The Girl who Cried Wolf

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  1. Jai didn't like it. The new smell of a new house. The smell of new people all around him. He didn't like it. He wasn't used to new environments. But the move was necessary because of his dad's work. He begrudgingly unpacked what he could before getting ready to go to his new school, which wasn't much. He quickly did his hair and made his way out the door.

    It was quite cold out , yet that didn't bother him. The cold weather was something he grew up with and was used to, however that didn't make it completely tolerable to him. The smells all around him began to flood his nostrils. He tried to ignore it however. He distracted himself by breaking into a fast run, following the scent of the students heading to the campus. He found the campus easily thanks to his nose. He stopped at the sign that told new students where their classes were. Looking at it though, made him confused. He hoped against all hope that someone would pass by and offer him some help. Someone that knew the campus up and down and that could escort him to his class.
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  2. The weather was bitter, though the rain would come later that day, Emma had worn her raincoat rain boots to school. It was her last year here, then she would be able to go out and either travel the world, or commute to the college a town over. As much as she wanted to travel there was still something keeping her here, even though she couldn’t pin point just what that was. As she turned down the street of the school she pulled into an extra parking lot a quarter mile away.

    Preferring to not deal with all the crowds of people in the school’s parking lot this just made leaving easier, also with traffic. Grabbing her too heavy backpack and the stack of books she had to return to the library, Emma began to walk towards the school. It only took a couple minutes to cross the distance, not sure how long her arms would hold out. As someone held the door for her, she began to head to the library, passing a kid she had never seen before looking confused.

    “You lost?”

    Shaking her head back and forth, the hood of her raincoat slid down to reveal bright orange hair, she turned her bright green eyes on him. Hopefully he would answer quickly, the arms were going numb and she needed to hit the library before homeroom. Shifting the weight of her backpack she maneuvered the books to one arm to give the other a small respite.

    “I can show you to your homeroom if you need me to?”

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  3. Jai began to feel the cold bite at his arm as he tried to figure out the map, but he still couldn't get it. He then heard a voice behind him. Turning sharply, he came face to face with a red headed beauty. His face immediately turned a light shade of red, partially from the cold and partially from her beautiful green eyes. He tried not to stare as he listened to her ask if he was lost and if he needed directions. He smiled sheepishly and nodded.

    "Sorry, I am new here, so your guidance to homeroom would be much appreciated...By the way, I'm Jai.." he reached out his hand, but instead of waiting for her to take it, he first noticed her start to shiver. Taking his jacket off which was actually making him hot, he threw it on her shoulders.

    "Sorry, I came from a place that was just as cold so I'm used to the cold. You can borrow that till we get to homeroom...So please...lead the way".

    Jai couldn't help but look as he followed her. She was the most beautiful human girl he had ever met yet. He wasn't going to let her get away if he could help it.
  4. Emma smiled at his courteous gesture, pulling it closer to herself with her one free hand. Quickly shifting the books to distribute the weight once more between the two arms, her eyes took him in. He was going to take over the most handsome man at the school position which made her wish she could be there for every moment watching the guys get jealous as the girls moved from them to Jai. She knew better than to hope for things like that, she was the student every hated for making the curve in all her classes, setting the bar in track and field, and beloved by teachers. Though she was picked on, she didn't let things like that get to her, her disposition too sunny for the haters to touch her.

    "I'm Emma, let's head inside! My arms are killing me so I'm going to swing by the library first to drop these off, if that's okay?"

    Moving confidently towards the school and making her way through the few students that were there that early, she loved the hallways before school started. Without all the students crowding around, the cacophony of noise between classes, and idiots shouting, she truly felt like this place was her home away from home. Those few students that were there early ignored her existence, still mad about last week's AP chemistry test. Since she had gotten an A, everyone else had gotten Cs's and F's because of the curve.

    "Once I get you to homeroom, if you have any questions I'm sure the other students will help you out no problem! This is a relatively small school but we offer great academics and our track team is nationally ranked if you're into that sort of thing."
  5. Jai smiled. "Of course. I'll follow you anywhere! Thanks again for your help! It is very much appreciated!"

