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Would you participate and do you already have an idea as what kind of god?

  1. No, not really

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  2. Yes, but no idea as what mythology

  3. Yes, already know who but I'm keeping it a secret for now

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  4. Yes, and I know who I want, I'll comment below

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  1. Long ago all kinds of gods and goddesses ruled in their respective areas and eras. Worshiped, hated, loved and feared they were. But their eras came to an end, and they died eventually.
    Hundreds upon thousands of years later (depending on what age they used to live in) they were reborn into the bodies of ordinary humans. They lived and breathed, were raised and experienced life as any other human that lived by their side, never knowing they were special.

    Unbeknownst to them they are soon to wake up from their peaceful lives. This has a cause, a reason that they could never have anticipated. The gods they once were friends or foes with are starting to vanish, for good. As long as they don’t remember their past life, all is well. It's once they awaken, that is when the ‘fun’ starts.

    (No currently active religions. Meaning no characters such as Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Amaterasu, etc. Only dead mythologies.)

    Is this something people would be interested in participating in? (if so, I call dibs on Persephone)

    Alright! The Sign Up thread is up. You're welcome to head over there to make a character!
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  2. Oh wow! Love mythology. I'm game. :)
  3. Yay! I'd say welcome on board, but we haven't set sail yet XD Sure hope more people will be interested in this concept.
  4. If not would you feel okay with playing multiple characters? Because it's a great idea.
  5. Oh I don't mind playing multiple. I have another goddess that I want to play but if someone beats me to it to have such a character I wouldn't mind throwing her out and doing something else entirely.
  6. I'm interested in the topic so once you get everything situated please let me know! I feel like playing the reincarnation of the goddess of discord would be fun.
  7. I'd love too! I'd probably play one of the Egyptian goddesses or possibly a Greek One. Maybe even Atargatis/Ataratheh who is a Syrian goddess
  8. How wonderful to hear of a bit more interest :) I might go and start this thing some time this weekend then.
    And for the record, yes, you can have as many characters as you can actively work with.
    Oh Vio, which mythology's goddess of discord? Just curious :)
  9. I decided I'm gonna stick with an Egyptian goddess since there's so many cool ones to choose from. n.n
  10. I am so down for this, I want a Greek god/goddess. Probably Aphrodite.
  11. Awesome, I'll try and get a sign up thing with a bit more of the plot up and running when I can :D
  12. Sure you can, I'll have to start a sign up thread first though, but you're more than welcome to participate :)
  13. To be absolutely honest… I have no idea where to place this RP. Under what category and stuff…
  14. I'd say modern fantasy
  15. I was thinking the greek goddess, but I am going to look up the other culture versions of the goddess and see what I come up with.
  16. I think I may join. Probably will be either a Norse or Greek god. But, I'll look around.
  17. Modern Fantasy, yeah that's so far been my thinking too. Hopefully I'll get the sign up part up before sun up.

    And Vio, cool, yeah there are a few other god/desses out there that like to create issues, so I'll be looking forward to what you come up with.

    Verin, sure, you're more than welcome to join in, as I just said, I hope to have character sheets and all that jazz up as soon as I can get it done.
  18. I'm really excited about this :D
  19. Need to wait for a reply of a friend, she was part in the original creation of this RP so I need her blessing before I implement certain things. If I don't get hr blessing, well I have another way to go, so either way the RP will be done :D
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