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  1. Welcome everyone!

    For those who have not made a character and would like to join: I am always accepting new people! Even if you haven't read the book [or seen the movie] you are more than welcome. I'm always more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to join, please click here to create your character.

    For those who have already made their character sheet: You may proceed below. I ask that you review the rules/guidelines of the roleplay. If you ever need to review your character sheet, or are interested in who has which job you may click here to review that as well.

    Rules/Guidelines (open)

    • Please use 3rd person. It just makes it easier for everyone else, so that they do not have to remember your name or who plays which character.
    • Crush's are left to fate. Please do not be upset if your crush rejects you, and it is not required of you to pursue a love interest in the roleplay. Just try to remember- this is a game.
    • Try to reply as often as possible. Also, it'd be awesome if you could let us know when you are getting offline. This is, of course, not a rule, just a courtesy.
    • This is descriptive. Meaning, no script. Also, it'd be fantastic if you could use your best grammar. It's really annoying when you're roleplaying with someone and are unable to understand what they wrote.
    • Lastly, this is not a rule, but I like to bold the names when I interact with other people. I find that this helps them know my character is trying to interact with theirs.
      • Ex: Breanne's eyes shifted around the courtyard, skimming the faces of all the other Gladers. She soon spotted a familiar face, a smile stretching across her lips. She started towards her friend, Charlie, waving as she neared him. "Hey Charlie," she greeted him, smiling brightly. "Are you busy?"
        • ((That was only an example))

    Now that we've gotten those out of the way, let's start the roleplay! :wave:
    We are beginning with our Greenie ((Dragomira (played by Sav The Zombitch))) arriving.

    Breanne sat in the grass, trying to ignore the horn that was sounding. It had been going off for nearly five minutes now, which meant it the aggravating sound should come to a cease soon. The horn only ever went off when the new Greenie was arriving, for which Brea was grateful. She looked over at the opened doors of the glade, wondering if the Runners could hear the horn all the way out in the Maze. She was sure they could, but she had never been in the Maze, so she could never be sure. Finally, the horn stopped, and she turned her attention back to the box. Now, the Greenie could arrive at any moment. Sometimes it took a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes, and sometimes more. It really just depended on what The Creators felt like doing that month. She looked around at her fellow Gladers, who were also waiting eagerly for the new Greenie.
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  2. Dragomira gave a soft groan as she slowly came to, barely aware of what was occurring. Or where she was. Hell, the girl barely knew who she was!


    Clinging onto the name in the back of her mind, she let her eyes flutter open. Though, this did little to help her awareness: Everything was pitch black, and the room she was in shook immensely, tossing her about. Trying to gather her bearings, she attempted to gain some footing, constantly reminding herself of the one thing he knew. Dragomira. Dragomira. Dragomira.

    Though, soon enough, the pitch black turned into blinding light, and the box stilled. Terrified, Dragomira cowered in a corner of the box, holding her arm up over her eyes to lessen the glare. The amount of people seeming to be awaiting her only had her more frightened. Where was she? Where did she come from? Who were these people? And, most of all.. Who was she? However, even with the thoughts racing through her mind, she was still barely conscious.
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  3. Jen's head snapped up as soon as she heard the horn. It was this awful blaring sound that would make her ears ring. Sometimes, she was afraid that she would actually become deaf. She had just come out of the maze and was walking towards the shed - (i forgot what the building is called, the one where they accumulate the information about the maze ;_;) - when that god awful noise came up.

    Jen started running towards the box where most of the gladers were gathered. The runner pushed through them, getting to the front. She walked up next to Brea, and waited patiently for the box to rise. "Boy or girl? I'm saying girl." she said under her breath.
  4. Kyle heard the horn go off and grabbed a notebook and a pen. He always needed to start a file for a person as soon as they came, it helped with things even if in the beginning they wouldn't be able to say much. He also grabbed a thing, it was old and rusty but it was something that an older kid had called a poloroid camera. That person had been a runner and had disappeared soon after but the camera came in handy when taking pictures of new arrivals and that was the only time he used it. He grabbed his coat and walked over to where others were gathering. He walked over to Brea "Once she wakes up i think we should take her to the hospital to get a full examination" He said softly.
  5. (It's called the Map Room ♥)
  6. Cole
    He heard the horn and hurried back to the maze. He was always excited to meet the newcomers, because without them, that place would be boring as hell. At least new people coming kept it interesting. He wasn't suppose to go back earlier, but he always did when the horn sounded and he could hear it. He stoped next to the box and put his arms into his knees, resting a little while he still breathed hard. He had been running the whole day, and he could just keep doing it, but he was always tired at the moment he stoped.
    Afterwards, he kept reviewing in his head the path he went through that day so he could later draw it down. Of course he should be doing that at that moment, but he rather see the arrival. Cole was a runner for a long time, so he wouldn't forget a path not even in a few hours.
    The box opened, he went closer and saw the scary figure in a corner.
    "Hey, shank" he said with a friendly tone to the newcomer, without realizing if it was a boy or a girl because of the darkness and offering his hand to help him/her get out.