    Jai watched her as she happily made her way to the homeroom class. She looked so happy and sunny, like not a negative thing in the world could touch her. Jai needed someone like her in his life. He always had a hard time having a positive attitude at times when they were needed. He followed suit as they neared his homeroom class.

    They soon arrived and before she could give him her goodbyes, he grabbed her wrist.

    "Before you go, I would much like to get your phone number. You see, I don't have any friends here right now since I just moved here recently and it would be great if you would be my first friend here. What do you say?"

    He hoped she would consent. He didn't want to lose her so easily.
  6. Once they were in front of his homeroom she laughed heartily, grinning at him. Since they had already dropped off the books, she took her wrist back from him and handed him his jacket back. Even she knew her own reputation and if he became her friend there would be trouble for him in the future here.

    "Well first you should know we have the same homeroom. So at least you'll see me here. As for my phone number, you will want to make other friends here, it is not a good idea to start with me."

    With a final smile at him, this one pulping down at the edges slightly fighting a frown, she walked into the room sitting in the front row. There was always the feeling that if she couldn't see or hear them making fun of her during class it would just make her life that much easier. Just after she left him, a wave of students began to cycle in, the girls smirked and talking about how cute he was none too quietly. As everyone settled into the class there was snickering insults lobbed up towards Emma as she had her nose deep in the book they were covering for the week. Their homeroom being AP English after all, they went through books quickly to prepare them for the tests they would be taking for college credit at the end of the year.
  7. Jai took his seat, glaring at the giggling and gawking girls. Since he was far from them, he mouthed something to them so he wouldn't be shouting.

    "I am not interested in any of you...So don't even try..."

    Jai couldn't give up. He wanted his first friend here to be her. He didn't know why, but he couldn't keep her off his mind. There was something about her that drew him in. Not only was her scent amazing, but her looks, her body shape, everything about her drew him in. He wasn't interested in befriending any other girls besides her. He vowed that he would try again to get her number.

    He begrudgingly listened to the homeroom teacher babble on about rules and homework study time in this period. Once the bell rang, he made a mad dash towards Emma again, grabbing her wrist and giving her a serious yet soft look. He didn't know why, but he had this yearning for her.

    "Please Emma, let me have you as my first friend. I don't care what others think. I only want you as my first friend...and if anyone tries to embarrass or hurt you, I will make them sorry they ever did..."
  8. The girls in the room looked at him weirdly but it wasn't as though that would be enough to deter them. With raging hormones and a lack of men as good looking as Jai, he did not stand a chance of being left alone. Despite this, Emma had thankfully not heard his whispers, paying close attention to the teacher and making notes the whole class. Once Jai came up to her after class ended she looked surprised smiling and grabbing his arm to keep him walking as she headed to her locker needing to change out books.

    "I was just looking out for you, I mean if this is your choice I totally understand. Just wanted to give you the choice. Honestly the kids here play their jokes and pranks, even say mean things, but it's not worth my time or yours to care about them."

    Opening her locker and taking out the next set of books for class, these textbooks being much heavier as they had to last the next three classes. Setting down the books for just one second she looked over at him, wondering if he had time to be talking like this.

    "Let's see your schedule, I'm not sure you're taking the same classes as me the rest of the day. I've got AP Bio, AP Chem and Calculus for the next few classes. If I can't show you to your class in time I can point you in the right direction."
  9. Jai looked at his Schedule. It seemed he too had Calculus, but after that was AP English and AP Biology. He handed his schedule to her so she could scan it.

    "Do we have any of the same teachers? If not, just point me in the right direction. I don't want to be too much of a burden to you. Also, thank you Emma. I am so grateful you accepted to be my first friend! I hope we can get along."

    He reached inside his pocket, pulling out his wallet and a receipt he had kept. He quickly yet legibly scrawled his number on the paper and handed it to her.

