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  1. 'THE GLOWING EYES' sign up thread.

    OOC for people that have already joined

    I would just like to say before you begin reading that this roleplay is never closed. A new person can join at any time, so don't fret about missing out!


    She wore a tattered dress, the white fabric almost brown and ripped above her knee. Small leaves were knotted in her red hair, flowing past her shoulders. The girl wore no shoes on her dirty feet and there were cuts up and down her arms and legs. She couldn't have been more than six years old.
    The girl ran through the empty park in the setting sun, mumbling seemingly to herself, her eyes faintly glowing. That was when she turned, and her eyes turned dim, and she fled. Fled into the trees, into the forest.

    June 26th 1997

    That was the first sighting of many. A lawyer, on his daily jog through Greenstone Park, saw the young girl on her own by the lake.
    The first thing he did was call the police. He did what many people would do in that particular situation. But there was one detail he failed to mention.

    "Hey, kid, what's your name?"
    She turned, a smile across her face, and she spoke.


    February 1998
    Middle aged man with glowing eyes sighted in East Vermont.

    September 1998
    Young woman with glowing eyes sighted on Dawson Farm.

    January 2000
    Elderly couple with glowing eyes sighted in Greenstone Park.

    These were just a few police reports of many over a few years. It seemed as though most people in Vermont knew had seen or knew someone who had seen one of these mysterious persons with 'The Glowing Eyes'.
    Then it happened.

    August 2000
    28 year old Samuel Thompson murdered by glowing eyed man.

    Of course, it was all a great coincidence. The man was seen in Fredrickson Park shortly before Samuel Thompson's drowned body was discovered. Young Sam just happened to fall into the lake at the wrong time. Of course, having heard the stories, the witness exaggerated the truth, and from there, it spiralled out of control.
    The Vermont Police started the search, and many people were imprisoned, some with 'Glowing Eyes' and some falsely accused.
    The more that were caught, the harder the police cracked down. Many people in Vermont continued life peacefully, almost oblivious to the relentless search for 'The Glowing Eyes'. Side note, if you have gotten to this point because you bothered to read the entire story, make sure you put the word 'moustache' somewhere in your character sheet.
    And eight years after the initial sighting, the search continues, and 'The Glowing Eyes' are never safe.


    This roleplay is set in the city of Vermont. There are places called Vermont in Australia and America, but this city is completely fictional.
    It's the sort of city that is two thirds housing and doesn't have any skyscrapers. The kind of city that called a town just as often, but classifies as a city. That kind of city. If you know what I mean.
    Vermont is split into four quarters - North Vermont, East Vermont, South Vermont and West Vermont. All have big suburban areas, but East Vermont is largely factories and West Vermont is largely farmland.
    There are two forests around Vermont - Serseline Forest, which runs along the edge of West Vermont and the golf course and Greenstone Park in South Vermont. The other is the Donnagen Woods, which is along part of East Vermont and branches into Fredickson Park in North Vermont, becoming Calhan Sanctuary.

    'The Glowing Eyes' are a magic race called the Aturi. They inhabit the forests around Vermomt, isolated from the humans. There are many family groups within the forest, enough so that many of them don't know each other. Their homes vary from mud huts to tree houses, but their homes tend to be small and simple.


    The Aturi family groups have 'scouts' that travel into the city to collect clothes and other supplies for them all. When there are no good clothes from the city, the create outfits from leather or reeds.

    All Aturi have a special power, although they are often genetic. If a parent had the power of Teleportation, the child has a likely chance of inheriting it. When they are using their power, their eyes glow. How bright they are depends on the amount of power used.

    Each Aturi is connected to an entity, called a Irdoni. The Irdoni are seen as a coloured puff of smoke flying through the air, and they can only communicate with their own Aturi. Anyone, however, can talk to it.


    The Aturi, being the subjects of a relentless hunt, have been forced to abandon their peaceful ideals and fight back, further spurring the rage of the human authorities.



    Your character can be anyone, from an Aturi to one of the policemen after them. The more the merrier, so make as many characters as you want. Just try to keep some balance in the genders. We don't want to end up with seven girls and just two boys.

    The rules are the same rules that apply to most roleplays.

    1. Keep bad grammar to a minimum. Too much and I will kill you off. Illiterates annoy me. Mind you, it's OK if you make two or three mistakes in a paragraph. It's only if you start spelling as badly as the people in the mature section. That's bad grammar.

    2. No one-liners. All replies should be at least a paragraph. Five sentences at a minimum. And just to give you an idea, heare is exactly what I don't want.

    He waited behind the tree, waiting for an Aturi to come along. He had his gun ready to shoot at them as soon as he saw them.

    No. Just no.

    Now, here is an acceptable paragraph showing the exact same situation.

    The sun was dropping slowly over the towering pines of the Donnegan Woods, and Bob Jim was waiting for his watch to be over. The last thing he wanted to do on a Friday evening was sit cramped by a tree in the wind waiting for a Glowy to show up. His hands were going numb from the cold and the hum from the East Vermont factories was giving him a headache.
    He stayed alert though, because any moment know, a Rank One would be over to replace him. He had a family to support, and he couldn't afford to get the sack.
    His finger wavered over the trigger, although he doubted there would be any exitement tonight. He just had to wait a few more minutes.

    There. The exact same moment, but with detail. I expect posts to be about twice that size. It's not that hard.

    3. Make the story interesting! Again, have long replies, and make sure to cram them with detail! If your character finds something or meets someone, be sure to describe them vividly so that everyone can enjoy your character's experiences.

    4. Interesting characters! Give your characters quirks and habits to make them more real! But when I say interesting, I don't mean tragic history. No sob stories whatsoever.

    5. No Mary-Sues. Interesting characters! Don't be offended if I don't completely accept your character. It's constructive criticism, and it makes the story interesting.

    6. No Godmodding. Keep to your own characters. I'm perfectly fine if you PM somebody and work out something between yourselves, like a fight scene or something.

    7. No put downs in the OOC. I really don't want some huge cyber-bullying thing to start on this story. That would not be fun.

    8. Just so people know who's who, put your character's name, age and postion at the top of every post in the IC, like so;
    Jim Bob, 99, Human or Bob Jim, 99, Rank Two Officer
    This is just to keep track of which character is talking.


    OK, here's what you can be!


    They live in the forest surrounding Vermont, on the run from the police. Leaving the forest would mean leaving their home, family and roots, so that isn't an option. Family is highly valued by the Aturi.

    Here are the following powers you can chose from. You may have up to a combined five points.

    3 POINTS
    There is no air, because, if you think about it, you could move anything with air, which kind of defeats the purpose of being able to move water and fire.
    -Control over Water (move water and take moisture from the air)
    -Control over Fire (direct fire through the air and generate it from your palms)
    -Control over Earth (grow plants and move dirt)

    2 POINTS
    -Teleportation (only a few metres at a time)
    -Levitation (only just off the ground, giving the ability to float over water and cool things like that)
    -Healing (heal your own wounds at twice the speed for a short amount of time)

    1 POINT
    I was thinking of the Twilight vampires for these.
    -Run (run really fast, but not vampire fast)
    -Jump (jump really high, but not vampire high)
    -Strong (be really strong, but not vampire strong)


    -The Aturi look just like the humans. They don't have pointed ears. They don't have colour changing eyes. They don't have any distinguishing features that would mark them as anything other than human, except for their 'glowing eyes' and entity.

    -They have the same life spans. None of them are hundreds of years old.

    -Their diet is mainly fruits and vegetables that they grow themselves. They sometimes hunt animals, but only if they need the food and skin.

    -As I said earlier, family is important to the Aturi. They may bicker with their siblings, but their parents don't row, and children don't run away. They're also taught by their parents or grandparents, but mostly things that actually help in their day to day lives. Not algebra.

    -Magic is exhausting! If your character at some point uses a large amount of magic, they will be pretty tired afterwards.

    -The Aturi don't have surnames. They don't see the point in having a last name, and often make jokes about the Humans having them.

    -The Irdoni are the same colour as their Aturi's eyes. If you're Aturi, be sure to add your eye colour in the description.

