The Girl Next Door

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  1. The girl next door or the new kid on the block, whatever the case: hello.

    So hi! I'm new here and absolutely desperate for some one on one roleplays. My favorite color is blue. My email is because I did a project on an animal called a jerboa in school long, long ago. My favorite things to roleplay include college/high school, modern, slice of life, omegaverse MxM, and romance, among other things. I have a few one on one roleplays with plots tha tcan be summed up as: college roommate one night stand OR vegas drunken we-just-got-married-last-night.

    My replied can vary, but if I had to put a range I'd say 2-10 paragraphs, depending (in the end) on what my roleplay partner is comfortable with. No limits on wording, a rare limit on violence, and (so far) no limit on sexual content when it comes to my writing.

    Over email, I'm very active on an average day. That's probably because I'm addicted to one on one roleplays like they're drugs. ;3

    So, there you have it. Comment, send me a message, email me, whatever. I'll still be the girl next door and the new kid on the block for a while.
  2. Hi, queenmei! Welcome to Iwaku. :)
  3. Thanks for the welcome. :3
  4. welcome and if you need any help finding good rps just ask me
    i would love to help with any problems
  5. Hello your highness! ^o^ *curtsie* Welcome to the site!
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome.