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    Long ago all kinds of gods and goddesses ruled in their respective areas and eras. Worshiped, hated, loved and feared they were. But their eras came to an end, and they died eventually.
    Hundreds upon thousands of years later (depending on what age they used to live in) they were reborn into the bodies of ordinary humans, in the 21st century. They lived and breathed, were raised and experienced life as any other human that lived by their side, never knowing they were special.

    Unbeknownst to them they are soon to wake up from their peaceful lives. This has a cause, a reason that they could never have anticipated. The gods they once were friends or foes with are starting to vanish, for good. As long as they don’t remember their past life, all is well. It's once they awaken, that is when the ‘fun’ starts.

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    Carefully Chloe waded through the large mass of people. "Pardon me, sorry. Excuse me." She said, repeating herself over and over with every twist and turn she had to make in order to get to her destination. Behind her Chloe tugged on an immensely large suitcase. Or well, it was of normal size, it just seemed large next to her.
    Not that the golden blonde was really small, she just was kind of petite compared to normal girls.

    Three times Chloe almost tripped over someone's luggage, two times over some fellow's large feet, and four times almost being knocked over by someone else's backpack. This really wasn't her day. And she could use a glass of water right about now.
    She had a bottle of water in her backpack, but that was about it, and she didn't have time to pull it out at the moment, having to get to the group. And right now she had a feeling she had sight on the place they had to come together.

    Chloe had just gotten off of a plane and was about to partake in her three week vacation in Florence, Italy. It would be her first actual vacation, and what's more, her first actual trip anywhere without her mother present. Right, why was that a good idea again?
    Upon reaching her final destination point Chloe took a breather. "Chloe, Thantus." The bus driver standing there, smoking his cigarette, looked at the brown eyed girl with raised eyebrows. "Is this the bus to the Miracle Hotel?"
    The man nodded. Thank goodness, for once she wasn't at the wrong stop. The bus driver took her suitcase from her and helped her on board the bus with it. Quietly, avoiding people for no particular reason, Chloe sat down near the front of the bus waiting till they would head over to the hotel.​
  2. "Excuse me, sir? You can't sleep here, you'll have to go outside." A woman spoke in a thick Sicilian accent.

    The young man she had spoken to, assuming he was just another vagrant, started from his sleep in the plush armchair of the hotels reception, weakly crying out with a, "Wha...fu...huh?" It was undignified at best, and downright odd at its worst. Still, the blonde teen did not think much of it, was only annoyed that his little power nap had been interrupted. "Actually, I'm a guest." He smiled as best he could, much to the obvious astonishment of the poor receptionist. She seemed to have been about to protest when he so deftly flashed his room key lazily.

    Needless to say, the woman left abruptly, leaving William alone with his thoughts. Such thoughts were not entirely happy, the tall man reminiscing on the nagging that had resulted him baking in this uncomfortably warm weather. His father had a business trip, and for some reason his mother had taken it upon herself to send the men of the family on a road trip across Europe, ending up with dumping poor old William in some group holiday that he had absolutely no interest in. He'd be getting the train back, seeing the sights from the rail. How bloody fun.

    Reluctantly, William stood from his seat, stretching languidly as he did so, blearily heading out to the hazy street that awaited. He wondered when the rest of the party would arrive, and if they were going to have to do some team bonding with each other. Just the thought of it made him shudder. Even so, William brushed his messy hair out of his eyes, scratching his beard briefly before taking it upon himself to wait out the front for the people he was apparently meant to spend some time with, in order to 'broaden his horizons.'

    Once outside, he lit up a cigarette, muttering to himself about how awful his life was. He didn't want to be here, he was slowly destroying himself with nicotine, and he missed his damn cat. All in all, he was not having a good day.
  3. Soren

    Trudging down the sidewalk, Soren kept rubbing her wrist through the fabric of her sweater. It was a habit that she couldn't quite remember where she had picked up. She had a small backpack thrown across her right shoulder, causing her oversized black sweater to slide down her left shoulder. Behind her she dragged a metal rolling suitcase that was battered and dented, with many stickers plastered all over it. As always, her bright red/pink mix of hair and many tattoos gave off an air of standoffish mystery. Which she didn't really do much to negate. Her oversized sweater bunched around her waist, where a black seatbelt style belt with bottlecaps on it rested atop ripped and faded blue skinny jeans.