    -In your CS, add the following sections:

    Irdoni Name:




    The government really have no idea what they've started by initiating the hunt. But how could they understand that these murderous, bloodthirsty, dangerous people are a peaceful, magical race? The chief of police (played by me) is a man absolutely brimming with determination and prejudice. He is not a man to cross with.
    The rest of the police force are either as hateful as him, or more patient and tentative with their work.
    In the fictional city of Vermont, the hierarchy of policemen is also fictional, and as far as I know, this method of ranking doesn't exist. It probably does somewhere, but as I said, I haven't heard of it. Its very simple, purely to make role playing easier. No need to throw in some confusing police stuff.

    The ranks are as follows:

    The highest rank below Chief, they tend to be the most ruthelss and favoured, because only the Chief can promote officers to Rank One. These men and women control all lower levels to some extent, but all their decisions can be overruled by the Chief. The Rank One colour is red.
    They can do things like;
    Ordering supplies of guns and ammunition
    Promoting lower ranked officers to higher ranks
    Leading scout groups
    Firing lower ranked officers

    The second highest rank. These are the lucky people that have been promoted twice by the Rank Ones and are hoping to be chosen by the Chief for the final promotion. The Rank Two colour is blue.
    They can do things like:
    Organising scout groups
    Creating schedules for 'The Search'
    Recruit new Rank One officers
    Leading scout groups (if no Rank One in group)

    The officers that have gotten their first promotion. They're feeling pretty confident about themselves, expecting to quickly make their way up to the top. The second most snobby rank after the Ones, they enjoy bossing around the Rank Fours. The Rank Three colour is green.
    They can do things like:
    Reccomending officers to recruit
    Make the lower rank do small jobs for them (making coffee, carrying their bag, etc.)
    Use a gun (they're pretty exited about that, the lower rank doesn't have gun privelages)

    The very lowest rank. These are the officers that have only just joined or are too bad to get a promotion, but not bad enough to be fired. The Rank Fours recieve plenty of 'abuse', as some call it, from the higher ranks, but they have to put up with it or lose their job (notice how I said lose instead of loose. That error annoys me so much). The Rank Four colour is yellow. There isn't much they can do, so here are the things they can't do:
    Use guns. They are restricted to melee weapons like clubs
    Boss anyone around. Unless they are put in charge of a Rank Four scout group, where the are no higher ranks to take charge.
    Make a mistake. They can't afford to. The higher ranks are always on the lookout for a slipup, and if you're caught, then it's the sack.


    -They do not call the Aturi the Aturi. They have no idea what they're called! They're generally refered to as the 'glowing eyes' or the 'glowies'.

    -In your CS, add the following sections:

    Rank and Colour:


    Like the police force, they don't yet understand the Aturi. If you're playing a human, you'll be getting involved very quickly, and you can decide which side you're on; the police, or the Aturi.
    The humans can be any age, and from any cultural background.
    Side note: if you haven't immediately chosen to be a cop skipped past the human information, give yourself a pat on the back (and put the word handlebar in your CS).
    One thing I don't permit, though, is sappy backstories full of abuse and trauma. If you pick a random person off the street, it unlikely that they've run away from a crazy partner, had their mother murdered by a serial killer, run away from countless foster homes, lived by themselves in the woods, and been beaten within an inch of their life in their lifetime. That just doesn't happen to an ordinary person. You are a completely normal person with a completely normal job.
    On that note, no drug dealers, assassins, secret spies, tourists or rouges. You can be a teacher, a student, a mailman, a cashier, you could even be just living off the dole! Just have a reasonable career.

    Your character must choose their side when they meet the Aturi, but keep that out of your CS. All will be revealed when the roleplay begins...


    -same goes as for the policemen. At first, the humans do not know the proper name for the Aturi!

    -In your CS, add the following sections:







    Description: (include picture + brief description)

    Position: (Aturi/Cop/Human)


    Residence: (East Vermont, West Vermont, Serseline Forest... Tree house, apartment, farm...)

    Family/Friends: (you can contact other people joining in and organise a relationship between your characters)

    Story: (home life, short history, etc.)

    Remember to add the extra information according to your position.


    If I do not immediately accept your CS, I will PM you with the details of what's not right. If I contact you with constructive criticism, edit your CS, and I'll look it over again. Keep an eye on other CSs too, in case they're changed.


    Thankyou! Well, that's finally the end of it, you can begin on your character sheet! Or just go back and continue looking through the Fantasy signups (If you do that, a kitten will die). If you think you're too late to join, you're wrong! A new character can join at any time, and you can make as many as you like, so I'm expecting plenty of great characters!

    At last​
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  2. Name: Lia Faust Accursio

    Gender: Female

    Age: 27

    Lia is 5'7 and 142 lbs. She has dark raven colored hair that falls to her middle of her back and dark cloudy grey eyes with milky white lenses. She has a scar on her collarbone from tripping as a child and cutting herself on a unpadded scooter's handlebar. It's small enough, but she doesn't like talking about it because it is embarrassing. She doesn't have the pistol or shotgun yet, despite her wishes. She is almost always wearing her sunglasses.​
    Lia (open)

    Cop (Copper)

    Rank & Color:


    Lia Accursio is a great liar and a better shot despite the fact she isn't allowed to use a gun yet due to her rank. She can easily convince a man that the sky is green and water is red, and if she didn't have a firm sense of justice she most likely would have been a politician or a lawyer. Her smart mind and quick tongue often get her out of any trouble she meets.

    She has the tendency to run into situations and get into trouble, but most people like her enough to let her slip. She is not more trouble than she's worth though because she always gets the job done. She might not be the quickest at it, but she will make sure that all the facts are correct and that it is done right over just being done.

    She is not quick to judge, and she tries to keep an open mind about things. She moustache a few questions before she gets a bit on the situation before she comes to a conclusion. After collecting enough information on the background, she can usually deduct what had happened and how to react. Although there are times when she can't recognize the problems for she isn't perfect. Lia is usually carefree and happy since she doesn't have much to be mad about.

    Lia has two major obstacles in her life. One, she was born legally blind. Although this affected how she learned and worked around other people, it didn't change the fact that she could still get out there and do things. She often wears her sunglasses to hide her eyes, and so she can see a bit better. When she misplaces her glasses, she usually panics. The other major obstacle is she has Iatrophobia, which is the unnatural fear of doctors. This may have stemmed from her sight problem, but now Lia cannot enter a hospital voluntarily, let alone talk to a doctor. While there may be an exception later in her life, she has yet to find one. ​

    South Vermont, apartment complex

    Simone Revino (Whereabouts unknown)
    Carla Accursio​
    Samuel Thomspon (Deceased)
    - (will add some more when someone else joins hopefully)


    Lia comes from small family of two which include her elderly mother and herself. She never knew her father, mainly because he left her mother as soon as she told him she was pregnant. Most would be heartbroken at the lack of a father figure, but Lia did not care one bit. She was more than happy with her mom, who was more than loving and caring than any other parent she knew.

    Growing up legally blind was not that hard for Lia. Mainly because she never was able to see the "right way." At first, she would be teased about her eyes and eyesight, but after a while it stopped as maturity formed and the children realized how rude it was.

    She went though school like most other children with the exception of her "obstacle", often getting in and out of trouble whenever she could and having fun the whole time. She often found herself hanging around the older kids, which is when she met an upperclassman, Samuel Thompson. It wasn't until later in her life when she realized she like him a tad bit more than one would like a friend, but then it was too late. He was older than he considerably too, so it probably wouldn't have worked out.

    Sometime between high school and college, Lia developed Iatrophobia. It started off with sweating or nausea when she had to get a physical, but then developed into heart palpitations and full blown panic attacks. According to her therapist-who also scared the living daylights out of her after finding out she was a sort of doctor as well-, her body could have been reliving a repressed memory, possibly one of her many surgeries to try to remove the cataracts that supposedly caused her blindness -it wasn't-, or something worse.

    When she was done with secondary school, she went to college for a brief amount of time before she found her passion. Law. Its catalyst was the death of Samuel. Her need to get justice for his death was what had her inspired to get into law. As soon as she realized this, she started studying to be a lawyer. At the age of twenty four, she finally achieved this dream she had chased after, but long hours staring at pieces of paper and nit picking words did not call to her as she thought it would. It wasn't enough for her, and she did not get the desired sense of peace from it.

