The God and the Giant

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  1. The Golden Obelisk. Many a wise man in the city of Kul would call this whorehouse a "wretched hive of scum and villainy", if they would follow their own advice against it. But no, this great brothel in the city square is enjoyed by all; in fact, even women and children venture within its walls, albeit more to enjoy the drink and food (for the Obelisk is also a well-stocked tavern, perhaps the most well-stocked in the whole city) than to enjoy the company. Its doors are always open, and most travelers passing through the city find it impossible not to stop over.

    It is evening. Most of the streets and homes of the city are lit only by meek torch or candle light, a murky and dull orange that, in its warmth, highlights the night's shadow. But the Obelisk has had many rich and generous patrons: its halls are lit not by this dull orange, but by a rich yellow shine spreading from its gilded walls and ornaments. And so, there is only morning within the mother-of-brothels, akin to the golden shine of the sun's light crashing upon the rocky barrens that surround the city.

    Somber songs and moans of pleasure also fill the air within its halls, as its many patrons calmly enjoy themselves with drink, food, camaraderie, and sex. Many, but not all - at the corner booths of its great hall, shadow and silence hug the air, attracting joyless people who desire discretion for their musings and meetings.

    Belonging to these secretive folk is a certain Mathay: a bulky, fur-clad ranger, with skin as pale as the mountain snows, hair as golden as the many trappings of the
    Obelisk, and eyes as blue as the seas by the Argent. He is seated in the north-west corner booth of the Obelisk's central chamber, letting the sharp silhouette of the booth's frames hide his hard-featured face. The two sapphire glints that are his eyes are all that can be seen of him, two eyes that seem focused yet restless, ever-shifting, as if they were acting in suspicion.

    He was, in fact, searching for a certain kind of company, as his blue eyes observed, with swift care, every detail of the Obelisk's patrons. Two long hours of this brooding passed, before he found his marks: six able-bodied fellows, each uniquely skilled in some adventurer's art, while acting with due caution and honesty.

    Suddenly, a lively, redheaded rogue, through some ecstatically (and drunkenly) presented oration, coerces the residents of the chamber to erupt into a joyous dance. In this raucous mood, the Mathay makes his move, stirring for a series of clandestine encounters. The shadows of the dancing crowd hide him from the morning light, and the loud noises of the celebration conceal his footsteps from the keenest ears, until, at last, he reaches his first mark....



    In Summary Name -
    Gender -
    Age -

    Appearance - Use a picture.
    Background - All characters must come from the Northlands.
    Character Race - The only playable race is Human.
    Character Class - The playable classes are Warrior, Thief, Woodsman, Physician, Miner, and Sorcerer. No characters may be more than one class, and no two characters may have the same class, except for Harkilion and one other member of the party.
    In Detail Name - The naming convention in the Northlands is simple. People generally have three names: a clan name, which is the name identifying a person's extended family or the noble family the person serves; a family name, which is the name identifying a person's nuclear family (usually, this is patronymic (eg Harkilion Ulavsson, Maela Ulavsdoghter), though in cases where the father is unknown, either the mother's name (Ulav Maelasson) or a generic "bastard name" is used (Ulav Gaurspur); females are sometimes mandated to change this to the name of their husbands (Maela Ulavsweif)); and a personal name.

    Gender - In terms of sex, there is no such thing as "equal opportunity" in the Northlands. For the most part, women in the Northlands are treated as inferior to men in almost every way; only the dwarves of Corrock, the tribes of the Giantswaste, and certain provinces in Mathay consider women as equal to men.

    Age - The humans of Erda can generally live until about a hundred and twenty years of age, though such a thing is rare; most people live until about fifty or sixty years of age, if they even manage to reach adulthood at all (infant and child mortality is high in Erda, especially in the Northlands, where the land is harsh, and good medicine is rare).

    Appearance - [A picture will do, preferably one set in a fantastical tone.]

    Background - [This adventure is set in the Northlands, a region far to the north of the rest of civilization in Erda. All the player characters must hail from this region.]

    Character Race - Only the humans remain steadfast in their dominion over the world [hence why they're the only playable race]. The dwarves of Erda, short and ugly creatures with a penchant for greed and excessive caution, are all retreating deeper and deeper into their vast mines; the elves, tall and beautiful creatures of immense wisdom and light, are all passively fading away. Even the gods themselves pull away from the world, just as the giants before them after the Gigantomachy, with most gods electing to retire in their home within the heavens instead of meddling actively in worldly affairs, as they commonly did in the distant past.

    Character Class - [There are six classes to choose from. Each character may only choose one class, and no classes may be claimed by more than one character (except for the Woodsman class, which should duplicate between Harkilion and one other party member) The classes are:

    The Warrior: The group's strategist, guardian, and armorer, specially trained in the arts of war. The best warriors come from Calabria, a mild and temperate country in the southern part of the Northlands, noted for being the region's flower of chivalry; although the nomadic tribes of the Giantswaste (the vast, rocky grassland surrounding the city of Kul, and separating the Argent to the east from Mathay and Calabria to the west) are also known to spawn good warriors.

    The Thief: The master burglar, very capable in the arts of stealth, acrobatics, and illusion. Thieves don't look much different from the common folk; their skills rely on nothing but their wit, speed, and training. The best thieves come from the Argent, the long coastal nation in the southeastern part of the Northlands, wherein trade between the region and the rest of the world is facilitated.

    The Physician: The group's healer and alchemist. A lot of people throughout the Northlands have skills in healing, but only physicians have the real skill and education to treat more complicated afflictions like arrow wounds or the plague. Professional physicians learn their trade either by joining a monastery or enrolling in a university; most of them are male, though some females, through skill, perseverance, and good connections, have also joined the trade.

    The Woodsman: The wilderness survivalist, skilled in roaming and surviving the many wildernesses of the Northlands. Mathay, the nation dominating the northern part of the Northlands, is known for its wild and savage landscape of harsh tundras and sinister taigas; the best woodsmen often hail from there, though Calabria, with its many restrictions on hunting, also have plenty of skilled rangers.

    The Miner: The counterpart of the woodsman in the subterranean wilderness. A 'miner' in this sense is more a kinsman to dwarves than a regular gatherer of minerals, the value of his character being more on his or her inherent knowledge of dwarven lore, culture, and construction, than just his or her skills in traversing underground environments. Though most dwarven mines are becoming more and more isolated, the halls of Corrock, the mine in the mountains that cut through Mathay, is actually becoming much more open, having fully integrated into the traditional dwarven aristocracy most of its human residents. As such, most 'miners' in this sense hail from Corrock; 'miners' from human-established kingdoms are rare, and 'miners' from other dwarven mines are nonexistent.

    The Sorcerer: The mysterious scholar, dabbling in the rare yet powerful art of magic. Magic in Erda is subtle and unpredictable, with its effects often seeming vague and natural; it is also very difficult to learn, requiring almost a lifetime to truly master. The origins of magic are unknown, though most people assume it to be a corruption of the gods' holy powers: a thing to be frowned upon, or even hated. Though there are a few sorcerers who learned the art independently of any schools, most mages in the region learned the art from the houses of Vulderin and Hoeni, two mage-controlled principalities in the Narodyan mountains, a mountain range bordering Mathay and Calabria to the west.

    • Harkilion Ulavsson, played by @RiverNotch
    • The Warrior - Legothgen “Horror” Emomur, played by @N0VA™
    • The Thief - Oriel Wren Dawnshed, played by @Kurureenu_Yurasu
    • The Physician -
    • The Woodsman -
    • The Miner -
    • The Sorcerer - Alexandra Sieglind Fanburg, played by @GreatWest


    1. Chapter One - [Untitled]. Harkilion searches for company to join him on his journey to the city of Goliad.



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  2. Name - Harkilion Ulavsson

    Gender - Male

    Age - Ambiguous. Perhaps at his late thirties to late forties.

