The Girl of His Dreams (C92cool X Sinopa)

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  1. Victor was an average high school boy, but there was something that separated him from everyone else. He had the keen ability to make any girl fall in love with him, and he took advantage of that. It was so much fun for him, as he took them out on dates, had wonderful sex with them, and then the next day or so he would dump them. Nothing ever came out of it, until the most recent break up. He did it right in front of the school, humiliated the girl in front of everyone and for that he received instant karma.

    Victor had begun to walk away, but as he crossed the street, a truck hit him. Being rushed to the hospital, Victor entered a comma where he was all alone. It was pure white and there was nothing.

    “Hello!? Hello!?” Victor shouted as he wandered the empty white plain in hopes of finding someone, or anything for that mattered.
  2. "Where are you?" I said to myself as I searched the dreams of many sleeping humans. I know he is unconscious so where is he? My search continued as I flew from dream to dream. "At last! I found you." My last thought before entering the young man's dream. I appeared behind the boy with a sweet smile on my face. Yep, there's no doubt in my mind that this is him. "Hello. Welcome." I said in a timid voice. He looked almost like Him, the white hair, the blue eyes, the charming air about him, but there was something else there too, I can't quite see it yet.
  3. "Who...are you?" Victor asked as he looked at the girl. She was a little shorter then him, and similar white hair, but her eyes were golden. She was pale to, which was different from Victor, for he had a little bit of a tan to his appearance. The girl seemed familiar, but he couldn't think from where.
  4. "Who...are you?"
    I heard him say. Of course he doesn't recognize me, I probably should have realized that when he made no attempt to strangle me. So has he started over?
    "My name is Aveira. Who might you be?" I asked warmly as I stepped forward once.
  5. " Victor" He said as he combed his hair back with his hands. "Just about every girl has heard of me and my wonderful charms and dashing looks." He added as he moved towards Aveira.
  6. Ah so he has kept his name. "I, um, haven't heard of you." I said shyly as I stumbled back. That's what I saw earlier, arrogance. Now that I found him, what do I do? I never thought I'd actually find him. I also thought he would remember me but I guess not. A look of confusion appeared my face.
  7. "You haven't heard of me?" Victor said as he was taken back. He was surprised to hear such a thing. He saw how shy the girl was behaving though, so he could tell she wasn't going to be a challenge for him.

    "Then I must introduce myself and my ways to you then." He said with his hand outstretched for hers.
  8. I looked at his hand for a moment then took it, not really sure what he meant by 'his way'. "Um, what do you mean?" I asked as I slightly looked to the side. I have lived away from humans for so long I had no idea what could happen or what to do.
  9. "I shall show you a good time my dear..." Victor said as he took her hand. "...but sadly I can't do much at the moment in this world of's all white and empty..." The world was bare, so Victor just began walking with the girl as he held her hand.
  10. "Do you not know?" I asked confused as we began walking. "This is the dream world. Your dream world. You can create anything in here, buildings, objects, animals... Even people." I explained.
  11. "Oh really...I see I see..." Victor thought for a second, and then before them appeared a vast amusement park. "We shall have a grand time here."
  12. When the amusement park appeared my eyes glowed with amazement. "I've never been to one of these before." I said in awe. "Lead the way." I squeaked with excitement.
  13. "Right this way." Victor said taking her through the amusement park. There were countless rides for them to go on. The merry go round was the first thing he took her on and then the swings, but most importantly the tunnel of love which is where they could just sit and relax.
    "You having fun?" He asked as he put his arm around her.
  14. I nodded awkwardly at him. "I'm having so much fun. More than I have had in a long time." I smiled. "Why are you doing all of this though?" The guy doesn't even know me, why go through all of this for me?
  15. "Because everyone needs to know how awesome Victor is." He said with a smile. Once the tunnel of love was over, it was slowly getting dark in Victors dream world. "Have you had enough, or you wanna do some more?"
  16. After I stepped out of the boat from the tunnel of love I turned to him. "No. Victor, Your selfish and arrogant. I wonder what all of those girls see in you. You're a disgrace. This is over." I said in a monotone voice. My cold, emotionless eyes glared at him.
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  17. "Ummm...what?" Victor was taken back by what the girl said. He has never heard such words before but he had no time to react to her. Everything went white and within seconds he awoke.
    "What...the...hell..." He said to himself has his heart monitor raced away and doctors began to come into the room. Who was the girl he thought? What did she want? Victor hoped he might get some answers at somepoint, but right now he was just happy to be awake.
  18. Back in the real world, a smirk played across my lips as I sat in the middle of my new apartment. Plastic still covers the new furniture. In the living room was a couch, a coffee table, and a tv on a tv stand all on carpet floor. The dining room was connected to the living room only with tile floors, it had a small table and 4 chairs. The bedroom had only a bed, closet and a chest of draws which held very few clothes. I stood up and walked to the couch. All I have to do now is wait.
  19. A day went by before Victor was released. Once home, all he did was lay down and think about the dream. He knew thise in your dream you have seen before, so he must have seen the girl before, but he didn't know where from.
    "Who are you Aveira?" He said to himself. The thought was gong to plague him for awhile, but what pledged him the worse was that tomorrow he was going back to school.
  20. The next day I was standing in front of the large building my gaze scanned the school. I held a map of the campus and started towards the class I was assigned to. Finally finding it I opened the door. "Oh hello, you must be our new transfer student." The teacher said as I walked up to her. I handed her the form I was given about my transfer and turned towards the class. "Everyone this is Aveira Eto, she transferred from Ruby, Alaska." the teacher said after skimmimg the form. I bowed my head at the class and smiled but my eyes remained emotionless.
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