    After spending a year as a lawyer she quit and pursued other careers. She worked in bars, gyms, desks, and even construction. Yet not a single thing pulled her interest. Eventually law called to her again, but in a different form. At the age of twenty six, Lia started looking into police training. She knew that standing by at the desks was not her area of desire, but being out on the field was something she would enjoy tremendously. So on her twenty seventh birthday, she signed up for the training.​
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  3. Name: Kartahn (nickname: Kay)

    Gender: Of the Female Folk

    Age: 14

    Description: Kay has green eyes and red hair. She never brushes her hair, so it is always messy and knotted.
    She mostly wears clothes stolen from shops in Vermont or some that she makes from "discarded" bed sheets.
    She is 5"3', so a pretty average height for her age.
    Other features include a slightly crooked nose, a small scar on the back of her hand, another scar on her shoulder, small feet, long fingers, birthmark on her leg (an inch wide and kind of the shape of France) and one chipped tooth.


    Position: Aturi

    Irdoni Name: Atami

    Powers: Control over Earth, Running Ability

    Personality: Kay doesn't see the need to be polite to people she doesn't know. She will often make rude comments on their looks or habits. Still, she will always help someone in need (though she may make a sarcastic remark afterwards).
    If it is a person she knows, however, she will treat them with the upmost respect, unless it is her eight year old sister. That deserves a special sibling relationship that nobody else can understand, that involves pushing each other around and using nonsensical jibberish to communicate.

    She really has not got her powers under control, and is unable to grow anything more than a sprout, and lets her powers off the leash when she's angry. She cannot run more than slightly fast for a few minutes, although she is constantly trying to increase her abilities.

    Kay is close to her Irdoni, Atami, but she argues with him often. Atami exists to give her advice and guidance, and she is always against his judgement. Still, Atami wins almost all the arguments.

    Kay has a fear of being underground. Perhaps it is because she grew up in the trees, but she has always dreaded the idea of being trapped under the earth. She is fine in small places, she isn't claustrophobic, she is just afraid of being underneath everything.
    She is also afraid of hawks, large spiders and guns.

    Residence: Deep into Serseline Forest (half an hours walk from Greenstone Park), house is four platforms built in the trees about fifteen metres off the ground. They're pretty much small huts, put together to create four rooms; somewhat of a lounge, kitchen and two bedrooms. There is a single rope ladder that leads up.

    Family/Friends: Sahmat (mother), Hiydiuri (father), Jihmyem (sister)

    Kay's story is a pretty straight forward one. She grew up in the tree house with her mother, father and paternal grandmother. She was homeschooled by her parents, and taught magic by her grandmother, who she had inherited her Earth power from. Unfortunately, her grandmother died when Kay was five, and neither of her parents had an elemental power. Her father shaved off his handlebar mustache in mourning, and decided he liked the feel of not having facial hair.
    When Kay was six, her little sister, Jihmyem, was born. Jihmyem also had the power of Earth, and Kay teaches everything she knows to her.
    Kay is completely unaware that she had been the first sighting. She doesn't remember that at all, and neither does her family.
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  4. Finally gotten my first CS up, the chief of police up soon!
  5. [​IMG]
    (Minus the headphones of course)
    Name: Lolita
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Description: Lolita is about 5'2", weighs about 105lbs. She has golden eyes. Her hair has streaks of a darker color in it, close enough to be called black. (If allowed) She does have all the ink, she has done all of it herself.
    Position: Aturi (moustache)
    Personality: Lolita is normally a laid back young lady, but recent events have caused her to be more hyper and active. When she gets that way she tends to use her powers more, which then tire her out. She spends most of her days hiding in trees, and spying on the humans.
    Residence: Serseline Forest, about 2 miles in, her family built a good sized hut there made of sticks and mud. Its got two bedrooms, and a kitchen/living area. Out behind the house is the bathroom.
    Family/Friends: Mother: Kalin. Father: Kole Brother: (3 months old) Lolan

    Story: Lolita loves her family, her mother in her eyes is an angel sent from above, and her father has always been the provider that has kept them clothed and fed. He has fought anyone that has dared come near his family that wasn't a welcome visitor or another Aturi. Her little brother is the cutest thing alive:[​IMG]
    She would protect him at all costs. She will randomly sneak into Vermont and steal the ink she uses to dye her hair, she once saw a human girl with it done in her hair, also the tattoos she had seen on a human too and she tries to do them herself. She has many hiding spots within the actual city of Vermont where she will teleport and spy on the humans and also steal things from them, she has a collection in her room of things that she has stolen.

