The girl next door

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  1. Serena was once again back in the suburban neighborhood, she had spent every summer with her cousin because her father wanted her to get out of the big city once in a while. It was a vain attempt to make her a bit more prim instead of running around with the boys all days and getting into trouble. She had spent two weeks there already, just eight more weeks and then she could return to New York. At least it was a bit lucky that her cousin had the same hobbies as her so she didn't get totally bored.

    "And after that we could get... are you listening to me Serena?" Diana were so close to Serena's face so she could feel her breath even though the wind blew in the other direction.
    "För nära" She half screamed as she backed away. Even though she had only spent her Christmases in Sweden she still had the habbit of not wanting people too close to herself, and when they happened to get too close then she couldn't really tell which language she shouted in.
    "Speak English woman." Diana giggled, being fully aware that Serena, just as many other Swedish people, didn't like that people they didn't know too well got to close to them.
    "Too C L O S E" She spelled while Diana were giggling, very pleased that she could tease her cousin.

    Serena looked around and noticed that they had gotten in to the park. The park that was about the same size as the town. If you could even call it a town. A village or the countryside sounded more like it, not because they would say that themselves but for someone that actually had seen a big city, this small spot that barely were visible on the map were nothing more than wilderness. Just like what they actually call the countryside could only be a desert with a bit more green than what was naturally.

    "Wanna come with us on a hiking trip next week?" Diana asked "We are going to sleep under the starry sky and have lots of fun." It was another vain attempt, probably something Serena's father had come up with just to get her closer to nature.
    "No thanks, I rather sleep in a bed." Even though she loved animals and had been in a lot of demonstrations for the environment it still didn't make her a nature person. She belonged in the city and she could help the nature from there, she weren't a person that would willingly come out in the real nature with wild animals.

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