can't hide them and she scares everyone away. Causing her to be viewed as a criminal, hence the frequent moving prior to. She tries to stay away from big crowds, in case she has an "episode", and she has yet to be exposed in this city, hopefully it'll stay that way.
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  8. Hero

    (No mask just the goggles. He uses a scarf to hide the lower portions of his face.)
    Earl Duke Maxson




    African-American (Negro)




    Earl has been described by his friends as trustworthy and unwavering in his ways with a serious but lax demeanor. He's loyal and always ready to take and hit for one and give even more out. He is angry, Arrogant and overly zealous thanks to said arrogance. Some see Earl as am ruffian, others would say otherwise. He defends the defenseless, No one's abusing anyone if he's around. He's is not quick to judge but is easy to tick off. He might tell you to shut up or become rude. He will just get unruly if you belittle or push him over the edge. He is an accepting person but will ask questions when he finds out personal things about people that he doesn't understand, He'll ask questions.


    Music and playing it, It turns out Earl is quite talented. He enjoys playing Jazz and some blues on the saxophone. His grandmother also forced his to learn the piano when he was younger and is skilled in that too. He likes playing sport and listening to games on the radio. He just like any form of entertainment. He's also a fan of his sleeping. If he is able he's in bed all day til the evening. Also, beautiful Women.

    He can manipulate and generate sound waves to harm others and to support himself. He can attack using intensified sound waves he can emit from his hands, legs and mouth(Extremely powerful) knocking someone back. He can mute sound in a small radius and increase it as well. He can change the sound of his voice to mimic anything he chooses. He can ride sound waves to accelerate himself appearing to have super speed. He can also use his powers as a sonar allowing him to scan his surroundings. These are all biological abilities stemming from Alien mutation.


    Earl is a skilled fighter who practices the art of street fighting where anything goes. He has picked up boxing from his uncle who showed him the basics. The rest was learned on the spot in actual brawls.


    Gloves with lead knuckles to make his punches harder.
    Lightweight body armor made from scratch worn under his costume.​


    Earl was born to two average human parents. They had always tried to do right by him, Even when the Family moved North during the Great Migration to the very affluent city of Geld before his birth. In Geld his Father worked as Trashman and his Mother a maid for the upper-class citizens of Geld. Earl was a decent student but his attitude and his Hero Complex had got him in trouble way too often. This resulted in him being on suspension most of his younger years. Earl would spend his time reading comic and listing to the radio during those suspensions. His Grandmother saw the free time he had and had him start learning the Piano along with other children at her church. Church is an important thing in the Maxson family but as Earl grew lost interest in it.

    As Earl grew older he learned to appreciate music and stayed out of trouble in school. He still was getting into fights but manage to wait until school ended to scrap. Earl at the time stopped playing the piano and switched to the Saxophone and was learning Jazz against his Grandmother wishes. He had picked up this interest from his neighbor who happen to play in a band. He quickly became quite talented in Jazz music within a short time, Comparable to his teacher. When he was 15 his Grandmother died of natural causes. This left Earl depressed for awhile, He never let go of it and carries this pain still. This is when he officially stop going to church and reading his bible.

    Earl started to play Jazz at nightclubs to take his mind off more depression things. He was too young to play at the club so he just would say he was 18 to be allowed to play. Not many asked for proof, His skill on the Saxophone was the only proof needed. This gig earned him money and a few ladies here and there. One day when the club was closing up two armed men rushed into the club and tried to rob it. The only people still around was the band and the owner. Earl's teacher tried to stop the men but instead was shot in the chest. The band then ran out the door but Earl rushed to his teacher not caring for his safety. He tried to stop the bleeding but failed and his teacher died in his hands. As his tears ran down his face he let out a deafening scream at the robber knocking them across the room and deafening them. The only person who saw it was the club owner who had kept his mouth shut about it ever since. When the cops came in incompassionate criminals were tied up and picked up by the police.

    After this Earl started to learn how to manifest this power at will, Learning a number of tricks as well. He used his anger from his mentor's death as motivation to fight crime. He wasn't going let a thing like that ever happen again, not if he had something to say about it. The origin of Earl's power is somewhat unbelievable. He doesn't even know the origins of them. When Earl's was about 5 years old he was abducted by Alien where they performed experiments on him. The experiments gave him the ability to manifest superhuman abilities along with a chip implanted in his brain for some unknown but possibly nefarious reason. These beings had been regularly visiting Earl since then and erasing his memory of each visit. He has been suffering from nightmare occasionally of these visits.