    Irdoni Name: Miliera

    Powers: Healing, Teleportation and Strong.
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  6. Name: Jack Marcus de Luna

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Description: He's not much to look at, pretty standard with dark brown hair and brown eyes, though his hair has been a bit bleached by the sun, since he spends so much time outdoors. His skin is pretty tan, for the same reason.

    Position: Human

    Personality: He's a bit of a cocky brat, but the charming kind. He tends to be the "I answer to no one" kind of person, but when push comes to shove, is smart enough to know when to get serious and when to back off. He's not stubborn, being more of the "flowing with the wind" free spirit, but he can be kind of irritating with his "don't even bother trying to boss me around, I'm too cool for you" attitude. (Note: This is my first time trying this kind of a character so I may not do it perfectly at first). He doesn't have many friends, cause he likes to "go it alone" a lot.

    Residence: West Vermont on a horse farm.

    • Maria-Belle Chevalier - mother
    • Fiorello de Luna - father
    • Colette Chevalier - mom's current husband's daughter; friend
    • Damien Chevalier - mom's current husband
    • Ronny "the Runt" Michaelsen - friend
    • Matt Dickson - friend
    Story: He's got a pretty uninteresting past. His parents divorced a few years ago, but it was only a matter of time, really. His mom is a cop, his dad runs a farm, they drifted apart rather naturally and parted ways almost equally naturally. His mom now lives in North Vermont with Damien, who is another cop, and he visits her every other weekend, as he decided to stay with his father, mainly because he likes the freedom of the several acres they own and his dad's relaxed attitude, not because he was particularly close to or angry with either parent. He first met Colette when she was "investigating" his mom. Maria-Belle was not an unfaithful wife, and she didn't officially start dating Damien until the divorce was finalized, but Colette saw them together working on a case, once, and was convinced they had chemistry. Discovering Maria-Belle's address, she decided to come over and check it out. Ever since then, they've been... good friends, though in all honestly, it's more of a "I nag you, you ignore me and we get along very well together" gig than anything else. Their farm borders Serseline Forest and he likes to ride into there. He's seen Aturi before, but has always chosen neither to approach nor report them, not really considering it his business. Matt and "the Runt" are childhood friends who go to the same school. He likes to ride to school and calls two of the horses his own: Randall and Andromeda. Randall is black with a bad eye, white feet, and a star-shaped mark on his forehead. Andromeda is a bay mare with a black splotch on her left flank.