    Background - Mystery clouds the story of Harkilion. All he is willing to divulge is that he was born somewhere by the woods hugging the Narodyan mountains, and that he became a Ranger on the opposite side of Mathay, by the Trollgardens in the east. His clan name, he would not say, although one could easily suspect, by this attitude, that he has none, and that his family is a family of outlaws. Whenever he is asked about his father, his countenance always turns grim, and he coldly refuses to answer, though his darkness seems much closer to sorrow than bitterness.
    His current occupation is that of a ranger, specifically the kind that is not tied down to any specific wilderness, instead traveling about, serving different masters. Recently, most of his adventures have been set in the petty kingdoms of the Argent; what brings him this far west, and what compels him to go even farther west to Goliad, he will not say, or at least not yet.

    Character Race - Human

    Character Class - Woodsman

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  3. (This is a first for me on this website, so I hope this turns out well!)

    Name - Oriel Wren Dawnshed
    Gender - Female
    Age -24
    Appearance -
    Her hair is dark, almost a black (darker than on the picture). She usually has it tied up when she is on a job, but keeps it down when she is relaxing. Her eyes are a dark shade of green and she is most found wearing a loose top (usually colored) and a skirt or baggy pants (brown or black). Underneath, she wears tight dark clothing for nighttime heists.
    Show Spoiler

    Background – Oriel was born on the move, grown up on the move, and eventually left her parents to continue to do so. She and her parents were never able to find a home, her father going from town to town being a drunk and her mother doing shows and telling fortunes to help pay for food and other necessities. Eventually, shortly after the passing of her father, her mother courted and settled with another man who lived lavishly. Oriel, now at the age of fifteen, stayed with her mother, but couldn't deal with staying in one place. After a year of constant arguing with her mother, she left with just the clothes on her back and a few coins for Argent, the nation of her parents and where she was also born.

    Shortly after arriving in Argent, she fell into hard times of poverty, trying to find a job, and begging for scraps of coins. After months of being half starved and almost freezing to death, a woman came to her and tossed a few coins to the girl. She gave her a job to do and told her she would receive more when it was done. It was to steal her jewelry back from her late husband’s mother. Oriel took on the job confidently. It was sloppy and she almost got caught, but she managed to get through with it, salvaging as much of the woman’s tokens as she could, and keeping a ring or two for herself.

    The adrenaline of it all struck at her as exciting and she continued to do so, starting out small with the skills that she had already obtained from always being on the move and having to earn money on the go to help her on her way. She still never stayed in one spot, but a thief should never do that for fear of being caught with goods. She continues to travel to different places and different nations, doing what she does best and, occasionally, a job for someone who needs it.

    But only if they could find her.

    Character Race -HUMAN
    Character Class - Thief
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  4. One down, five more to go! And m'hey, this is my first GM'ed high fantasy here, so we're sort of both in the same boat.... :)
    And with this, I'll start elaborating on the more specific details of the setting, such as Kul's general outline, and a general description of the terrain of the Giantswaste.
    Also, where have I seen that face before? .....
  5. I got it from Google. Said something about Lohan, but I'm not sure.
  6. Name -
    Alexandra Sieglind Fanburg.

    Gender -

    Age -


    Appearance -
    Show Spoiler

    She likes to wear those horns to show rebellion, since so many people think that magic is a corruption of God's holy powers. "Let me be a Demon, then." is what she always says.

    Background -

    Alexandra grew up in a family of warriors, so magic was practically a taboo between them. Unfortunately, Alexandra grew up loving magic, finding its powers to be mesmerizing and unique. During all her life, she lived as her brother's shadow, the mighty young warrior Baduk. Her intellect was never praised like Baduk's strength was, actually, it was always frowned upon. Whenever they went hunting, it was always Alex that got them out of trouble, but it was Baduk that got all the praise. All of this ignorance towards her made she grow bitter, angry, and the only thing that could bring her peace of mind was magic.