    "I know you have to get going so if you can just point me in the right direction, that would be good..."
  10. Quickly looking it over she offered him a warm genuine smile, glad she could help him along throughout the day. Nodding her head for him to follow, the bell close to ringing.

    "Follow me, we both have Calculus next, and I can point you towards the teacher you have for English. Then we meet up again for Bio. Not sure if we have the same lunch so if we do I'll see you down there. Now let's get to math before we get in trouble."

    She quickened her pace, grabbing his arm as the bell rang gliding into the class taking a seat in the back with him as the teacher had his back turned. Laughing softly she pulled out her book and notebook from the pile throwing the rest to the ground quietly. Leaning over she whispered softly to him, wanting only him to hear.

    "Go up and ask for your book now before he gets started or he'll be upset."

    Starting to write down the problems on the board the teacher was putting up, she nodded to the teacher again for Jai to go up there quickly.
  11. Jai could see the stack of Textbooks that yet to claim an owner. He quickly, with his wolf speed, ran up there, grabbed a book, and quickly went back to his seat. The teacher glared back at Jai.

    "How nice of you to make it to the first day of class. Since your new to this school, why don't you stand up and Introduce yourself? I've never seen you at our school before..."

    Jai cocked his head. How would the teacher know he was new? He shook it off, standing up and smiling cheesily.

    "I'm Jai Stafford. Just as the teacher said, I'm new here so treat me right, ok?" Jai waved to everyone in the class and sat down. He looked at the text book, scanning it's contents. Seemed easy enough. He excelled when it came to math, but the only problem he wasn't in anything higher was that he had a hard time applying himself to it. He vowed he would his time. Looking to Emma, he smiled. It felt great to have her touch him like she did, even if it was her dragging him to class. If that was how it felt to be touched by her, he wanted her to touch him like that everyday. He realized that it wasn't possible though.

    He listened intently as the calculus teacher described the course work they'd be going over that semester. An hour passed by quickly and as soon as the bell rang, he looked to Emma.

    "Alright, can you direct me to my english class? Oh and since our last class is together, want to walk home with me today?"
  12. Emma wondered how it was he could move so fast but only ended up getting excited that he may join her on the track team. As she thought about it, she was going to have to ask him to join, thinking it would be a good way for him to make friends. During class she would occasionally glance over at him, but a lot of her attention was spent on the teacher. Math was definitely not her strongest point but she managed well enough if she put a lot of effort into it.

    “Your next class isn’t too far from mine, I’ll walk you there. I can give you a ride home if you like? I live too far to walk, so I’ll save you the trip!”

    She laughed at her own joke, feeling foolish and she started to walk towards his class. Navigating the over crowded hallway she was bumped a few times, pulling her books closer to her chest. After they had walked almost to the other side of the school she smiled back at him, and stopped outside a classroom.

    “This one is yours, I’m two classes back. Just find me after class and I’ll show you to the last class. If someone else decides to show you, just let me know.”

    With one last smile she turned and went to her own class. The class seemed to breeze by, but when the bell rang she was still sitting in her chair trying to scrawl quickly the last of the notes the teacher had given.
  13. "Sure, I'd love a ride. That would be great! Your so kind..."

    English class seemed to fly by without a hitch. He quickly scrawled down the rest of the notes and flew back to the classroom that Emma was in. He could see her getting up, packing her things in her bag. Just looking at her, his heart started to beat fast. He couldn't stop staring. She was so beautiful and the scent she gave off was driving his wolf senses crazy. He was glad that there were other people around to drown out the strong scent she gave off. That way, he could control himself.

    He met her just outside the classroom. As they walked to their last class together, he looked to Emma.

    "So, I was just wondering, if there are any clubs you would suggest I join? I kinda wanna keep myself active throughout highschool! Any suggestions?"
  14. Standing up and walking to the door she laughed as he was already there waiting for her. Guessing that no one offered to take him she was happy to see him, thinking it funny that the cutest guy at the school wanted to actually be around her. Intertwining his arm with hers, she guided him towards the class room, damn near over joyed when he asked about clubs.