    (Shank is a word from the book, and I love it so I needed to use it. For those who didn't read it, it's like saying buddy, friend or fellow.)
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  7. Breanne looked over to Jen, who was already placing bet's on which gender their Greenie would be. "The last two were boys, so I think we're about due for another female," she agreed with her friend. Brea was short, so she stood on her toes- even if it was no use. Even if she had a footstool she wouldn't be able to see over the shoulders of most the other gladers. Not that she minded- she'd meet the Greenie soon enough. Who knew? The Greenie might even become a Medjack. She looked over to her other side when she heard Kyle's voice, saying they should give the Greenie an examination. She nodded once in agreement, thinking that was probably a good idea, and then turned her gaze back towards the box eagery. Usually, it was one of the Baggers who retrieved the Greenie from the box.
  8. Vivianni pushed through a few people."Excuse me, pardon me--sorry!" She whispered as she went through in order to see the new comer. She hoped it was a female runner, females were rare as runners so they were quite bold and she quietly waited, ready to introduce herself first and make this person comfortable. She was usually the one who befriended others easily anyways.
  9. Jen crossed her arms. "They must be terrified," she began, sighing. "I know I was." Even if Jen put all her thought into it, she never remembered anything of her past life. In fact, it was giving her a headache right now.

    "The others must be coming out of the maze by now." she whispered, referring to the Runners. Jen was quite afraid for the others well-being, but she knew they could handle anything. She saw long brown hair descend down the Greenie's back and smiled. "We're both right." she answered to Brea, a moment later.
    (I have martial arts class, so i won't be here for about an hour.)
  10. Maximilianus and Adelaide had long since arrived at the box. They were among the crowd of gladers impatiently awaiting to greet the greenie.

    "Huh. More Griever bait, eh?" Max murmured with a grin, watching as best he could from the back of the crowd.

    Adelaide, however, moved over to Breanne and the others with a smile. "Hey, guys.. Catch a glimpse of the greenie yet? I can't wait to meet them," she mused with a sigh of content. She always did love meeting people.
  11. "It's a girl." Jen called out, loud enough for everyone to hear. "And you might be scaring her, Max. Weren't you terrified too, when you came out of the box?" Jen looked up, away from the Greenie, and to the back at Max.
  12. (To answer your question: Yes. The 'Camp' is referred to as The Glade, which is why those who live there are called "Gladers." ♥)
  13. Breanne smiled at Adelaide as she came up to them, and shook her head. "No, I can't see over any of these shuck-faces," she muttered, jumping up in an attempt to get a glimpse of the Greenie. Again, it was no use. She then looked to Max, nodding in agreement with Jen. "Yeah, Slinthead," she said to him, a slight smile playing on her lips, "Be nice." She thought back to her first day in the Glade, how terrified she was of everyone. That's why Brea always tried to be kind to the Greenie's, welcome them to their new home.

    Rosemary was cooking when the loud horn reverberated throughout the Glade. Glancing up from her work station, her pale green eyes flickered toward the box in the center of their environment. A light smirk appeared on her pink lips, knowing the noise was an indication of a Greenie to their "humble abode." Instead of rushing over to observe the newcomer, she continued to season the meat she had been prepared for upcoming meals. Despite wanting to follow her curiosity, Rosemary carried on with her task, as the Gladers would surely complain if the food was bland. The horn continued to blare, though she paid it no mind, focusing her energy on the piece of animal flesh in front of her. After the meat was spiced up, Rose took off her apron, wiping her hands on the cloth in an attempt to clean them.

