The Glass Rose and The Ebony Blade

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  1. It had been the harshest winter in many a generation which had lead to the death of crops and the loss of livestock across the land. Both The Dragonheart and Aragon Kingdoms had to think harshly and vied for precious land and resources which started one of the bloodiest and harshest wars in many generations. After month's of war, Both Kings convened to council a possible way to end the war and save both kingdoms. And after much debate they agreed on one final decision. There eldest of children were to marry and join the kingdoms into a large peaceful Kingdom to share resources and ensure the survival of both people. It is now the day of Final council and Both Kings Have brought there eldest in order to reveal there destiny.

    King Dragon Heart entered the council chambers being followed by a Man Covered in ebony armor, his face hidden behind a Black Skull shaped Mask,and strapped to his side a long oddly shaped blade (Katana) with no shield to accompany it. He stould behind the king Quietly Simply observing, His armor clearly had seen the worst of battles as it was covered in scars of battle and many scratches lined the many etchings that covered it. To everyone in the room he appeared to be nothing more then a highly trained guard. The king Cleared his throat and smiled at King Aragon saying proudly. "It is good to see you again on better terms old friend. And hopefully it will be better terms next we meet. And this must be your Daughter. . ." He said turning to look slightly to his left behind the king. Behind him stood one of the most beautiful girls Daston had ever seen. " . . . You look as Lovely as your mother my dear child."
  2. Isabella eyes the two who entered carefully; no other than King Dragon Heart and his..guard, was it? She was clothed in a slimming long white dress her father insisted on, her hands folded neatly in front of her as she gazed over King Aragon's shoulder at their guests. Isabella offered a small smile to the other at his compliment, "Thank you." King Aragon cleared his throat, stepping aside and bringing his daughter forward, the girl shooting him a quizzical look as she did so. "I agree wholeheartedly, my friend. Perhaps we should allow our children to meet one another before we tell them out decision?"
  3. Daston's father smiled in agreement and stepped to the side as Did King Aragon an Daston stepped foreword removing his helm. His hair fell gently over his face and he slowly slicked it back as he removed his blade from it's sheath and stabbed it into the marble ground where there was a small blade sized hole and placed his helm on it kneeling before the girl as many a King Prince and Knight's had done in the past. It was a sign of respect and honor to those who they met. He looked up at her his eyes cold and piercing as he looked into her eyes and said "It is an honor to meet you my Fair lady. And May I be so bold as to say, the stories of your beauty do not do your fair beauty justice.". He stood up slowly his father smiling ear to ear at his son who had just proven himself once again as a man of tact and honor. Daston's cold visage appeared rather menacing to most, but to those who looked closer there was a warmth to his smile. It was one of the few things he couldn't hide no matter how hard he tried
  4. "Ah, you're much too kind." Isabella found herself forcing a smile as he stood yet again, making sure to keep eye contact. Yes, Daston's eyes were beyond cold and hard, but she wouldn't believe that for a second. People always were different then they seemed. Isabella calmly reached out to take one of his hands, giving a curtesy once she did so, showing him the same respect he showed her. "It's an honor to meet you as well. Daston, is it?" Of course she knew already his name and he most likely hers, it was only customary to do so. King Aragon stepped in once again, placing a hand gently on his daughter's shoulder and gazing at Daston with an odd optimism. "Now that you're acquainted, shall we move along?" The kind took a deep breath before speaking the news. "As you both know of the devastation across our kingdoms, we have found a solution to mend as one. The eldest children are to marry...which would lay on your shoulders." Isabella's hands balled into fists, looking at both kings in complete shock, refusing to look Daston's direction. "I'm sorry?" As a princess she wasn't meant to talk out of turn, but this she felt, was completely necessary.