    Earl is an Atheist but keeps this to himself.​
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  9. I have a feeling Veronica will like Earl quite a lot.
    By the way, @Merlin am I accepted?
  10. You're accepted buddy.
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    Adalberto Serpico
    Alias: "Poison Prince"

    29 [27 September 1918]



    Bisexual; sapiosexual

    Adalberto is to put it in one word; suave. He's charming, confident, and elegant. He appears to be gallant and noble to strangers, but that's merely a mask he wears to avoid getting attached. He's more likely to be witty and sharp tongued when he's with someone he genuinely likes, in some backhand way of them keeping away from him. He's got weird morals that involves never harming a child, can kill a woman but nothing else and men are horrible creatures, therefore free reign. He keeps a cool look on his face even when he's really shocked or surprised, but inwardly, he's screaming like everybody else. He's quite mischievous and sometimes, it can get out of hand. He may have debatable morals, but he's really sweet with kids, sometimes even putting himself on the line for them. Often though, Adalberto is just bored and creates chaos just not to be bored.

    Smart and Intelligent women/men
    Helping children
    Watching a Fight

    Making Mischief/Trouble
    Activities that don't make him bored (like fighting superheroes!)

    Poison Body (Biological) -He can turn any part of his body poisonous, including his blood & saliva. His hair, for some odd reason, refuses to become poison. His blood is known to melt through solid items if he consciously turns it into poison. Though he is literally poison, his poison can be ranged from fatal to non-fatal. He now knows how to control the "level" of poison. He can kill, temporarily incapacitate, cripple them or torture with this ability.
    Poison Breath (Biological) -He recently discovered that if he turned his saliva/blood in his lungs/mouth, he can excrete it as poisonous gas. He doesn't use it often as it leaves a strange after taste in his mouth, and well, it damages his lungs.
    Poison Immunity (Biological) -Since he can make any part of him poisonous, it makes sense that's basically immune to poison.

    Mark Shooter
    Skilled Silver Tongue (not literal, mind you) aka Charismatic Talker
    Chemistry and Biology

    Money Savvy
    Able to hold his liquor (the poison in his body manages to dilute the effects, but this doesn't mean he can't get drunk, it just means he needs a barrel of it before he even close to it)
    ^This includes his resistance to most drugs, include the ones for pain and the ones used to incapacitate

    Good at evasion; incredible good senses/gut-feeling
    Hand-to-hand combat

    Hidden Daggers
    Sunglasses and a hankerchief

    Adalberto was born into a small mafia clan named Serpico in Palermo that mostly consisted of beautiful one-time assassins called Poison Princess. They were women who from birth to adulthood were fed poison, dressed in poison and lived in poison to have poisonous bodies then sent to kill a target and not survive themselves, they were basically suicide assassins. His mother was one of the children, but for some reason, she grew immune to poison and was normal, not poisonous in the least. The clan then decided to see if her child would be immune to poisons too. A rival mafia (The Vicenti), who did not appreciate their cruelty to their children, attacked them and saved all the children that they could. One of those children was Adalberto.

    It wasn't until he was five that the clan that took him in noticed that the people he didn't like ended up sick. It wasn't long after that they discovered that he was becoming as poisonous as the women in his clan and seemed to have slight control over it. Along side Adalberto's restless mischievous energy that seemed to find an outlet in the strangest ways, they soon grew tired of it. Desperate, they did not want to continue cleaning up after him. They decided to make him aware of the mafia and began to train him to become an asset. There, he excelled.

    But as small old clans go, it was strange to see them survive this long without adapting. Desperate to stay afloat in the crime world, he was sent to the America's to see if the Land of the Free had potential business ventures and if they are able to setup their own network in the city of Geld. So, off Adalberto went to America. He doesn't really have much motivation, except stay alive, don't get bored and keep the orphanage safe and running. Alongside attempting to keep the superheroes away from his clan operation or just mess with the heroes for fun, he does what he's told...most of the time.