    "Well if you're asking....I would say track and field. Not just because I'm on it, but you were pretty darn fast back in the classroom."

    As they got into the classroom she went to her table near the front, not sure if he would want to sit with her or not. Not wanting to him to feel like she was trying to push herself on him, seeing as the only reason he was stuck with her was because they had classes together.
  15. Jai quite loved the feeling of her arms interlocked with his. As he was reveling in that moment, he heard her suggest track and field. That sounded like a great idea. That would put his wolf powers to good use. ALthough, he'd have to tone it down a little so he wouldn't be suspicious. That was one big rule of the werewolves, they couldn't transform in front of a human, unless it was to protect them. And when they did find out, they have to swear never to reveal the secret, otherwise, if anyone found out, they had to move. They were frequent movers because of the rule, but Jai was used to it. Hence why he was now here. He had to be sure that if anyone found out, that they would prove loyal. Jai was sure that he could trust Emma.

    Jai followed Emma and sat in the chair next to hers since there looked like there was no seating assignments. He couldn't wait for class to end. He wanted to feel Emma's warmth against him again. The teacher came into the classroom, calming everyone down and began discussing what they were going to do today. Jai listened intently, but in the back of his mind was the end of the class, which came quicker than he expected. As the bell rang, the girls in the class swarmed around him, trying to ask him for his number. Jai smiled and politely refused them.

    "I'm sorry girls, I have a prior engagement..." Jai eyed Emma telling her to leave so the girls wouldn't seek her out and hurt her later for his "special" attention he gave her.
  16. Throughout the class she found it distracting that he sat beside her, her mind wandering over to him without her wanting to. Realizing that she was distracting herself, she concentrated harder on the class rules and glanced over at him when the teacher announced who they were sitting by was to be their lab partners for the rest of the year. With the bell came the swarm of girls around him like she had been expecting all day.

    "I'll just get going..."

    Her voice was soft and a small smile spread across her lips as she headed out. Stopping by her lockers she loaded up her backpack with all her books, wanting to start getting ahead in the classes. It was senior year, she didn't want to slack off, instead if she worked especially hard this year she would be able to get a free ride to college. With the way finances were with the family, it might be the only way unless she picked back up her midnight job at the diner outside of town.

    After a few moments of waiting she figured that he had gotten laden down with ladies in the classroom, probably getting caught up in talking to them. Not wanting to wait too long she just started to walk to her car, the hallways slowly clearing out, into the parking lots and busses. Passing through the crowds, she pulled her rain slicker tighter starting to feel the first few drops of rain, on her way to the last parking lot glad to see it was deserted.
  17. Jai managed to get the girls to leave him alone. Making a mad dash for his stuff at his locker, he followed her undeniable scent. He used his quick wolf like speed to catch up to Emma. He soon saw her and easily caught up with her, seeing that the place where she had parked her car was deserted. He quickly looked around to see if any of the girls he had been talking to earlier was watching him. Looking at nearby windows and the doors to the school and all around him, he didn't see any of them that he could tell. He quickly caught up with Emma, placing a hand on her shoulder.

    "Again, Thank you so much for showing me around school today. You are a lifesaver! Hey! I know, to repay you, I will take you out to eat sometime. It will be on me. How about it?"

    He quickly scanned the area again, just to make sure the girls weren't following him. He quietly sniffed the air, just to make sure. He didn't pick up a girl's scent, but he did pick up another scent. It was a scent of another werewolf. Hmmm. That was weird. Were there werewolves here before him and his family got here? That is what this scent suggested. His hair stood on end as his calculus teacher's scent wafted to his keen nose. He looked around and sure enough, his calculus teacher was standing in the distance, staring Him and Emma down. He grabbed Emma's wrist.

    "Emma, please forgive me for doing this, but It must be done for your safety. I will explain my rude behavior later...Again, I'm sorry for this rude behavior I'm about to do to you..." He pulled Emma toward him, placing a kiss on her neck. The calculus teacher's eyes went wide. He sneered and scoffed at Jai, turning around and walking back towards his car. Jai quickly removed himself from her neck and looked away, his face red.