  5. Daston smiled softly at the young Girl. She was his age but in his eyes she was still young compared to him. He couldn't help it. She had yet tp have to face the cruelty of war and death. Or at least that's how he pictured her, locked away in some castle sheltered from the world. But his train of thought was quickly interrupted By the news of his marriage. He was to wed to a girl he barely knew. Why him? Why her? Was this some sort of cruel joke? He noticed Isabelle as she balled her fist and spoke up which only made him do the same. "Father? I'm sorry But, you have arranged for me to Marry a women I hardly know? Isn't there some other way to end the violence?" His Father sighed and Stepped forward placing a hand on both there shoulders saying "Alas my son, there isn't. We need to find a way to unite our kingdoms through a bond stronger then friendship and allies. We needed to combine our Kingdoms and become one Family. And so sadly that burden has fallen to you. Believe me when i say the last thing I wanted was to force you into a marriage you did not want. But I assure you I you both put some time and effort into it, I'm sure you can grow to like each other and quiet possibly love each other." Daston sighed before turning to the young girl. He took her hand In his and knelt before her once more giving her hand a small kiss before saying "If you would be willing to give me a chance I would gladly take you as my queen." No matter what it took he would save his kingdom. And besides. He was engaged to such a fair beautiful woman. And she seamed nice enough. He could get to know her better and possibly grow to like her, hell even love her. He'd give it a chance.
  6. Isabella bit her lip, staring down at the prince who was currently holding her hand in his. She offered him a soft smile, a small sigh escaping her lips. "When's the wedding?" Or in other words, she was agreeing to the arrangement. Her kingdom was at stake and she'd do anything to save it. Even if it meant being wed to this stranger for the rest of her life. The other king spoke of love, but how could she possibly love him? It would feel forced whichever way you spun it. At least the guy seemed strong hearted and knew his manners. King Aragon looked to the other king as their children met, an eyebrow raised as he spoke, "Do you believe we should allow them time together before the wedding? There is much to do, after all."
  7. Daston stood as both kings spoke in quiet deciding once again his fate as well as Isabella's. His fists balled and he turned away from both kings his eyes wandering over the room. The room was full of heavily armed guards at every entrance. And his father off in the corner conversing with the king. He was angry he was forced into marriage and the last thing he wanted to do was marry someone he hardly knew but he had to do it for his people. After a few brief moments Both Kings Came back Over and Daston's father said "My son, We have decided that while the arrangements are made for the wedding you will stay with king Aragon, and his daughter in there kingdom. I will see you soon my son, But I must leave now and Return to the kingdom and relay the good news. May we meet again under far warmer and happier of circumstances." His father gave him a long drawn out hug before taking his leave leaving Him to Return to a kingdom he hadn't been to in years and spend time with his future queen. Daston watched in silence as his father left before finally and silently retrieving his helm and blade and sheathing it. He turned To King Aragon and Said "Shall We leave then?"
  8. Isabella remained with her arms crossed over her chest, still feeling rather unhappy with the situation. But it was for her people, her kingdom, so she must. She felt a twinge of pity for the other king and his son; they would have to part for the time being as well, so the prince could stay with her in an only vaguly familiar place. King Aragon nodded to the young man, beginning to walk out of the council chambers. "I must agree, Daston." He cast a look over his shoulder, beckoning his daughter silently with a wave of his hand. Isabella simply trailed behind the two men silently, her eyes on her future husband's back, taking him in and trying to understand the man who she would soon be spending her days with. Of course, there were also few guards following the three of them. "There is a carriage awaiting our arrival outside to take us back to our kingdom. You're both ready, I would assume." The king looked to the both of them knowingly before leading them to the carriage.
  9. As they all got in the carriage Daston removed his blade placing it gently on the ground leaning against the side of the carriage before taking his seat next to Isabelle across from king Aragon. As the carriage began to move he smiled at Daston and said "So Daston, how long has it been sense you've been to my kingdom?" Daston looked up at him and gave him a small smile saying "Let's see the last time i set foot in your kingdom i was six, so about twelve years now. Last time i was there we visited your castle. I remember quite clearly that it was one of the most amzing castles i had seen. And biggest too. But i was young and small back then." Aragon smiled and laughed a hearty laugh as he said "Ah now i remember yes. Your were quit the trouble maker. Back then. But you certainly have grown into a fine young prince." He eyed him over with a small curiosity in his eye before finally saying "I don't mean to intrude but that is a rather weathered suit of armor. How old is it, if i may ask?" Daston's smile faded as he remembered dawning the armor for the first time. It had been refitted many times as he grew but he still remembered clearly the first time he wore it. He cleared his throat and said "I first dawned this armor three years ago when i was fifteen. My father had it forged when i went to war against the Alibasten Kingdom when it tried to engage. It was needless to say a cruel and pointless war and I was forced to do things I'd rather not talk about right now. Maybe later, if that's OK with you my lord." The last thing he wanted to do was reminisce about the wars past and the lives he'd taken in the name ofhis kingdom. After all he'd already killed enough of his men as well.