    Adalberto funded an orphanage in Messina run by kind nuns in the town he was raised.
    He's been wanting to keep a cat, except they don't seem to like him very much.
    The colourful bead bracelets he wears are from the kids in the orphanage and are very much protective of them and if they are damaged during a fight, he will keep a grudge.
    Also, Adalberto is a villain mostly because he's in the mafia. But his primary objective in Geld is to create a network and ensure the Tenura; the plantation, they had setup would stay afloat. And yes, the plantation is legal and grows Tobacco and just recently, grapes.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Leone Kyvak

    Kot, Leo, L'venok

    32 Years Old




    Leone is a very quiet man who holds some critical judgements about privately funded research. Most of his sharp thoughts go unspoken, though he typically lacks a good poker face. He is generally a very serious person, but sarcasm is his third language. He is always cautious of people the first few times he sees them, though his hesitancy is a bit justified. He knows that he is a hunted man, after all. Making friends is an incredibly dangerous thing when you're being hunted. He has a very calculated way of going about his day. Everything has it's time and place. He gets a bit upset when his plans don't work. He is very laid back and patient when things are going his way, since he's the one in control.

    Alcoholic beverages, anatomy, animals, instrumental music, beating up deserving people.

    All of Leone's abilities are biological.
    All-Out Aggression - Leone's instincts to fight are finely tuned, much like a predatory cat. He fights to the death if he's winning, but if he's losing he will find a way to escape the fight.
    Fall of a Lifetime - Leone will always land on his feet, and his body has adapted to absorb the shock of a deadly fall and survive by channeling the downwards momentum forwards.
    Feline Adaptation - The morphing of his nails into claws is a tough subject for him, as controlling it is a very difficult thing. His senses are somewhat heightened, especially his night time vision. His balance is also on par with a cat.

    Wire Tapping
    - One of the first things he learned in the military.
    Hacking - Learned along with wire tapping in the military.
    Close Combat - The second thing he learned in the military, enhanced by his abilities.
    Interrogation - One of the tougher subjects taught by the military.
    Fitting In - With his quiet nature, going unnoticed is far too easy. He also received training for infiltration that further advanced this skill.
    Thievery - He picked up this skill once he came to America, gathering useful and essential items in this way.
    Bi-lingual - He speaks both English and Russian.

    Black Cat Body Armor
    - stolen from a private research group, is knife and bullet proof. Does not protect him from swords or higher caliber guns such as sniper rifles.
    Black Cat Mask - stolen from a museum shipping section, doesn't do anything except shield his face from cameras.
    Tactile Belt - bought in cash at a small hunting shop outside Geld City, used to hold small equipment and items that he just happens to pick up.
    Lock Picking Set - a gift from an ex-cop friend, used for obvious reasons.

    Leone grew up at an orphanage in Severodvinsk, Russia. He was always a quiet child, failing to capture the attention of prospective parents. When he was old enough, he left the orphanage. When one leaves the orphanage, they receive their records, and the paper featured above was essentially the only thing there. Unable to find anything about Project Zhivotnoye and the two divisions it spoke of, he instead turned his focus towards learning about Cryo Corp. Unable to get a passport due to the Cold War, the only way that he could get to the USA was by joining the Soviet Army Special Operations Group.

    So he received special training in reconnaissance, infiltration, interrogation, and close combat. He found that he had an innate ability for combat, which was almost suspicious to him considering the paper that fueled this whole quest. Soon he was sent to the most technologically advanced city in America, the one where Cryo Corp. Headquarters is located, Geld City. Once there, he infiltrated Cryo Corp, hacked their poorly protected systems, and discovered the circumstances of his "birth." Security proceeded to chase him up to the top of the building, and when Leone was cornered on the roof, he turned and jumped as per training rules. Never get caught.

    To his surprise, he stuck the landing. He should have been dead. But instead he landed on his feet and his momentum exploded forward in a sprint. During that sprint, he had a few what the fuck moments. Initially, it started off as how am I alive, but after that he noticed that his nails had morphed into sharp claws, and when he got home he noticed that his senses were extremely heightened. Once he gained some control over his abilities, except for the jumping off of buildings part because that was hopefully a once in a lifetime experience, he took up the alias Kot and began to work as an antihero. He cut his ties with the Soviets shortly after that.

