The Girl Who Knows Nothing

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  1. There is a girl, a girl who has been locked up and hidden from the world her entire life. Until now. There is nothing special about this girl except for the fact that she knows nothing of the outside world, she doesn't know everything from how to read and write to how to act in modern society. All she knows is from Them, the people who had kept her locked up. They were basically her family but never called themselves that. She was rarely talked to but she had heard Them talk to each other so she knows how to talk but not the extents of the English language.

    While she was hidden, she never saw a TV, never heard the radio or listened to music so she literally knows nothing of the outside world except for this: it's dangerous and interesting.She was never allows out until now, the day she escaped. She didn't really mean to, it was more like everyone was gone and the door was unlocked she she sort of let her curiosity get the better of her and she walked out. She left the house and wandered around until she got tired so she fell asleep on a park bench. This is where you find her.

    You are a boy about her age that was walking around the park when you notice a new girl asleep on one of the benches. You had never seen her before and she didn't look like she was homeless, she seemed too innocent for that, so you walk over and wake her but she is different than what you expected. This is a whole new world and whether you like it or not, it is now your job to lead her through it.

    Ok, so this is just an idea that came to me, I don't know if it's been done before (if so, i did not mean to steal your idea). If you like it, please tell me so we can get this thing going :)

    This is still open if anyone wants to join! I don't have a partner :\
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  2. This idea looks interesting to me. PM me?
  3. sounds interesting, if you haven't found anyone i'll be happy to try it out with you. PM me and we can get it started. :)