The Girl Who Whispered

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  1. "Fuck!"
    Her footsteps were loud as her worn black boots scraped against the concrete floor...she was sliding along the pavement and behind an old mustang.
    A loud metal creaking was heard, the car was suddenly lifted into the air and crushed on either side...making the doors dent inwards.
    It was a cold, Saturday night...drops of rain sprinkled everywhere, most of the people were probably either running, driving away or hiding...all she knew was there was constant screams from citizens within this unfortunate city.
    A huge hand print like mark crushed a nearby Olive-Garden roof, and a loud ear-shattering screech echoed throughout the city.
    The woman screamed and jumped as the car was thrown at her...fortunately missing and slamming into a nearby lake.
    "Leave me alone!" The woman cried as she sat up slowly, trying to catch her breath.
    Two huge hand prints, the size of 20 men crushed either side of the wall she was on, the thing screeched at her again, blowing her so far back that she fell back into the window, cracking it.
    Blood ran down her lip, just a little...her eyes darted back and forth, then...she ducked, the window shattered, the thing probably tried to get didn't matter she was alright!
    With a grunt, she rolled back into the Olive Garden through the now broken glass and looked around, she stared for a moment at a salt-shaker before running towards it.
    The invisible thing, knowing what she was trying to do, slammed the table, crushing it.
    The woman screamed as she was lifted up into the air! Struggling was completely useless even though she tried anyway in a violent manner.
    Out of nowhere, the creature dropped her and she fell to the table with a loud thud! A quarter of the city was completely destroyed...the salt shaker below the foot of this creature was crushed, but it opened because of that...

    "Kisha name is Keisha Martin...what do you want with me?"
    The two investigators glanced at each other before slapping a folder in front of her on the metal table; "well as far as we are concerned you destroyed property, a quarter of it to be precise..."

    The two men walked around the woman as she slowly opened the folder with a shaking hand, a instigated brand was on the concrete floor over 120 feet wide, it was an insignia of wings wrapped around a ball.

    "So? What does this have to do with me?" The woman said, piercing her blue eyes at the lead investigator.
    The man continued, "you were found passed out on the table at the same exact Olive Garden as this monster...this invisible force that disappeared, and it just so happens..."
    The man then grabbed her hand, making her gasp slightly, the same insignia was...what looked like burned to her right hand.

    "You have the same mark on your enough of this, what do you know?"
    The woman yanked her arm away, moving a strand of her dark brown hair away from her face, "I don't know anything...stop harassing me..."

    The men sighed, one rubbing the back of his head..."look we can make this easy on you lady, just tell us everything you know about this thing!"

    The woman didn't say a word and with that, the men brought in a cop to cuff her...Keisha didn't resist, in fact she wasn't worried about that at all...

    The men walked her through a hallway, some glancing at her in an interested way, others minded their own business...the cell was empty and she was placed there, the cuffs were taken off and the cop locked her door.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.