    why moustache and handlebar?
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  7. Name: Araden (or, sometimes, just Aden)
    Irdoni Name: Flux
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Description: Araden has extremely, nearly sickly pale skin despite the fact that he lives outdoors. It's mostly due to the fact that, under the sun, Araden's skin pinks rather than darkens. He's slightly on the tall side and is pretty fit, but doesn't know his exact measurements -nor can he be bothered to find out what they are. Light blue eyes run in his family -every one of his blood-related relatives have them- but Araden inherited black hair from his father, which is rather different from the relatively light colors that most of the others have. He once tried growing a moustache at the encouragement of some of his younger cousins, but gave up on that quickly when it took too long to appear. Araden happens to have several piercings -four on his right ear and two on three on the left- and surprisingly thick lashes.
    Powers: Levitation and healing
    Personality: Strictly independant, Araden does what he wants when he wants the way he wants to, and god help anyone trying to get in his way. He's the instinctive type, and would rather jump right into things based on gut feelings and 'I felt like it's than actual logic. Araden's brain does kick into overdrive when he's actually stuck in the middle of situations, however, displaying some of that bright intelligence he usually leaves to rot. As a whole, Araden is extremely honest -bluntly so- and doesn't stop to sugarcoat the truth or beat around the buch -he gets to the point of things from the very start, and doesn't bother to think what sort of effect his words would have on others. The same can't be said about simply not telling the truth, though, because Araden is just chock full of secrets he never tells anyone. The way he sees it, he'll speak what he needs to and shut up about the rest.
    Residence: Araden lives about the halfway point between Donnagen Woods and Fredickson Park, in an area with several houses built around trees. Some are legitimate tree houses, hanging high in the air, but most are simply built to climb around the trunks of especially big trees. There're four separate houses in total, and Araden's entire family lives in that one area, with the exception of two of his cousins and one of his aunts.
    Family / Friends:
    No grandparents -all of them are deceased
    Eritia (mother) | Lorn (father)
    Emiria (aunt -mother's side), Esente (uncle -mother's side) | Arde (absent aunt -father's side)
    Lilia (cousin -Emiria's), Jue (cousin -Esente's), Gerith (cousin -Esente's) | Ruda (absent cousin -Arde's), Lena (absent cousin -Arde's)
    No friends to speak of
    Story: Araden's family have been living in what they jokingly refer to as the Family Tree for generations, in that same area, taking down houses and building new ones. Like all the others in his family tree, Araden was brought up in that one forest, but thought to venture out whenever he wished to -with the strict instruction to, above all, remain safe and unseen. As a result, Araden developed a wanderer's nature, and took to frequently adventuring wherever he wanted and exploring new places. He never had any siblings, and his cousins were all around the same age as him, which meant that Araden had no real responsibilities other than keeping his room clean, which left him free to drift wherever he wished.

    Name: Lewis Bryers
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Description: Lewis has rather curly strands of blonde hair that seem intent on never staying in their proper place and hazel-colored eyes. He's barely of average height -skimming the line between 'normal' and 'short'- and is of average weight. Lewis has quite the tendency to dress either entirely in white or off-white colors. Because he despises the sun, he minimizes all exposure to it, and as a result Lewis' skin remains rather pale. He gets freckles on the side of his face and arms after time spent in the sun, actually, though they usually disappear after a few days. He likes bracelets and bangles, and can usually be found wearing several on both arms.
    Position: Human
    Occupation: Student, primarily, but Lewis also works part-time at a flower shop and delivering newspaper
    Personality: The cheerful, carefree sort, Lewis doesn't really mind anything that life throws at him, and is rather determined to make the best out of everything. While he's not particularly an optimist, he just usually figures that there's no point lingering around being upset, and would rather tackle problems head-on. As a result, Lewis doesn't let anything drag him down, and always faces forward. He's the type that doesn't care what others say about him, which means that Lewis doesn't think about his image at all, and prefers to cast his own judgement rather than let the thoughts of others influence him. While he doesn't get angry very quickly -in fact, Lewis sometimes seems incapable of feeling anger at all- when he does, he can hold a grudge forever -hypocritical in comparison to his usual, 'don't let the past hold you back' attitude, but Lewis doesn't care. He's fiercely protective of people he holds dear, and loves cracking jokes and telling stories to see others smile.
    Residence: At the edge of North Vermont in a nice little two-storey house in a neighborhood full of other nice little two-storey houses. Lewis' stands out because it looks like a few buckets of paint threw up on it -which was just a creative project by Lewis and his siblings that no one had yet found the time to paint over.
    Family / Friends:
    Christine Delva Bryers (mother) | Derrick Bryers (father)
    Maria Bryers (sister, age 14), Anton Bryers (brother, age 12)
    Raymond Jon Hefter (friend; workmate at the Spring Breezes flower shop) | Edura Woodsman (friend; workmate at the Spring Breezes flower shop)
    Story: Lewis' parents had met during highschool and became fast friends, falling in love with each other soon after that. They graduated, got married, and had Lewis, who was supposed to be a single child. But his mother -who was an author- and father -a chef- soon came to the conclusion that, because they were usually busy with work, Lewis would be lonely. They then had his sister, Maria, whose welfare came to be placed in Lewis' hands. Anton came soon after that, in a similar situation, and at about the same time the family discovering that Lewis was allergic to nuts. The siblings grew up close and, when Lewis was twelve, they together bought a bicycle with a fancy handlebar shaped into circles at the end from pocket money they'd saved and collaborated. The bicycle is now what Lewis uses to deliver newspapers for his part time job.
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