  10. While the her father and Daston had a rather joyous reunion, Isabella gazed out the small window, desperately trying to tune the other two inside the carriage out. Failing miserably, she turned to Daston to make a comment about his last remark to her father. She shifted slighty, fixing her dress so she could cross her legs. "It would seem you began fighting at a rather young age, I suppose you're fairly well at it then. Not to mention how scarred your armor is." She looked up at him, seeing as he was taller than her by far. "If I may, I'd like to hear about it later on as well? I'm soon to be your wife, after all." Honestly, she was merely trying to make conversation with the man she was to marry; although she was familiar with war and death, there was no way she actually wanted to hear about those he slaughtered on a normal account.
  11. Daston smiled softly Before saying "Perhaps one day I will tell you of the true coldness of war, but that is for a different time. Besides, I know that the last thing you want to here is about death. As much as i have grown to know it I too hate it." The rest Of the ride home was silent aside from the occasional comment about the weather or one another past. And when they finally got back to the castle Daston Stepped out Holding his hands up to Isabelle helping her down gently. As they walked inside the castle King Aragon Led him and Isabelle to there room. When he finally arrived at a large decorative door trimmed in gold and silver the King cleared his throat and said "This will be you room from now until you are wed. This will allow you to get to further know one another. Now Please take the time to change the both of you and I will see you both at Dinner." and with that he left shutting the door behind them leaving there stunned. Daston looked at the door before turning to Isabelle with a confused look before letting out a sigh saying "He's got his mind set on this doesn't he?"
  12. She glared daggers at her father as he walked away. Even before they were to be married she would have to share a room and most likely a bed with this man? Isabelle let out a sigh, glancing up at Daston. "Yes, incredibly so." Isabelle walked over to a rather large dresser and pulled out the drawers; she had guessed right, most of her clothes were folded neatly inside. She pulled out a deep crimson dress to wear to dinner and draped it over her arm before turning back to Daston with a slight blush to her cheeks. "Daston, do you mind turning around while I change?" She made a spinning motion with her finger, showing she wasn't really giving him a choice. Sure he was her future husband, but she wasn't planning on letting him see her naked right after they met. "You probably have to change as well anyway, unless you plan on continuing to wear that armor?"
  13. Daston looked down at himself before realizing he was indeed still wearing his armor. He quickly turned around out of respect and began unlatching all the straps holding his armor to his body. One by one the pieces clamored to the floor slowly but surely revealing a skin tight shirt and pants that showcased his muscular physic. As he finished doing so He slipped his shirt off and walked to a near bye wardrobe and of coarse his clothes had been moved here. He quickly pulled out a pair of black clothes with dark purple trim. He quickly slipped it on before she had a chance to eye over his scarred body and said with a clearing of his throat "Ahhem. Are your decent?"
  14. Isabelle had quickly slipped out of the former dress and replaced it with the darker red one, laying her light pink hair over one shoulder. "Mostly. You can turn around now." She called back, walking over to sit on the edge of the bed and pull her stockings on. She looked back at him when she was finished with a tiny smirk. "Well don't you just look charming." She was being a bit sarcastic of course, though he didn't truly look bad. Placing a rose in her hair, she questioned, "Do you think we should meet my father for dinner just yet?"