    "I'm so sorry to get you involved in this so soon...I hope you can forgive me...but if you would still be so kind as to give me a ride home, I can explain my rude behavior...Unless you don't want me touching you, than I can understand. I'm used to walking home..." Jai had a dejected puppy look on his face. He was so used to girls freaking out when he did that that her freaking out wouldn't surprise him at all. He waited for something, anything to come from Emma, whether it be that she was ok with it or whether it be flat out rejection of him.
  18. Having turned around as she heard him, she grinned waving him over. It seemed like he had gotten there fast but she guessed it was the track star in him, though even for a track star he was quick. Wondering if he was talking to her as though asking her on a date or out as a friend, though it was most logical to think as a friend. It wouldn’t make sense for him to want to date her over the other girls who had thrown themselves on him.

    “It was not a big deal, just glad I could help you out. Trust me had anyone else seen you before me, you’d be thanking someone else right now. I’m not above accepting a free meal though. Maybe later in the week if you’re still up for it we can go to this awesome diner I work at occasionally.”

    Not seeing her teacher, Jai moved too quick for her eyes to have seen him, instead focusing on Jai and his kiss. To her neck. She had to admit, it was a weird way for him to come on to her, let alone doing it after apologizing. More confused than anything she blinked a few times, her back pack having fallen to the ground in the water. Slowly coming back to real life she leaned down and grabbed the bag, throwing it into the backseat of her Wrangler. Looking back at him, her face a bright red mixing with the dark freckles that littered her face.

    “I can still give you a ride home, but if you had wanted to hit on me, maybe next time aim for my lips instead of my neck okay?” Climbing into the jeep and starting it up she waited for him to jump in so they could take off.
  19. Jai hopped in, still very embarrassed that he had to portray that kind of behavior. It was the only way for him to protect her from other werewolves. He waited to tell her until she dropped him off. He blushed at her comment before about how he should aim for her lips and not her neck next time. He wasn't trying to hit on her, although he wouldn't mind making her his girlfriend. But he couldn't think about that right now. He was faced with the ultimate decision. Should he show her, to protect her or should he just let sleeping dogs lie and admit that he was in love with her and let her find out a different way? He had to make a decision fast cause as he was directing her now, they would be back at his place in 5 or so minutes left.

    He thought a lot about it, and just as he was pulling in the drive, he made his decision. As she stopped the car, He again apologized for his rude behavior.

    "And your are absolutely right, if I wanted to hit on you, maybe I should have done this..." this time, he kissed her on the lips. It was a gentle yet sudden one and after it happened, he pulled away fast.

    "If your still up for that date, I'd love to go to that diner you were talking about, but I can also understand if you think I'm a freak after this and never want to talk to me again after this than I totally understand...Let me know your answer via text and thanks for the ride...See ya" He took steps backward to give her space in order to leave.
  20. Having followed his directions, she realized that he lived on the same side of town as her, just closer than herself. Pulling into the driveway and putting the wrangler in park, she looked over to him as he talked. The kiss itself caught her off guard, her eyes closing for the brief moment, blushing crimson as he pulled away to leave.

    “You’re not a freak. I’m not going to wait to text you, it’s a date. If you want I can pick you up in the morning for school if you don’t want to walk…”

    As he gave her space to pull away from his house she smiled and started to head towards her own home. Wondering how she could have pulled off a first day like today, it seemed unreal and even in retrospect she felt that it might have been a dream. Someone was nice to her, a boy at that, but to top it off he actually liked her. Shaking her head as she turned down the dirt road to her house.

    After almost a mile of winding road she pulled up to the small house her family owned out in the woods. Parking along the side, she took her belongings in to her room and changed into her running clothes, putting her headphones in as she walked back outside. Stretching her legs, and turning on her music, she took off into the woods for her daily run, trying to keep in shape for track, especially given that she was a distance runner, not especially quick like some of the others. The rain fell lightly among the trees as she made her way through the woods, forcing her to move slower so she wouldn’t slip or fall.
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