    One day, while secretly studying and practicing magic, her father found her hideout. Unsurprisely, he got mad. Alexandra was castigated with whippings on her back, and was forced to swear to never think about magic again. Of course, that just made her wanting to practice it even more. From that day on, she was treated as a stranger on her family, the only one who still treated her as an equal was her brother. However, her hatred and bitterness made her blind to Baduk's efforts of trying to comfort her. Alex saw that as pity, she didn't want pity.

    At the age of 17, she ran away, having lived by herself until nowadays. Every month that passed, her magic grew stronger and stronger. And for that she did take pride. Alexandra felt more alive now than ever, she felt free. Little did she know that Baduk have been searching for her since the day she disappeared.

    Character Race -


    Character Class -

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  7. Two down, four to go! Big suggestion to both of you, though: do enclose your images in spoilers, or align them to your text. Having to scroll down this much is a bit of a pain x3.
    Spoiler: [spoiler][/spoiler]; Image align: [imga=right][/imga]
    All BB Codes found here:
  8. Done! Is it better?
  9. Name - Legothgen “Horror” Emomur

    Gender - Male

    Age - 29


    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Background - Born to a small and poor family of common village farmers. His mother’s name was Agatha while his father’s name was Mifas. As a child he was often taught to keep to himself, which would mean he did not have much friends, he was often betrayed by many of the people he actually met and earned a sense of distrust for others. As he grew older he passed much of his life living on the farm working physical needing jobs until a convoy of soldiers passed by their farm… he was impressed by the soldiers very much and decided to take up their cause and work with them. His parents disagreed with him and threatened to disown him of the already little things they owned. The soldiers were in fact a group of highly professional mercenary soldier army and worked for no-one but the highest bidder and they were the best of the best in the world. With disregard to his mother and father’s words he joined the army and quickly was taught in the way of the soldier, along their journeys they would meet all sorts of people and everyday he would learn about something new from them, while he kept his knowledge to himself it always showed itself while he was on the battlefield which is where he earned many of the scars he now wears under his large bulk of armor. After some time with the soldiers he becomes known as a very hard working but deadly person, cruel beyond imagination and aggressive beyond measure, he will always head for the wall head on without regard for other people. The other soldiers would often call him Horror on two legs because of the way he attacked and killed his opponents, he became ruthless due to the years of carnage he faced on the battlefield month after month, after month... a never ending fight that he kept on fighting head on. The mercenary group although knowing the need for him and his skills, they decide to expel him due to being a liability, he curses at them and leaves to find his own fame and glory in this world and continued to work as a mercenary. In a few years he became a much known man due to his skills and experience. Currently he roams the lands searching for work.

    Character Race - Human

    Character Class The Warrior​
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  10. Half of them down, three to go til' the action begins!
    I'm gonna follow suit with this roleplay I'm participating in and I'm gonna declare a wee deadline: by the end of the week, if no one else fills in them slots, then the roleplay shan't be taking any more players, and the current characters shall begin with the adventure! We've already four out of the seven I was expecting, and that I believe is good enough, especially since we've filled up the usual archetypes (warrior, thief, sorcerer, archer-person).
    As for the additional details in Kul, I've decided not to be too detailed in that after all; instead, I shall only be releasing the following general statement as a sort-of guideline to what Kul looks like and how it feels. And by "the following", I mean I'll edit it in the first post some time following this; perhaps later this evening, or maybe even tomorrow?
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  12. Hello! I'm interested in this and have an idea for either a Physicist or Miner; still debating what I'm about, though I'm leaning towards Physicist, if no one takes it before I do. I'm wondering for the Miner, do you have ideas for dwarven culture set already, or is that something to be made up as we go?
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