    As her army boots padded against the sidewalk she hummed the tune of an obscure rock song. Of all the cities she could have been in right now, she was in Florence. Italy! She'd almost started squealing when the producer of her radio show had handed her the ticket for her plane ride. Almost. She'd been sent to attend an international rock convention. She'd be attending concerts, acquiring music and merchandise, and networking to bring more revenue to her show. It was a big deal. And the first actual big event she'd ever gone to. She wasn't used to this type of treatment. She'd struggled to find the job that had even landed her here in the first place.

    Shaking her head she looked down at the piece of paper in her hand that held the address of her hotel and directions on how to get there. She was so engrossed in the paper she almost didn't bumped into a boy smoking a cigarette outside what appeared to be the hotel she'd be staying at.
    "Ah... Excuse me." She glanced longingly at the cigarette in his hand. God how she needed one. But first thing was first she'd have to check into the hotel.



    The tiny girl that sat in a cafe, reading a mystery novel didn't attract much attention. Strangely enough though, the girl seemed to be oblivious to that fact. Perhaps she didn't even care. One would never know by the calm aura she exuded. The girl puffed a lock of mousy brown hair out of her eyes as she turned the pages of her book. Despite the calm facade Raye permeated, there was something of an undercurrent of excitement running through her body. An outside wouldn't even notice, but the way her eyes sparkled and seemed to change colors meant that she was practically living in her book at the moment.

    Raye didn't get this excited about much. But when it came to the books she loved so much, she could get quite worked up. The cafe she sat in was one of her favorites here in Florence. She hadn't lived in this town long, but it already felt like her home. Before Florence, she had lived in Spain. And before that, France. Raye's parents loved traveling almost as much as they loved their books. Her parents living philosophy was simple: Travel and sell books. That was all they did.

    Her father used to say that every town, no matter how tiny, always needed another book shop. So naturally, Raye had lived a great many places for still being a teenager. She didn't really care much though. As long as she always had new material to read and paper to write on, she was happy.

    Pausing to mark the page she'd been on with a blue mermaid bookmark, she looked up. Today really was a beautiful day. Sometimes it was hard for her to even notice when days like today came and went. She loved reading, but socializing wasn't really her thing. She was much better with thinking words, than speaking them out loud. Her parents tried to encourage her to make friends in every town or city they'd lived in. Raye never realy did, though. When she tried she just made a mess of things. One or two times she'd even been bullied by children bigger and meaner than the meek girl.

    It was no matter though. Raye had her books, and that's all she needed. Resting her chin in her hand, she gazed down the street and zoned out. Engrossed in the daydreams that flitted through her books and into her head.
  4. (sorry for the upcoming small post, this is to ensure the next person's post to work ;))

    It didn't take all that long, surprisingly, to go from the airport to the hotel. The bus, tiny as it was, held about 7 people in total. It went by a few other hotels first, dropping various people off at their locations till she was the last one on that route. Strange, she would have figured that it would be that everyone went to that hotel she was going to, but on the other hand, it made sense for the hotels to combine bus rides in order to save some money.
    When they arrived Chloe thanked the driver and left a tip in the designated basket. Staggering her way out of the bus, half tripping over her own suitcase as she went, she finally made her way onto the pavement that lead up to entrance of the grand building. Well, grand to her point of view. What do you expect from a girl that barely ever left her home town. Taking a breath she looked up to the bright blue free sky before making her way to the doors.

    College was everything Alexander had expected it to be. Challenging, educational, and even entertaining. But he never expected it to be "fun". Actually, anything with the word "fun" did not fit into his idea of college. So when his college "friends" urged and poked and demanded that he join them on a trip to Italy, he was flabbergasted. He had said no, told them he was sorry he couldn't go and he hoped that they had the most enjoyable time on their trip. Granted, the whole conversation had taken place in his head and he had unconsciously nodded and agreed to join them. But once they arrived he quickly found out the real reason he had been invited: he was the translator.