  15. Daston smirked at her comment as she slipped on her stockings before finally saying "I think it best we don't keep him waiting. He slowly walked up to her his eyes meeting with hers as he looked down at her. He hadn't noticed before but she had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. While most men first looked toward a women physical beauty's, he had always been one to look in the eyes. They told more about a person then anything else. She had kind soft eyes that demanded respect. She obviously had never seen the cruelties of death or murder as she still held on to a slight innocence in her eyes that was all the more charming. Her eyes however were the exact opposite of his dark purple eyes that spoke of pain and suffering. His eyes were weathered and cold but behind them sat an air of hope, and air of kindness most men had long sense lost. He held the gaze for a moment longer taking in her beauty before he held out his arm for her to take. As she took his arm they slowly walked to the dining hall a large room full of decorative ornaments and statues as well as plenty of fancy lighting. And in the center of the room sat a long table covered in fine foods and at the far end of the table sat the king with two seats across from him for them to take. Daston lead Isabelle to her seat and pulled her seat out for her letting her sit first before finally taking his place beside her saying "Sorry it took so long, I hardly remembered the layout of the castle and got a little lost."
  16. She allowed their gazes to meet for a moment and it seemed as if Daston was looking right into her soul. His gaze was piercing and spoke of death and cruelty and a coldness, but if you looked close enough you could notice a beautiful kindness. After taking his arm, he lead her down to the elegant dining room and pulled her seat out for her. Isabelle took the seat with a small smile that silently thanked him as he took his place beside her. "I should have led him, but I do believe in people learning from their mistakes." With an almost unnoticeable smirk, she sipped wine from a glass in front of her. Her father smiled slightly at the two of them before letting out a breath. "So how are you two coming along? All is well, I hope." Isabelle looked up at him before glancing at the prince seated beside her and then back to her father. "Smoothly. So far he's proven to be quite respectful. I value you that."
  17. Daston smiled politely as he kept quiet. He looked over at Isabelle while she wasn't looking and took her in she, was a fair beauty and there was something about her that made him smile. She was still innocent and had this warm glow to her. He turned away quickly hoping that she didn't notice him staring and he quickly tried to make up something for them to talk about saying "So sir Aragon, do ever fence or spar? Because I'm currently learning a new form of swordsmanship that I'd like to show you." He smiled respectfully his eyes still showing no emotion at all. He figured the easiest way to get through this would be to get on her fathers good side. And then hopefully he could get along with his daughter. Any way to make this whole transition easier.
  18. Isabelle faced straight ahead, looking towards her father with a content expression despite feeling her fiancées eyes on her for a few moments. King Aragon smiled proudly at the young soldier and nodded his head. "Yes and I'd absolutely be interested in seeing it." The king paused for a moment thinking over his duties for the incoming days. "Perhaps tomorrow we could have a nice match? I'd like to see your skill. I doubt you could outmatch me, young man, but we shall give it a go." The king let out a laugh, clearly joking with Daston.
  19. Daston smiled a small glimmer in his eye. He loved a challenge and he had a feeling it would be fun to have a duel with the king. Granted yes he would wipe the floor with him no problem but it was still fun and a great way to learn of someones personality. Someones movements and there eyes told more about a person then any words could. The rest of diner passed by rather uneventfully and as he meal drew near an end Daston sat up straight in his chair and closed his eyes taking in the smell of the room. It was a homely smell. He had grown used to the smell of iron and smoke. He opened his eyes and smiled softly without realizing it before finally saying "If i may I would like to retire for the night and explore the castle there are a few things i need to think about in private. "He smiled less genuinely once more before standing up and leaving to wander the halls. He was no longer in a good mood. He just wanted to hit something. Or find someway to relax. And that's when he saw it. Passing by an old room with the door cracked he spotted an old piano. He looked around hesitantly before finally stepping inside. It was an old dusty room full of old furnishings that had clearly gone unused for a while. He slowly sat down and tested a few key's, which bellowed there tones proudly throughout the room. He slowly sat down and began to play his fingers slowly picking up pace as he began to remember what his mother had taught him.

  20. Soon after, Isabelle excused herself from dinner as well, saying goodnight to her father before she left. Though she had the intention to go back to their room, she had caught the faint sound of music echoing through the walls. Knowing exactly where it was kept, Isabelle wandered through the halls towards her destination, the beautiful piece getting louder the closer to it she got. When she arrived at the room, she creaked the door open only slighty to peek inside. Daston was playing the piano? She was slightly surprised but didn't want to disturb him, so she closed the door without a sound in order to not be caught. She stood silently against the door, listening in to enjoy the music he played. She would have gone in, but he said he wanted to think in private did he not? Isabelle would return to their room shortly to retire for the night and wait for Daston to return.
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