EXERCISE The Godly Challenge #1

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  1. Please bear with me, as this is the first challenge I have ever created.

    In this challenge, you will be provided a picture - of which you must use to create a character. But not just any character...this character must be a god.

    It sounds simple enough, right?

    Before we go any farther, though, here are a few pointers when it comes to making a god. You cannot simply give the character a ton of power with few weaknesses and call it a god. This god must have a duty to the world created around it, whether that duty would be because the god was the creator of the world or if it was created for him or her.

    The name of a god or goddess is powerful. It shapes the world. Some gods can go by many names depending on the people in different areas. But no matter what, every god rules over one thing. You decide what that one thing is.

    The history of a god depicts the history of the world, for without that god or goddess, the world may not even exist. It is imperative that the details are displayed in the history for all to see.

    So, without further adieu, I give you this Challenge's picture!


    You may, of course, change minor details of her appearance, but keep the description close to the picture.

    Approx Age
    Goddess of
    Goddess History

    Add whatever you like to the character sheet. And have fun, of course! XD

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  2. Name:
    Shattered Sanity (Shattered)

    Approx Age:
    150, 000 years, thereabouts

    Long, blond hair, glowing gold-green eyes, stands about 5 ft even, skin has a hint of a pearlescent glow at times., hair has a life of its own

    Goddess of:
    The Atlanteans/the Akhenets

    Not quite sane, has some abandonment issues, fun-seeker, a bit of an adventure junkie(aka trouble magnet), has a real issue harming innocents

    She has serious, serious power with the Weave itself being that she is, technically, the Weave. She can see patterns within the Weave that most might miss. Creation.

    Those abandonment issues, again. Others like herself. She has a phobia of the dark. She can not abide the touch of death without getting sick. If she spends too long within the Weave, she is blind for twenty-four hours or longer. She has a major enemy that she refuses to hurt, though he tries to kill her constantly(aka her brother, Auricles).

    Goddess History:
    She is known as the youngest daughter(creation) of The Keeper/The Riven.

    She originally was born as a Merrick in early 1990s, a creation of The Keeper’s sister. Her life was under constant torment, and was used to fuel changes within a race of beings that his sister was playing with. Only, once Carrie, that was her name, was no longer useful, the being that was The Keeper’s sister decided to destroy Carrie completely. She planned to have the eldest of that race devour Carrie’s soul. A soul that began its trek through life as that fuel back in the early 1200s.

    The Keeper Himself, the Creator of two universes, didn’t find that ‘good form.’ Therefore, he took the soul of Carreta, taking her deep within the past as a small seedling. This seedling, he buried within one of his newest creations, the WeaveWalkers. The last of them. Only, it changed this creation, given a broken soul.

    She grew into Shattered Sanity, hounded by the memories of over a hundred past lives that were yet to even happen. That would not happen. Her sanity slipping with every memory that would haunt her dreams. Only, with every slip of that sanity, her power would grow. With every help by her father, the more her own brothers would pull from her. Until finally, her brothers hated her, especially their leader, Auricles.

    Then, she reaches a point in her battles with Auricles that she must act against him. His destruction of Atlantis brings anger within her. She asks the only friend she has, The Ancient, to help her save as many from Atlantis as they can. She takes as many that she can, seeking to save them with The Ancient‘s help.. She takes them, reaching deep within her power, changing the Atlanteans into something far different: the Akhenet race. This race, she builds a home deep within the Earth, known as Agartha.

    Her name among her people, The First. The Ancient becoming known as the Second. Together, they are worshipped as the Both. Her touch bringing life and creation. Her benevolence keeping them all safe within a land untouched by all but their own race. The Second’s followed as the god for the warriors of the Akhenet, The Brotherhood of Warriors.

    For fifty thousand years, she has guided this race, protected them. She has sent fresh blood from Shangri-La there, known as Ssireemi, to bring a sense of renewal to their Akhenet powers. She has brought the elves of Lemuria down into Agartha, founding a new Lemuria. The legends of Agartha are many, and this is where she is goddess. Shamballa, Mu, Teleios, and Lemura. The Akhenets have thrived worshipping the Both. They have known her anger which created a war that tore through their many cities, they have drowned in her tears outside Lemuria in a place forever more known as the Field of Sorrow.

    Shattered has become the goddess that brings magic to the mages of Mu, the healing skills within the Healer‘s Guild, breath to the Fire Margins outside Teleios. She is the Goddess of the Akhenets, bringing the elements to this race that were once Atlantieans and elves.
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  3. (Hopefully I did this right. It's 1:26am but I really wanted to do this challenge before I went to bed. I was seriously inspired by that picture.)


    Known as Aquatica. Her first few names have been lost over the centuries.

    About 550 million years

    Same as the picture

    Goddess of:
    All aquatic animals.

    She is nurturing, emotional and too kind for her own good.

    She has an ability with water in which she can cleanse it of all harmful substances and she controls the tides of the water which in turn controls the temperature of the waters on the planet. She is able to choose which of her children can evolve to be able to live on land and in the water. She can create new life in the waters she calls home.

    She has a tendency to space out and leave her children for long periods of time (Although she does come back to take care of them and help them continue to grow and evolve. She is not able to hurt any of her children no matter how much harm they cause to the environment she helped grow.

    Goddess history:
    She is the daughter of Gaia but no one is quite sure who her father is.

    When she was born she was given instructions by Gaia (or Gaea) on what her duty was to her mother. At first she controlled the tides but then her mother wished for her to create life and so she did. She created all aquatic life on earth but she was often very lonely because her creations were still young. This caused her to run off for centuries at a time looking for companionship and craving time on land to be closer to her mother whom she could only contact on land. However, she would always come running back to her creations to spend time with them and help them grow.

