The Girl Who Can't Give Up, the Guy Who Can't Leave

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  1. Assassin HQ, the base of all elite mercenaries who specializes in assassinations and other various jobs mostly in the name of justice. Mostly, in the sense that justice doesn't always bring money to the table. Justice doesn't give you the pay to deal with hospital bills and the collateral. However, not everyone gets into the organization easily. One must go through a rigorous training course, topped off with a sample mission of their own. If you succeed, you are welcomed into the Assassin's HQ with open arms. If not, you'll be eliminated yourself. This has been the cycle for over 30 years now.


    Rena Dubois stepped through the glass doors of the headquarters. It was literally just last night when she had completed her final training task, to assassinate the leader of an underground gang. The actual trial mission was far worse that any of the given training obstacles combined. On her own, she had to track down the gang, formulate her plan of assassination, and execute it perfectly. Otherwise, she'd would have been killed by the gang, or killed by mercenaries of the HQ the minute she got out of the vicinity. Luckily that wasn't the case.

    The blonde woman of only 20 years made her way up to the office of the boss, where she was summoned. A fairly pudgy man sitting in the leather chair was the one who ran the whole organization. He was accompanied by two other men. The one standing right by his side must be a personal guard of some sort. The second man sat on one of the two provided chairs located in front of the desk.

    "Ms. Dubois, congratulations on making it here at the Assassin HQ." The boss said. "You will begin your work immediately, however there is going to be a slight change."

    Rena's eyebrows furrowed together, clearly showing her disappointment. "What do you exactly mean by 'slight' change?"

    "Well you see here, you won't be starting out solo like most, you'll be accompanied by this young fellow until further notice."
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    Today would be the day his headaches would increase; it was easy to tell. Alexander Spades, one of the best assassins known to man, was being assigned to watch over a newbie. They might as well call it baby sitting. This was just the thing he needed; some new recruit ruining his reputation that he worked hard to build up for years. The twenty three year old man stood almost 6'2". His appearance was quite intimidating but, if you knew him quite well, he was all business. He actually was a bit more relaxed than more of the people there. He could be a bit of a smart mouth but he knew when it was time for games and when it wasn't. With his kind of occupation, your sense of humor can he locked away. He refuses to.

    He followed the man that was told to escort him to the bosses office. He supposed that was where he would meet this new member. The man was well known; having never lost a target in his entire career. His reasons for becoming a assassin were his and his alone. He stopped at the door and made a deep sigh. He could go for a smoke right now. As the man opened the door and folded his arms and looked around a bit seeing the boss speaking. He looked towards the woman and rubbed his neck. That must have been her.
  3. "Oh! Would you look at that, your new partner finally makes his appearance. Meet Alexander Spades."

    The woman's blue-green eyes shifted to the sound of the door creak. A man entered rather abruptly and stood aloof towards the back. Instinctively, Rena glared daggers at him. Everything about this guy ticked her off. His stance, his vibe, and even his face. Not that his face is something to be upset over. She was just clouded with frustration. On top of all that, his gaze felt belittling, as if he was telling her to give up. Like hell she would. She went through too much to get to this point. She trucked through those training courses and the final exam like any other person in this building. Yet, they all began their missions solo. Why does she need someone watching over her? Did she not live up to their standards?

    Rena let out a sigh at turned back around, confronting the boss. "Sir, with all due respect, why do I need to be paired with Can't I start out on my own like everyone else?" she asked with a slight hint of agitation in her voice.

    The boss chuckled. "Let's just say the incoming rookies haven't been up to par on their missions. This is just a precaution."
  4. He paused catching the girls glance. Well, so much for first impressions. He sighed slightly. This was really going to be difficult. He wasn't much of a teacher anyway so this was just going to be twice the pain. He walked and leaned against the office desk while listening to her speak and than the boss. "He's right. We have lost quite a lot of newbies in the field recently. Most of them believe they are ready then get in over their damn heads." He said trying not to snicker. Something about watching others fail was so... Amusing.

    "Besides, your not just learning from some guy. I'm one of the best there is." He said while giving off a cheeky smile. In a way he was mocking her but this was only one of his first tests. He was going to keep his eye on this one. He hasn't failed an assignment yet and he didn't plan on starting anytime soon or ever. He then leaped his way off the desk and smiled slightly. "Sir, you can count on me." He said while smirking and placing his hand on the girls head. "I'll turn this guppy into a shark in no time."
  5. "Get-" She swatted his hand off her head, glaring straight into his eyes once more. Taking a step toward him, she pointed a finger at him, poking his chest. "You may be taller than a lot. But that doesn't mean you can treat me like some kind of pet." she said, fuming. "And for your information, I'm not gonna turn out like the others. So I won't be needing you with me." Rena's little fit ended with an exasperated huff. She could have continued on, but that would go against an assassin's code of keeping calm. Kinda a basic thing to know.

    The boss, watching the whole spectacle, kept his usual smiling face. "I'm sure you two will be fine. Now if you don't mind, I need to do some business so if you don't mind. If you're up for it, you can go find a new assignment to do." The straight faced man who stood next to the boss extended his hand, motioning for the two to leave the office.
  6. He paused slightly feeling the scolding and slap to his hand. He pouted and rubbed his hand while looking at her. "Gee that's the spirit...." He said before smiling. "Well no problem at all chief." He said before looking at the girl. "Come along~." He said while whistling and escorting himself out. He could tell this was going to be an interesting few days for sure. He then smiled. "Wonder what this assignments all about?..." He then stopped before turning to her wanting to get something straight.

    "Hey look I know you think you don't need my help and all and that you think i'll just get in the way and blah blah blah, but come on, your not a child. Superior put us together so we might as well make the best of it, huh?" He said while holding his hand out for her to shake.
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