    Surprise surprise, now he's being privately hunted by Cryo Corp and mercenaries from the Soviet Union. At least life isn't boring.​
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  13. Hey guys haven't forgot, I'll read through the cs later to night when I'm free. Their looking good at the moment.
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  14. Totally interested in this! I'll start working on my characters but it might take me awhile since I have no clue what to do for them.
  15. This looks really cool! I'll make up a character sheet soon! ^^
  16. Gahhh I love superhero rps too much to pass this up! I'll make a sheet soon!
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  17. [​IMG]

    - Dashiell stands at about 5'5", and weighs 124 lbs. He has a slim build, with soft, chestnut brown eyes and black hair, as well as somewhat pale skin.

    N A M E
    Dashiell "Dashy" Lois Vincent.

    A L I A S
    Silver Witch.

    A G E

    G E N D E R

    R A C E
    Caucasian, French-American.

    S E X U A L I T Y

    P E R S O N A L I T Y
    Dashiell is scared of himself, scared of his powers, and scared of the world around him. Now, he's not useless, and he's not a coward, but the paranoia of what his powers could do to him end up powering over his bravery the majority of the time. Dashiell is very hesitant to use his powers and will do everything he can not to, but once he does, he's a total wild card. Insecure would be a good word to describe him, he's constantly needing the validation and reassurance of those around him. Dashiell is intelligent and clever, he's quick to work out hypothetical problems, and over-think to the point where he feels the need to rip out of his hair to get the thoughts to clear. He's emotional, quick to jump to anger, panic, love, which makes his powers all more dangerous. He's good at heart, but he isn't sure what he wants to fight for. Since he' so emotional, it's not hard for him to manipulated into the wrong side.

    I N T E R E S T S
    - Photography and cameras.
    - Reading and writing.
    - Men who are confident and strong, who make him feel better in his own skin. Any air of confidence attracts Dashiell.
    - Learning more about his abilities in any way possible.

    P O W E R S
    {all powers are magical}
    - Telekinesis; Dashiell has the ability to move inanimate objects with his mind. When doing so, silver mist-like light will entrap the object. He has the ability to move people as well, but moving living objects is a lot harder to do for him, and he has been unable to do so as of now.
    - Lucid Manipulation; This may be one of Dashiell's most feared ability. He is able to manipulate others, but not in the sense of 'you'll do as I say'. He can make people see things, hallucinate, be frozen in a dream-like state as they see their worse fears before their eyes. They freeze in place, but it's like they're sleeping. The stronger the mind of the person, the harder and more draining (although doing this is quite draining already) it is for Dashiell. He can make horrible memories replay in their mind over and over again. But, he has no control over what his powers pluck out from the mind of the victim.
    - Energy Bursts; Like being able to move objects with his mind, he also has the ability to shoot energy out. Almost like a bullet, but with more brute force that could send someone to the basement of a twelve story building if used correctly.

    S K I L L S
    - Tinkering; he likes messing with objects and taking them apart, learning about the mechanics behind it.
    - Writing; he's very good at writing, whether it's journalism, or fictional.
    - Mechanics; he's good with engineering (but unfortunately doesn't like getting his hands dirty).
    - Flexible and quick on his feet.
    - Quick thinker.

    E Q U I P M E N T
    - Whenever he's using his abilities, or under the alias 'Silver Witch', he wears a black hood and a black bandanna around the lower half of his face so that only his eyes are visible.
    - He owns a gun but rarely carries it with him unless he expects he's in immediate danger.

