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    In the year 3235, the inhabitants of Earth set out into the dark reaches of space, looking for new planets to settle on. While the planet Tyrus was very rich in almost everything one could want in terms of minerals, ores, metals, and abundant plant life and bodies of water, it was also a planet that would see an insane explosion of inhabitants life population growth, in only a few decades.


    With this growth came the upbringing of the Population Control Squad, or PCS, an organization with the task of controlling population on newfound planets, to minimize the use of life-sustaining materials on said planets. What once was a public execution by gun squads on the oldest or most useless of the work force soon turned into something more gruesome and dark. Eventually everything turned into fun and sport for the Tyrus PCS, with a large Colosseum being constructed, and most of the planets population being selected at random to fight to the death. According to the PCS, a war with some unknown lifeforms was going on elsewhere, and able-bodied soldiers were needed, but to the inhabitants of Tyrus, it looked like death for sport. A heinous game of kill or be killed, for someone's amusement.


    The battles would range anywhere from one on one, to six per team, much like a game. The year is now 3241, and the battles are still going on, with only a fraction of the population that Tyrus once had. A few small groups have banded together in secret, to find out anything they can about the truth of The Gladius Project, and with any luck, bring down the PCS. Will the hero's find what they need before it's too late, or will the world of Tyrus fall to the hands of a corrupt false authority?

    [Picture explanation] Planet: Tyrus, Soldiers:Population Control Squad, Arena: TGP Colosseum.
    I'd love it if lots of people would take interest in this, and maybe even offer extra ideas as the story progresses. I have a pretty good idea of where/how I want this to progress, but it's nice to have extra ideas every so often. So without wasting anymore time, here's the CS. I'd like at least 4-6 for sure players with CS's before creating the IC and starting. And if you've read this far, one more thing. There will be character death somewhere along the line. And as always, no overpowered characters.

    :CS: (open)
    Basic Information
    *Character name:
    Place of Birth(Optional):

    *Body type:
    *Eye color:
    Glasses or Vision Enhancements(Optional):
    Prominent features(Optional):
    Tattoos or distinguishing marks(Optional):

    Disabilities, illnesses, or weaknesses(Optional):

    Fashion and style(what do they wear, how do they wear it? Optional):
    Special jewelry(Optional):
    *Hair color:
    Grooming/Facial Hair(Optional):

    Additional information(Optional):

    Languages spoken(For those who wish to give their character more diversity):
    Accent or dialect(Optional):
    Vocabulary/reading level(Optional):
    Voice tone(Optional):
    Favorite phrases(Optional):

    *Habitual behaviors (nail-biting, drumming fingers, hair fixing, etc.):

    Professional skills:
    *Combat skills:
    *Weapons, if any:

    Additional information(Optional):

    Place of residence:
    Type of residence:
    Surrounding area(city, rural, etc):
    Describe residence:
    Who do they live with?:
    Overall quality of living conditions:
    Home décor:
    Important features of home:

    Additional information(Optional):

    PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS:(This whole section is optional and for expanding your character(s) background)
    Marital status:
    Significant partner(s):
    How did they meet partner:
    Nickname for partner:
    Previous romantic partners:

    Relationship with children:

    Important family:
    Living or deceased:
    Mother’s occupation:

    Living or deceased:
    Father’s occupation:


    Extended family:

    Best Friend:
    Describe relationship with friend(s):

    Additional information:

    How does the character relate to:
    Past lovers/spouses:
    Opposite sex:
    Same sex:
    Family members:

    Additional information:

    CHARACTER PERSONALITY AND PSYCHOLOGY(More extra information. Optional):
    Any psychological issues or illnesses:

    What do they love:
    What is their passion:
    What do they hate:
    What would they die for:
    What do they value:
    Secret loves:
    Sexual behavior (dominant or submissive?):

    Personal philosophies:

    Greatest strength:
    Greatest weakness or flaw:

    Their favorite attribute:
    Least favorite attribute:

    Biggest secret:
    Biggest fear:

    Most likeable trait:
    Least likeable trait:
    How are they perceived by others?:

    Proudest accomplishment:
    Other accomplishments:
    Biggest regret:
    Most embarrassing moment:
    Personality quirks:
    Would they like to change anything about themselves?:

    Short term or long term goals:

    Heroes or role models:
    Negative role models:
    Biggest life influence:

    Likes or dislikes:
    Favorite book, movie, music, etc:

    Additional information:

    PAST HISTORY(Again, optional if you want to give more background to your character):

    Past relationships:
    First love:
    First sexual experience:

    Major childhood events:
    Best memory:
    Worst memory:
    Saddest memory:
    Quality of childhood:

    Educational experience/level:
    Significant school experiences:
    Special skills or training:
    Anything un-skilled, needs work:

    Major illnesses, accidents or traumas:

    Police record/criminal record:

    *Morning routine:
    *Afternoon routine:
    *Evening routine:
    Sleep habits(Optional):

    Additional information(Optional):
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  2. Basic Information:
    Character name: Kanako Kira
    Appearance (open)
    Steampunk Ayane.jpg

    Nickname: Chloe
    Birthdate: June 12th, 3217
    Age: 24
    Place of Birth: Unknown

    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 182lbs
    Eye color: Hazel
    Glasses or Vision Enhancements: Night-vision tactical goggles
    Tattoos or distinguishing marks: Large scar going down her collar bone

    Fashion and style: Kanako wears a rather steampunk-esque gunslinger outfit
    Special jewelry: Kira has a necklace that was given to her by her mother. It features a metal dragon coiled around a ruby shaped like a heart.
    Hair color: Black/Silver

    Languages spoken: English, Japanese, German
    Voice tone: Kira has a soft, smooth voice when speaking, even when irritated or yelling.
    Habitual behaviors: When she's anxious, Kira will twirl her finger through her hair. She occasionally folds her arms when she gets agitated.

    Professional skills: Kira is more of a leader, despite her shy personality. She has a great ability to read the battlefield, and come up with plans quickly.
    Combat skills: Kira is a marksman, and prefers a mid to long range weapon, and has an eye for long range encounters.
    Weapons, if any: Iron sighted M24 primary with five magazines, .45 Revolver secondary with three speedloaders. A Steel blade knife for close quarters battles.

    PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS:(This whole section is optional and for expanding your character(s) background)

    Mother: Unknown
    Age: N/A
    Living or deceased: Considered deceased
    Mother’s occupation: N/A

    Father: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Living or deceased: N/A
    Father’s occupation:N/A

    Morning routine: Kira normally trains from four in the morning to seven, ranging from CQC to Firearms practice, or both. She also works out to keep her body as well kept as she can.
    Afternoon routine: Kanako's Afternooon routine normally consists of downtime, napping, eating, and watching the news.
    Evening routine: Kanako goes to bed rather early, at about nine at night, after a shower and quick brush of her teeth.
  3. If anyone has any questions or ideas/suggestions about/for the story or events, please ask them here, and I'll try to reply as best I can.
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