    He was used to people using his skills for themselves, but he never thought it would go this far.
    Oh well, he thought. It was too late to complain, really. Not like he would, though. When he told his family about the trip, his grandmother had snatched the phone from his father and went off on a tangent in Italian about how her little nipote had to go to Italian and visit their old hometown in Sicily. Alexander related back to his nonna that he would make his way to Sicily and travel to their hometown of Tusa. In return for that, his grandmother and grandfather helped him with funding for the trip. It was an extremely generous gift, which he didn't deny in the least. He knew his grandparents wanted him to see where they had lived and raised his father. His mother's parents had long since been gone. It was the least he could do for them while they were still alive.

    Now he stood in the hotel the group was staying at; the Miracle Hotel. He stared at the fountain which stood in the lobby, mindlessly zoning out. He knew that they were going on a tour soon. Where, he didn't know, he hadn't paid that much attention. Florence was a nice city, despite the fact that traveling to the European country hadn't been his idea. But, there was plenty to learn. And for once, he'd be able to buy books in Italian, from authors that had different views on science and astronomy, without having to pay for shipping if he purchased them on eBay. In his mind, he was thinking about all the different things he could explore and learn more about in Italy. But around him, he knew nothing of what was going on. He hadn't even realized when he had begun to have a vision. It was of a small girl, with golden hair. He didn't noticed much about her really, except her suitcase which looked rather large next to her. Then, before he knew it she had knocked into him and the vision ended. They were normally quick and sometimes confusing, but he was used to it. What he was more used to was the fact that they seemed to appear at random. And it normally happened shortly after seeing it.

    "Alex! Hey let's go, we're gonna miss the bus," one of the girls from his group called to him from the hotel entrance before jogging back out. When he turned around to leave he noticed a man leaving, but didn't pay too much attention to him, nor did he pay attention to most others in the lobby. He looked back at the fountain one more time before pushing his glasses up on his nose and heading out the revolving door.

    Then, just as planned, a figure knocked into him. Looking down, he noticed it was the small girl from his vision. He didn't pay too much attention to her, though, just the fact that she was almost half his height.

    "Sorry," he mumbled out as he moved around her and headed for the old bus that his group was on, waiting for him. He looked back at the hotel one more time before getting onto the bus to go on whatever unadventurous thing the others had planned.
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  6. "The Miracle Hotel, it looks lovely~!" Alegra smiled to herself as she stared up at the magnificent building, "What an excellent place to, ah... explore the fields of love."

    She giggled before shortly adjusting her hair and make up. With a figure as beautiful as hers, it hardly mattered, but she wanted to look absolutely perfect before she tried to pick up any men. When she finished, Alegra strolled toward the hotel's entrance in the most seductive manner, swaying her hips as she walked. She was fully aware of the load of eyes staring down her gorgeous body, she enjoyed every minute of it and flirted with any man fortunate enough to cross her path.

    There was a particularly unhappy fellow smoking a cigarette by the entrance. Alegra stopped her stroll and decided to toy with him for a moment, "Hey sexy~ Why so down? This is really such a lovely place, I'm sure. I'll tell you what, if you're still in a poor mood later, come and find me," she moved her finger across his chest to emphasize her invitation, "I'm certain I can cheer you up," and then she was off before he could respond.
  7. Ayla stood looking at the building before her. The Miracle Hotel is where she’d be staying for the next few weeks. She had been asking for months and her father finally let her go as a gift for graduating a year early. It was getting dark and she shivered as a breeze of cool air hit her naked arms. She grabbed her army green duffel that her father let her have and slung in over her shoulder. As she walked to the entrance, she spotted a spider sitting on the shoulder of a guy who was smoking. She flicked it off him and stepped on it. “ I hate spiders.” she said as she walked in the hotel not waiting for his response. Once inside the warm hotel, Ayla passed a fountain and stood behind two other girls and waited for the receptionist.
  8. LUKAS

    Not a lot had changed since Lukas had left high school. He still was rather lax, enjoyed his naps, and on the occasion that he could, he'd pull pranks for the mere humor in it. Most people annoyed him, yet he kept himself busy with "friends". His life was had it normally been. What had changed though was the amount of time he spent working. He'd managed to get a job at 15 and since he had been saving. And after high school he spent more and more time putting in hours, saving as much as he could. Every time his mother had asked, he said it was for the future. He didn't exactly lie to her. So when she saw the plane tickets destined to Italy, she practically fainted.

