The God War

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  1. Thousands of years ago, beings of tremendous power descended from the heavens. Gods, the humans called them. The Gods brought magic to the humans, and in return, the humans worshiped them. As the years went by, the Gods were begged to rule the humans, begged to bring an end to war with their divine might. The Gods were uninterested, so they made champions, they made the Immortals. The Immortals' bodies reset every four hours, insuring that they would never age a day past the time their endless lives were granted to them. Upon death, they would reset automatically. The Gods were the only ones who could revoke their immortality. Things went well, up until one of the Immortals learned something that through everything into free-fall...The Gods could die.
    This lead to a terrible war, the Immortals trying to insure that they would never die, killed off the Gods. But, with the Power of the Gods gone from this world, humankind fell prey to a terrible plague. The plague killed many, and almost all knowledge of magic was lost. What was left became the foundations of modern science, and magic fell to be something of myth and legend. The Immortals tried to spread the knowledge of magic out once more, but they were too few. Now they live, as they always will, quietly, desperately searching for ways to entertain themselves. Now, it's the modern age, something ancient and evil is stirring. The Elder Gods are awakening, creatures that even the Gods had trouble subduing.

    In laymans terms, this is a Rock/Paper/Scissors deal. Immortals/Elder Gods/Humans with Blood Magic.

    Magic: Something of which few humans posses knowledge of. Humans are capable of using the most powerful type of magic: Blood Magic. Immortals can't bleed, so they lack the ability to use Blood Magic.

    Status: (Immortal, human, or Elder God)
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  2. Can I reserve a spot? I'll post a CS if/when this roleplay gets more interest :P
  3. Sure. Please ask around about it if you can. I'm new to the site, and this is my first time making an Rp here.
  4. Have you made an advertisement yet? This site has a link to a free banner maker, it really helps your roleplays get notice. I've done if for two of my role plays, they really do help.
  5. Can you save a spot? I'd love to be an immortal! And do you have a prefrence for what kind of picture to use for characters? Like, realistic or anime?
  6. I don't have any preference. And I'll makes banner.
  7. I'll post a cs later today.
  8. What sort of powers were you thinking for the Immortals and Eternal gods?
  9. I'm Up to suggestions. The Elder gods should be tough shit, so I'm thinking maybe three at a time, because it will take all the non-EG's to fight them. Immortal's are no more powerful than, say...Cole McGrath, from Infamous.
  10. Name: Her original name was Zero. But she changes it a lot and currently goes by Annabelle or Anna.

    Age: Appears 23, but really she's around 900. She stopped counting.

    Status: Immortal.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Sexuality: Pansexual .

    Skills: Elements (I may make them a little like Avatar elements, since I'm kinda a geek about them. Sorry.) And Hand to hand combat, though she prefers not to fight as much any more, skilled in dark magic. (Ex: Shadow Manipulation, Dream Control, Fear Manifestation.)

    Other: Long ago, when magic was dying off, she cursed her own body so her elemental and dark magic is sealed in one of her eyes which she keeps covered with an eyepatch. that eye, when the eyepatch is removed, is a swirl of the colors representing her elememts. Anna is partially deaf in her left ear from battle.
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  11. I'll accept it when it's done.
  12. I'm waiting for other people to start there CS so I know the type of picture most will use for there characters appearence. XD
  13. No problem,
  14. Zadok, I know you've been busy with Brown, but are you going to put up a bio?
  15. Accepted.
  16. CS:
    Name: Elliot Quiver
    Age: 21
    Status: Human
    Appearance: he looks like this
    Sexuality: straight
    Skills: Pickpocketing. Lockpicking. Causing trouble and pissing people off. A few sword skills. Amateurish blood magic skills
    Other: As an infant, Elliot was found at the doorsteps of an old sorcerer skilled with blood magic. The old sorcerer took care of him and eventually trained him to become his apprentice. But due to old age, the old sorcerer died exactly on the day when Elliot turned 14. Elliot was left alone with no one but himself who could help him. He eventually learned how to survive in the streets with his wits and some of the skills his master taught him. He still hopes that one day he will meet his parents.
  17. CS:
    Name: Mona West
    Age: looks 15 (is actually almost 18)
    Status: Human
    appearance (open)


    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Skills: Basic blood magic, advanced magics (Non-blood magic... More details will be added when we find out about them o.o), charisma, staying unseen, basic martial arts/hand to hand weapons combat
    Other: From a young age, Mona took a great interest in both the arts of magic and self defense, though she was naturally charismatic, she had always feared being attacked despite that, often preferring to remain out of the general publics view in order to minimize such possibilities. She's been studying, taking lessons, and teaching herself various forms of magic, even some basic blood magic skills (which she's stll working on), and during the times she wasn't practicing magical arts, she's successfully managed to learn basic martial arts, and how to fight with close ranged weapons with a help of a mentor she'd eventually found to help hone her skills... She's yet to learn how to fire a gun yet (mostly because she doesn't have the time to get a license).
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  18. Keep in mind guys that there are probably only like, two dozen people per continent who are both mortal and magically able. The knowledge of magic was lost during the Dark Ages. As far as how magic works, it's like Eragon mixed with Naruto. There are vocal components to spells, as well as some movement ones. Most importantly, it takes effort to use magic repeatedly, similar to fighting normally. Sure, anyone can throw a punch, but only the best could throw a hundred punches without losing quality.
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