    H I S T O R Y
    Dashiell was born to a single mother in, ironically, Salem. He was completely and utterly unplanned, and having a child as a single mother in these times was like wearing the scarlet letter. His mother was practically a gypsy, and dabbled in fortune telling. You know, crystal ball, 'speak to the dead', read your palm type stuff. It was all fake, but it brought in just enough income to survive. His mother had every type of spooky demonic thing lying around, whether it was some weird book, or a Ouija board. Growing up, he was always teased and bullied for not having a dad, the other kids finding it weird that he never knew who his father was. At some point in his life, he started telling people that his father was dead-- it earned sympathetic reactions rather than disgusted expressions.
    As Dashiell reached his young teen years, his mother's sanity started to slip away. She'd act paranoid like there were people always watching, she'd close curtains, she'd stop accepting business despite it being their only source of income. Dashiell was slowly starving, but his mother wouldn't let him leave the house, she was saying they'd get him too. He didn't understand what she was talking about, but he was too scared to leave her. She was all he had. One night, she had completely lost it. She had taken candles out, mumbling things to herself. She had weird books, weird cards, setting everything up as if she was about to begin a ceremony. She mad Dashiell sit across from her on the table that she would do her readings on. She mumbled weird things, holding his hands. Dashiell was scared, terrified, but he sat there quietly as his mother slowly lost her mind in front of him. As her chanting got louder, Dashiell began to feel weird. Cold. Like the life was getting sucked from his body. He felt painfully cold, and as he pulled away, his mom screamed, and everything went black.
    When he awoke, he was laying on the floor. The windows had shattered, the books were thrown around as if someone had ripped them apart. The candles were burned out, and his mother was laying on the floor, with blood leaking from her nose, mouth, and eyes, a strange symbol drawn on the floor beside her in her own blood. Dashiell had panicked, he didn't know how to explain this to the police, why his mother was dead on the ground. He didn't want to be called a freak for what his mother was doing, so at the age of 14, he packed a bag and ran. He snagged the strange wiccan book from the table, that had the same symbol as the one beside his mother, and that had imprinted on his forehead, in a faint, white mark, like a scar.
    Dashiell now lives in a shitty apartment in the ghettos of the city, trying to make a living while dealing with his freakish powers that he still does not understand.

    O T H E R
    - Holy water, strangely, burns his skin. Being in a church or holy land of any kind makes his skin crawl to the point where he gets physically sick. (No, he's not a vampire).
    - Dashiell's powers are very strong, however, Dashiell has no clue how to use them and most likely never will understand them.
    - Dashiell's powers interact with his emotions, but respond mostly to anger and fear.
    - His powers come into a visible form of a silver mist like light, the mist collecting around his hands and fingers. The mist is a pale blue-silver, and his eyes turn the same color as he uses the ability. When using his manipulation powers, the victim's eyes will turn the same color as well.
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  18. @Shadows You are accepted but fix your Personality, It's needs to be a paragraph not just discriptive words.

    @AshenAngel I love your detail but the only thing that ruins this for me is that the KGB didn't exist in 1948 You'll have to replace them with a different group.

    If you got a like from you are good to go.
  19. Alright, did some changes.
  20. HERO


    Ivy Grace Little

    Alley Cat



    African American (Negro)

    Unsure, possibly bisexual

    (1 Paragraph at least. Try to include strongly held views of your character.)

    Ivy is a voracious reader and always carries at least two books to read during her down time at work. Her best friend often buys her books that she can't aquire herself.
    Ivy has always enjoyed mending clothes simply because she likes knowing that finished product is held together because of her. It's sort of a vain activity really, but she loves it. She hasn't been able to do it much though because of those damn sewing machines.
    Collecting Bottle Caps
    One thing that Ivy always sees while wandering the many alleys of the city is bottle caps. Shiny ones, dulls ones, ones with interesting words printed on them. She's taken to collecting them and now is the proud owner of over 215 caps.
    Window Shopping
    Fashion and material goods aren't necessarily her 'thing', but she enjoys frequenting the outside of shops with her best friend, Katie. They rarely go inside because most shops treat Ivy rudely or they frown upon seeing an white woman hanging out with a black woman.

    Shadow Camouflage - Biologically Induced
    The power to become invisible while in the shadows and travel through shadows.
    Shadow Manipulation - Magical
    The power to use shadows as distractions or attacks.
    It should be known, that she can only use shadows that already exist, so this power is ideally used at night. In the morning, alleys provide some fodder for her power, but not much and her power won't be as strong.

    She wears a black trench coat and worn work boots.

    Most of everybody's heard of the Lovely Bodacious Boadecia. But have you heard of her mousy, and modest sister, Ivy? Of course not. Everyone who has ever walked into the nightclub, Shiver N' Quake, has at least heard a tidbit of Boadecia's powerful and melodious voice. But what those people don't know, is that Boadecia's only talent is lip syncing and the true owner of that addictive and magical voice is her sister Ivy, hidden beneath the stage. Originally, Boadecia and Ivy were supposed to be a dazzling duo.