    From childhood, all Lukas remembered was how much his mother wanted to see the foreign country. And after all she had ever did for him, it was the least he could do. Plus, secretly, he wanted to go.

    "It's gorgeous," she whispered as she stared out their large bay hotel window. Lukas was still having jet lag and lounged on the couch with his hand over his eyes as his mother excitedly explored their hotel room. Swiftly, the woman moved from the window to the private balcony they had. She opened the door, stepped outside and laughed as she looked down at the ground. "Lovely!" As Lukas felt himself drifting off into sleep, he smiled at his mother's childish reaction to their new surroundings.

    "Mom," he muttered as loud as he could. "I think... I think I'm going to get some sleep, okay?" he said, his words beginning to slur. He wasn't sure if he was making any sense or if she heard a word he said. All he knew was that he was damn well tired from the long plane ride, which he had refused to sleep during. The last thing he heard before slipping under unconsciousness was the sound of wind gently brushing past his ear.
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  9. Hades

    Rob, now know as Vince, had recently arrived to the city, he was given a house and enough money to start a new life by his former employers. But that money was just to get started, buy what he would need for the first times, it was not supposed to last forever, so, he was also given a bogus, meaningless, administrative job at the Miracle Hotel, he was supposed to spend about 6 hours a day on his office pretending to work, when the true is that he had people to delegate all the work, plus he could eat at the Hotel restaurant for free. It would be a good life for any person, but he found it all so very dull, due to his past and unique personality he lusted for violence and death.
    He never got used to the dress code, needed by everyone that worked in the hotel, he was wearing a simple black tshirt, dark greyish jeans and black sporty casual shoes, he had his long hair in loose pony tail and was not used to the heat yet, so he was a bit sweaty, he had gone out for a walk and was returning to the office, he passed through the entrance all where he paid little attention to the others...


    Radburn, Rad for short, had been walking for a long time, he'd be very tired if he wasn't used to it. He carried backpack with some basics, clothes, some food... he was wearing a while tank top and dark, long shorts with a cammo pattern, he hand a dark red hoody zipper sweater around his waist and was holding a water bottle in his right hand. He passed by the hotel "this looks like a nice place" he thought and entered the hotel.
    He went to the reception desk and explained his travel project to the man at the reception, asking if there's a vacant room he could stay, the receptionist was declining that saying that he didn't had enough authority to do anything like that, Rad grabbed his iPhone and connected to WiFi to show his blog where his "adventures" were described with text pictures and youtube videos.
    The receptionist claimed he really didn't have enough authority and called out Vince who was passing by...

    Vince came by and asked what was going on, he was actually surprised he'd do anything work related, Rab showed him the blog on the iPhone "Let me have a look!" Vince asked grabbing the device "This is actually interesting..." he handed the device to the receptionist "Can you record with that?" he asked and the receptionist nodded "Ok, Mr Walker, I have a deal for you! Fight me right here, so you scratch from your list! And if you win you can have a a room!"
    Rab looked Vince top to toe and dropped his backup while drinking the last of his water "Cool!" he said smiling assuming a fight stance.

    "Look, it's a foreigner!"

    "Do you think he's American?"

    "He has such light hair, he must be. That or he's English!"

    Opening his eyes to the on-going conversation, Jacques gave the onlookers a smile.

    "Bonjour, mademoiselles," Jacques said to the two Italian women who had been chattering away while he napped. They had been speaking in hushed Italian words, but Jacques was able to make out what they were saying. Travelling as often as he had, he had immersed himself so much in the cultures around his home country that he learned bits of the other languages. The women let out little gasps at his light French words and quickly returned him with a smile.

    "Must not know English," one woman said to her friend.

    "That and he probably doesn't understand Italian either," the friend commented. Jacques listened to them, picking up on the words he knew and piecing together the words he didn't.

    "My Italian is poor. Not good. But learning," he said in Italian back to the two women, giving them a cheerful smile. "However, I do speak English," he added, shocking the two. He chatted with them for a time, merely asking where the best places to visit were, where he could find some work and possibly the best places he could stay. Even though his appearance told them he wasn't much of a "modern" person and his Italian was rough and broken, the women still helped him by talking in their native language and giving him advice on where to go. After their chat, the two lovely ladies left Jacques to return to his nap. When the Frenchman woke again, the sun high in the sky and making his already tanned skin too warm. Getting his ruffled self up, he grabbed his bag and set off towards some direction. He had only just arrived in Florence and still didn't know his way around, but that's what he really enjoyed. He noticed tourists in groups and the fast paced lifestyle of the native born Italians. But at his continued to walk and walk, he noticed a hotel that seemed... Different, so to say, from the others. It had a rather uncreative name too, but Jacques wasn't one to judge.

