The Goddess Power

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  1. The Goddess Power

    This is a story about two goddess's: One of light and the of dark. One fights to protect a mystical power, while the other seeks to use the power to bring chaos to the world.

    The two goddess's fought in a never-ending battle. this battle was fought to contain the power of Fraizar. Frazar is a temple that holds an enclosed door. Behind this door is a gateway to the world of Grensho. The power was said to keep

    Reliya, the Goddess of Light, fought to keep the power safe until the chosen one who was destined to wield this power, awoke and became the destined savior of her world.

    Carina, the Goddess of Darkness, fought to obtain the power for herself so that she could be the most powerful goddess. She sought to bring about the destruction of Reliya's world.

    In the climax of battle, the two goddesses powers scattered, combining with the bodies of two infants.

    A girl, who gained the power of Reliya.

    A boy, who gained the power of Carina.
  2. Oooooh, sounds interesting. XD I haven't ever role played anything like this though.
  3. Someone else had requested it. We're discussing it in a pm now. But I will gladly make up another with you=D