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The Goat Man

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by AbbieNoel, Oct 22, 2014.

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  1. Teens far and wide would drive to an abandoned bridge in a small city every year in October. It wasn't that far of a drive for some, but people from miles around would drive for hours, their legs cramped and aching, just to see what was known as 'The Goat Man'. Legend has it, four or five teens drove to an abandoned bridge to go 'spooking'. Spooking, as everyone knows, is just driving around, looking for ghosts. On this particular night, they spotted what looked to be a man with the head of a goat near their car. They stopped, the driver too terrified to keep driving. The goat man pounded his fists on the car, growls escaping the mouth of the creature. The teens finally started up the car, driving away.

    That is when the rumors started. Some say that if you go there at midnight, the goat man will come and kill you. The only thing they will find is your tongue on the seat. Though the story was twisted here and there, the story was always the same. The location of the sightings never changed, and eventually police officers patrolled the areas. After a number of disappearances, the police banned any people from going near the bridge until the month of October ended. For years, the goat man was spotted by teens who broke the rules. They didn't care about going to jail; They just wanted to experience the goat man.

    One year, the sightings stopped. The disappearances stopped.

    I know the goat man, and he's still alive. Though he's not entirely a goat, he's a deadly person, with deadly secrets.

    Remember, kids; Things aren't always as they appear.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.