    Once Poseidon came to be she worked with him to continue to look over the sea's creatures. She didn't leave as often once Poseidon appeared because she now had the companionship that she craved. She then started to have relations with Poseidon, hoping that she could make a lifelong companion out of him, but after more goddess' and other creatures appeared he began to slept around. This angered her because she wanted him to love only her. Her anger and grief was so great that it caused her to lose the child growing inside of her.

    Once she found out, the grief was overwhelming and she vowed to never give herself to another again. She begged her mother to help her with her grief and punish Poseidon. Her mother answered her by restricting Poseidon to certain waters which gave Aquatica the chance to move on and avoid Poseidon. She then poured all her love and attention into her creations and came to think of them as her children. It was because of this extra attention that she discovered she could to grant them the ability to be out of the water.

    There were times when some of her children would become harmful to the rest them but she could never bring herself to do anything about it. She protected her other children to the best of her abilities and let her mother Gaia take care of it. Her mother grew tired of having to control her daughters more dangerous creations and so she took away the ability to make any more. This caused Aquatica to become upset but she understood and vowed to love her children that existed even more. Once the 1800's hit things started to change.

    Her home, the waters, started to become dirty and unclean. She did the best she could for her children but when they started dying she went to her mother. Her mother granted her the ability to cleanse the water around her. This helped but she still watched as many of her children died off. Of course, she had seen the death of many of her children by natural disasters but she had a hand in making the creatures that now destroyed her waters and it saddened her.
    To this day she continues to help nurture her children and she grows hopeful of a cleaner future as she sees more and more of the 'humans', as they call themselves, help clean the waters.
  4. ((Oh dear... I do believe that my obsession with astrological study has just been rewakened...))

    ♓ Name ♓

    ♓ Approx Age ♓
    700 Million Years

    ♓ Appearance ♓
    Pisces is a slim, youthful looking woman with flowing golden blonde hair. She stands at around five foot eight inches, considerably short for a Zodiacal god, weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds, respectably. Her eyes are a shining gold with flecks of green and blue throughout, her facial features smooth and relatively flawless. Over her milky white skin, Pisces dons a seagreen, loose, simplistic sun dress that falls down to her ankles, flanking her always bare feet elegantly. She also dons a golden tiara set with moonstones set into it, as well as a brooch win the shape of a fish on it.

    ♓ Goddess Of ♓
    The Innocent

    ♓ Personality ♓
    Pisces is fairly sensitive, and the rest of the Zodiacal Twelve are forced to tread cautiously where she is concerned. Not that they mind this most of the time. For isn't it worth wariness to keep such a kindred, compassionate young princess at their side? Surely! Although she is really more of a follower, Pisces is imaginative, well praised for her unique ideas in times of great need, even if they don't always work. The rest of the Zodiacs regard her as a precious baby sister, quite overprotective of her. She's extremely selfless and sympathetic toward those of her charges (i.e. the innocent). Very vague when she speaks, Pisces makes sure that her words are both applicable and minimalistic, as to prevent potential misunderstandings and hurting the feelings of others. She tends to be extremely secretive when it suits her, an idealistic being who can seem just a bit... in the clouds at times. However, she always comes through in the end, a truely determined, single-minded soul. Pisces enjoys solitude, mystery, and senselessness in healthy quantities, and despises people stating the obvious, and acting the part of a know-it-all.

    ♓ Strengths ♓
    • Imaginative
    • Selfless
    • Thoughtful
    • Loyal
    • Merciful

    ♓ Weaknesses ♓
    • Getting Lost in Her Head
    • Can't Take Critisism
    • Adoration for the Ridiculous
    • Bears No Powers
    • Incompetent in Battle

    ♓ Goddess History ♓
    As one of the Zodiacal Twelve, Pisces was born of a natural process just like her brothers and sisters. She herself sprouted from a clear-watered pond, from where a ray of bright midday sunlight met the water's surface. The last of the Zodiacs to be created by the great Aries over the twelve-day birth of the world, her Elemental Siblings are Cancer and Scorpio, both of which were also birthed of some form of water. She is the origin of all innocence and naivety, often working hand-in-hand with Virgo, the Giver of Life.

    During the Golden Era of the First World, Pisces ruled the land alongside of her fellow Zodiacs. Mothers would bring before her their newborns, and she'd grant them with the gift of innocence, purity, and naivety, that they may learna and grow only when they are ready to do so. It was her duty to protect the innocence of these souls, always having a very special connection with the children of the First World.

    However, the times of peace and prosperity for the Zodiacal Twelve were not to last. The people of the First World grew jealous of their everlasting rulers and rose up against the Zodiacs. As the Zodiacal Twelve had been sworn never to harm those who they created (save Capricorn, the Death Zodiac), they were unable to protect themselves. In a final act of desperation, the Zodiacs ended the First World and swore to never live upon the lands of their creation ever again. Henceforth, they took to a palace between the worlds, a palace that they called the Basillica and gave up their elemental powers, for they no longer had need of them. Pisces was forced to bless children from afar, which broke her heart. Still, she stayed true to her oath and watched her children grow up, loving each one.​
  5. Names: Itrekes, Mihis, pitruis

    Age: Ageless and unknown

    Appearance: Polymorphic whatever it dang well wants to be

    Goddess of weakness and stength

    Personality unknown

    Strengths unknown

    Weaknesses unknown

    Goddess History Unknown

    The god/goddess doesn't do what she does personally she has her followers do the stuff through written messages not giving away her personality strengths or weaknesses.
  6. The writing disappears upon reading people who aren't true followers cannot read it.