    When they were younger they performed for their mommy, poppa, aunties and grandma! Boadecia danced and Ivy sang her little heart out. But as they got older and started to gain the attention of even more people, Boadecia glowed and grew with every compliment and Ivy shriveled and shrunk with every unwavering stare. It got so bad that Ivy couldn't bear to sing for anyone except herself, so when their Uncle Vince offered to make them big stars at his nightclub, Ivy immediately refused.

    Boadecia jumped at the chance but nobody wanted just another dancer! They wanted the voice that turned heads, so Uncle Vince and Boadecia hatched up a plan to create a compartment under the stage for Ivy to stand in during shows and sing while Boadecia lip synced and danced. This worked out for awhile, but Ivy began to grow tired of this role. She wanted to do more with her life but because her sister was so popular, she was always trapped under that stage night after night, singing song after song.

    Ivy brought her complaints to her Uncle and was immediately made to feel guilty for wanting more in life. Her uncle accused her of being jealous of her sister's popularity and wanting to sabotage her. The young woman in question was no help either, as she had become spoiled with the admiration of others. So began Ivy descent into despair. The money that the Little family received from Boadecia's performances was more than they had ever had and if Ivy quit her 'job' her family would never forgive her. Plus her Uncle's nightclub was getting attention from even white people, and that was a feat for a black man.

    During the day, Ivy tried to find other jobs that would provide her with just as much money as Boadecia's gig, but was unsuccessful due to the fact that she was just too shy to really speak to anyone. Ivy found herself growing sadder and feeling more helpless by each passing night, until finally she came to her wits end and resolved to kill herself, but before she could, something tragic happened.

    Being a successful black man in the city was a feat. But being a successful black woman? That was playing a dangerous game. Even though Boadecia had the support of most of her community, some people did not enthuse about her small time celebrity status. On February 8th, 1939, Boadecia Suzanne Little was assaulted and murdered by a lynch mob. Ivy was devastated by this news, as was her family and her Uncle Vince, but he was dismayed for another reason. Now that Boadecia was dead, his little nightclub went right back to what it was in the past, a dud. And so he hatched up another plan and tried to force Ivy to overcome her crippling stage fright and sing. Of course, Ivy was unable to do this and her uncle became enraged. Her accused her of being lazy, selfish, a liar and a disgrace to her sister's memory. To make matters worse, her family was suffering financially again and looked to her to provide for them by way of entertainment like her sister. Unable to take on this new task, Ivy disappeared into the night.

    She became homeless vagabond, moving from place to place and hiding her pretty face from men who wanted to do bad things to her. She made money from mending clothes sometimes, but with the rise of sewing machine popularity, her skill wasn't as needed. One night, Ivy met a man named Lawrence Wright, a rich man who owned a white's only club called, Shimmer. He mistook her for her sister and before she could correct him, he offered her a job that was identical to her last, only this time a white woman would be lip syncing her songs. Ivy wanted to refuse, she really wanted to, but she was starving and desperately needed money. So she tossed her dignity to the wind and agreed. This time, she was singing for a woman named Katie Kit, who's stage name was Kitten. The woman was basically seen as a sex symbol and embraced her objectification, but Katie was a kind young lady and she always thanked Ivy after the show. The two became fast friends, which Lawrence didn't quite care for but didn't interfere with for fear that Katie would quit. However the patrons of the club noticed and as they didn't know about Ivy's secret, they did not approve of their beloved Kitten gallivanting around the city with a black girl. So one night, two men followed Ivy into a dark alley with the intention of scaring her out of hanging out with Katie. They backed her into a corner and explicitly described the things they would do to her if she didn't make herself scarce and before anyone could say what was what, Ivy disappeared!

    Well, sort of. The combination of adrenaline and anxiety swirling inside of Ivy, as well as the continuous thought of 'I wish I was invisible right now!' caused some sort of magical occurrence and Ivy melted into the shadows.

    Over the course of the next few days, Ivy continued at her job but used her newfound ability to disappear into the shadows and become untraceable afterwards. And as she developed that skill, she noticed that sometimes, she could make other shadows, do what she wanted. She could make little puppet shows without using her hands or use shadows to distract others into moving away from her. And sometimes...If she really concentrated. She could make the shadows tangible and use them to defend herself. Ivy was awed by these powers that she believed Jesus had bestowed upon her so that she could do the world some good, and so she did.

    The only person who knows about her powers is Katie Kit.​
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