PROMPT The Godly Challenge #2

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  1. In this challenge, you will be provided a picture - of which you must use to create a character. But not just any character...this character must be a god.

    It sounds simple enough, right?

    Before we go any farther, though, here are a few pointers when it comes to making a god. You cannot simply give the character a ton of power with few weaknesses and call it a god. This god must have a duty to the world created around it, whether that duty would be because the god was the creator of the world or if it was created for him or her.

    The name of a god or goddess is powerful. It shapes the world. Some gods can go by many names depending on the people in different areas. But no matter what, every god rules over one thing. You decide what that one thing is.

    The history of a god depicts the history of the world, for without that god or goddess, the world may not even exist. It is imperative that the details are displayed in the history for all to see.

    So, without further adieu, I give you this Challenge's picture!


    You may, of course, change minor details of her appearance, but keep the description close to the picture.

    Approx Age
    Goddess of
    Goddess History

    Add whatever you like to the character sheet. And have fun, of course! XD

    Godly Challenge 1
  2. Name: Kurein
    Approx Age: Over 200 000.

    Appearance: Kurein has pale skin and grey eyes, his hair that reaches past his shoulders is a pale lavender that is almost white, it picks up nearby colours though and can have many different hues depending on the lightning. He is tall, apparing to be over 6'2"with a slender build, an oval face, deepset eyes and dark eyebrows that give contrast to his otherwise pale colouring.
    He likes to dress lavishly with lots of detail and personality, colours like purple, grey, black, blue and gold are his favourites, pearls in similar colours and gold jewellery to finish everything of together with a flowing cape for that extra touches he is so fond of.

    God of: Dreams and Nightmares

    Personality: Kurein is self confident, proud and arrogant with a regal bearing, his intense eyes and knowing smirk that plays across his face only serve to get the point across better. He also has a softer more gentle side where he lets all his usual teasing and annoying remarks fall aside, it isn't so commonly seen however as Kurein preferrs to have fun and be a nuisance to the other Gods and mortals as well. Kurein rarely falters from a challenge and even rarer is him loosing one. He likes being in control and is reluctant to let someone else take the reins but he will bend to his parents will, however much he will sulk and complain about it. Charming and passionate Kurein is a good speaker but also uses that skill to woe women he also knows how to spoil a woman and treat her like a queen.

    Strengths: Kurein have full power over dreams, he can give pleasant dreams and frightening nightmares. But he can also shapeshift and walk on the mortal plan in any shape he wishes. He has a very strong mind and power of will,

    Weaknesses: He is a very competetive person and a sore loser, his arrogance make him blind in some situations as does his pride. As a creator of nightmares there isnt much that scares Kurein, after all he invents fear every night, but he does fear loosing control and being someone's puppet.

    God History: The son of the God of the Moon, change and fear, Arrendou and his first wife Yula, the Goddess of Peace, humility and serenity Kurein was born with the powers of dreams as an answer to the mortlas who craved understanding of their nightly visions. Kurein is a God of the Laor tier meaning he is dependant on mortal belief to continue living, he has always felt very safe however as people will always dream.

    Kurein glided through his life a natural at all he did and a born charmer, he got himself into trouble but then he would easily talk his way out of it as well. Using the powers granted to him through the Zhein he poured dreams and nightmares to the mortals and he also sometimes helped a mortal to understand their dream. On rare occasions he would show himself to a mortal, either in person or in a dream in an effort to help them further.

    He have showed himself to several mortals during the centuries although far from everyone have realsied who they really met, some women have been his lovers and with a human woman named Aleena he has a daughter, Ilirana. With Faruni, a woman of the Yuine he has a son, Kareem. They are long dead now however, and he has had a series of relationships since then and although his current lover is Duraya the Goddess of Music and dancing he has a son together with Chaolen who to this day still despise him for leaving her and is jealous of every new woman Kurein dates fitting with her role as the Goddess of Jealousy, suspicion and envy. His son Neonu is the God of Arrogance and pride.

    Being relatively widely known God Kurein actually has his own cult, the Rhemians. It is an order created by mortals with the ability to move their sould outside their body, they can also steer their dreams almost how they please and rever Kurein highly. Kurein himself likes the attention and the majority of his visits to the mortal realm or personal visions have been bestowed upon a Rhemer. His two mortal lovers were both Rhemers and his mortal children were both high ranking Rhemers due to their natural skill.