    "Miracle Hôtel..." he said to himself before heading towards the building. He smiled to all those he past; a man smoking a cigarette, a girl flirting with him, a confused child with luggage too big for her. When he entered in through the double doors he knew immediately that this was a hotel tourists stayed in. It was beautiful, glistening and overall just interesting. It wasn't his sort of place, but any place with such a strange name as the Miracle Hotel was bound to be a place for him.

    After a moment of marveling, he made his way to the check-in desk. A woman was working there and gave him a friendly smile before ask,

    "Welcome, how can I help you?" in English. Jacques then asked if he could please speak with the manager. A small glimpse of fear crossed over the woman's face before she said of course, picked up her phone and dialed the manager on duty. The Frenchman then moved out of the way, letting others talk to the woman at the desk as he waited patiently. When he met the manager he asked if there was any work he could do. He explained simply that he was a nomad, just looking for work to feed him for a bit before he went off somewhere. The man laughed at him, simply for his choice word. But after some talking with, the man agreed. Jacques was to help the maids and kitchen staff when they became short-handed. In return, he could stay in a room and would be paid a small wage for food. He thanks the man who then led him up to his room, handed him his key, and told him he would start working in the evening.

    Upon opening the room, he quickly made for the bed. Laying down, he closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep until work later.
  11. F a w n

    It was all a bit dull. Watching the scenery whip past as the rental car drove down the paved road. The street was dull. The people were dull. The sky and the clouds. The same as all the other sky and clouds from America. One would be excited to be on a vacation in Italy, except this young girl gazing melancholic out the window was just simply not amused. She was dressed in nothing really eye catching or impressionable, much like her own existence. She was simply there, a ghost taking up space. A soft, almost silent sigh escaped off the girls pale pink lips as she rested her chin into the palm of her hand and her elbow propped on the side of her car door.

    "Hey, are we there yet!?" A childish, and excited voice rang out from next to her. It was her impatient yet endearing friend Ana that she had convinced her parents to bring with them on the trip. Though it seemed the friend was not improving her mood much.

    "Almost there Ana, we'll be arriving in around five minutes." A man, whom was driving the car, told her while never removing his eyes from the road in front of him. Eventually, the plain, brunette haired girl staring out the window just tuned the others out as the continued an unimportant discussion. She thought of home, where it was comfortable and never changing. Though her thoughts were disturbed as a noise from the back ground started grabbing her attention. Someone was calling her name.

    "Fawn. Helloooo. Oi Fawn!" Ana shouted acting out in ways of fancy to attain the girls attention. Fawn, shifting her pale grey hues over to meet her friend's green eyes she smiled softly. Ana looked a bit irritated, she always wore her heart on her sleeve much unlike her friend Fawn. "Gosh Fawn. Dazed much? Come on girl, cheer up and talk to me! What do you think this grand Miracle Hotel is going to be like. I hear they have just about everything." Ana giggled softly.

    "O-oh? Well....I don't know. I guess the pool would be nice. Hm..." Fawn fell silent once again as images of herself tanning on a pool chair with an apple frappe in hand. Ah, yes, that was certainly something to smile about. As these images floated around in her mind, a small genuine smile replaced Fawn's usual stoic expression. Ana began speaking again in a frantic talkative manner, but Fawn was already gone lost with in her own imagination. She's sitting there in the sun with her drink, watching the others play and relax along with her. A cute boy walking by and giving her a playful flirtatious smirk. Of course when the boy finally entered the day-dream Fawn immediately slapped her cheeks and shook her head. Her brunette hair, bangs and all swung about as she she twisted her head from side to side. "Uwah, that's embarrassing!" She groans out loud feeling the heat on her cheeks from the blood rushing to them and give her flesh a normal shade of pink.

    "Hahaha Fawn's day dreaming about boys again!" Ana laughed as she began to poke Fawn teasingly.