    Crossing the Glade, Rosemary witnessed a large crowd surrounding the box. "Excuse me." She said rather impatiently, pushing her way closer to get a better look. "What do we have here?" She asked aloud, glancing down into the box, as a Bagger stepped forward to assist the new kid on the block.


    Jeremy stopped running when he heard the blaring sound of the horn in the Glade. He turned around, retracing his steps through his sector to the South Door of the Maze. Reaching the Glade, he saw a crowd already formed around the mysterious box. Rather than heading in that direction, the blonde ran toward the Map Room, entering and pulling a soiled pencil from his pocket. Glazing over the various charts on the table, he quickly sketched what he remembered from his run. After spending a few minutes doing so, he put the paper with the rest of those for his designated area of the Maze. His eyes flickered on the drawing he had done the previous day, sighing in frustration that they were dissimilar once more.

    Exiting the Map Room, Jeremy made his way to the box, weaving his way through the multitude of Gladers to the front. Peering into the box, he saw a figure huddled in the corner. "How long has the box been open?" He murmured, glancing at Kyle standing near him with his usual pen and paper in hand.
  15. Ayra sprinted to the box the God awful noise of the horn blaring in her ears, I will not miss it she thought to herself as she finally made it through the large steel doors out into the Glade. She was nearly out of breath, which slightly dissapointed her, being a runner she should be up on her conditioning. She shrugged it off as she approached the Gladers crowding around the box. "Out of the way Shanks!" She said pushing people out of the way. She finally managed to get into a spot where she could see. A breath of relief escaped her as she saw she had not missed anything. She pushed a few strands of hair slick with sweat off off her face and crossed her arms staring at the Greenie.
  16. Dragomira glanced up and around at the people surrounding her, even in her obvious state of panic, still seeming to hold an aura of peace and calm about her. She looked up at Cole, the boy who was offering her a hand, with scared eyes. "Who... Who are you..?" she asked softly, quickly returning to looking around at all the gladers surrounding her. "Where am I..?"

    Max put his hands up in surrender. "Alright, alright... I'll leave the greenie alone. ...For now," he stated with his signature dopey grin.

    Adelaide nodded slightly, eyes lighting up. "Ooh, another girl!" she noted happily. "I haven't yet, either. Sadly... Though, I'm sure she'll be a wonderful addition to the group," she chimed in her soft and charming voice.
  17. Jen grinned at Brea's comment, and then sighed in relief as she saw Jer and Ari in the crowd. "Thank god..." she murmured under her breath. She couldn't handle it if anything were to ever happen to them. She looked back to Max, by giving him a shook of her head and a small smile, in a knowing fashion. Jen looked back to the box, the girl was clearly panicking, and with every Glader around her, it wasn't much help.

    "Don't worry, you'll be fine." Jen held out her hand. "You don't need to panic, we're nice." she smiled kindly.
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  18. Breanne leaned in close to Adelaide and said, "I wonder what job she'll take." After a beat she added, "I hope she'll be a track-hoe or a slicer, we need more of those." It seemed like everyone wanted to be a Runner, though Breanne couldn't understand why. Sure, she was intrigued by the mysteries of the Maze, but it also terrified her. No, she was perfectly happy with her job here, in the safety of the Glade. There were also quite a few Medjacks, which seemed off because not many people got hurt or sick around here. "Or maybe a Builder," she said after a moment's thought. "We're low on those too, aren't we?"
  19. Ayra gave a nod back to Jen and focused her attention back on the Greenie. Just like the past new arrivals the girl looked absolutely terrified but, she seemed to have a calming effect to her. Ayra couldn't explain it but it made her feel better that they weren't getting a complete shuck face as a greenie. Ayra had high hopes that the Greenie but she wasn't going to jinx anything.
  20. Cole
    He put his hand down, it wasn't a smart move because of course she was scared, but he just tried to help. "I'm Cole" answered to her. "And you are at The Glade, so, welcome!" said, with a comforting smile, trying to make her feel better. "Don't be scare, we don't bite. Well, most of us don't." said with a funny tone, even though it wasn't the best time to make jokes. Anyways, he wasn't the one who used to say hello to the Greenies and he was probably not supposed to, so he had no idea what to say. "So, what's your name, newbie?" asked, without hurrying her to get out.
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