    "B-boys!? My little girl will have non of that nonsense!" Fawn's father, the driver, scoffs in a hushed tone.

    "Guuuuys." Fawn continued to groan as she sunk lowly into her seat wanting to become invisible again.

    Eventually the small family and friend found the hotel's parking and parked their rental car. It was a navy blue Nissan van, which was perfect for storing all their bags, suitcases, and themselves. They spent a good ten minutes unloading the car, and taking their belongings into the grand foyer of the hotel. There a bellhop greeted them, and began pulling their luggage unto a cart. Fawn did not really seam to interested in anyone else around the hotel at the moment, but she did notice a bus that was parked out front. She wondered briefly what it was for, and how long the bus would stay there. Was it for a tour? Maybe she could the others to go with her. Averting her gaze from the bus, Fawn began adjusting her brown locks and fixing her bob while her parents signed them in. They already had rented their rooms online, so all they had to do was sign in and acquire their keys. Ana and Fawn were staying in one room, while her parents were staying in another. She leaned against the desk sighing again as she surveyed the crowd, finally interested in people watching.
  12. Felicita
    Helena Grace, whose real name was hidden from all around her save for a small hand full of people that knew her name was Felicita Aros, smiled as she walked through the hallway. Today was her birthday, not that it meant all that much, but it had gotten her in a more chipper mood than otherwise.
    That was, till suddenly the world around her darkened. A high pitched tone overcame her, nearly deafening her, along with strange sounds in the background.
    Around her lights of candles, fires, figures balled up on the ground before her, everything was blurry, slowly becoming sharper, more clear. Nostalgia welled up from within her. It was

    Rudely Felicita was awakened from whatever had just engulfed her as she heard a loud clamor that dragged her back. Disoriented she searched for the origin, till she noticed one of the staff, Vince, about to strike up a fistfight with one of the people in the hall. Who had died and made him the bouncer? The feelings of a moment ago quickly fading to forgetfulness.
    Before doing anything directly Felicita went to one of the receptionists and inquired about the situation. The lady explained what the brawls fellow's goal was, and that Vince had decided to take it upon himself to complete one of the goals on the other man's list, 'Get in a fist fight with a local'.
    Great just her luck.
    She grabbed a wet rag off of the cleaner's cart and threw it at the two boys.
    "Enough!" Called the tall woman. "You do not have permission to go and fight here, you are disturbing other visitors." She told them both.
    "And you," she said, pointing at Vince, "you should know better. First of all we're supposed to be peaceful here, secondly, you are not considered local as you just moved here, so he still wouldn't be able to finish his goal, and he is not the first person to come in here, and be allowed to work in return for bedding and a meal." She turned to the other guy. "You are welcome to stay here if you create no trouble, in return for work. Not for fights."
    With that she ushered the two men out of the hallway.

    Getting to the door was a little more of a challenge than Chloe had figured it would be.
    Not because of stairs, or whatever, but because she had to make sure not to bump into anyone.
    Of course as her luck goes, one of the people standing by the door said something to someone else, which caught her attention, making her forget to look forward, and, she slammed right into a very tall person. Tall compared to her that is.
    "I'm sorry, I'm so incredibly sorry!" She said when the man before her also apologized and went his way towards a bus.
    Well that was embarrassing. At least she hadn't fallen right onto her bum. Wouldn't be the first time that happened. The only thing that had toppled was her suitcase. So she reached out and got it back right side up.

    At last she was inside, and took in the pretty decorations and detailing as best as she could. A few people had passed her when she had been standing there, fixing her bag.
    Checking in went smoother than she had initially thought, and before she knew it she had opened up the door to her room for the time being. She wasn't sure why, but now it finally felt like her adventure was truly beginning.

    Darkness shrouded the figures dressed in darker robes. A hiss came forth as two eyes shot up, glowing.
    "Found you." Hissed one of the figures. The others soon chiming in in a strange, almost laughter way before dispersing.
  13. Ayle grabbed her room key from the receptionist and walked up the stairs. On her way up she passed a rather small girl that was having trouble with her luggage. She decided to just find her room. Walking up a couple flights of stairs and down a hall she was at her room.
    She walked in, threw her bag on the ground, and flopped on the bed. She was happy her dad finally let her come here and she wondered what was to happen during her time here.
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