The Girl Next back?

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  1. The sound of trucks, motors roaring like an animal, and several grown men's voices resonated through the brick walls of Devon's lovely abode. Although, most people would just turn their head and fall back asleep or continue on with what they were doing, Devon couldn't just simply do that. He glared at the reasonably large glass window to his left with poison and had no blanket to cover himself, after all it is nearly one hundred degrees outside and really steamy inside. "DJ!" A female voice from outside his wooden door and down the hard stairs that he had fallen down so many times in his youth.

    "YEAH, MA?" Devon yelled back, despite having a head-splitting headache. "TAKE OUT THE TRASH!" His mother yelled back. "I'M LEAVIN'!" She also yelled back force and the faint sound of a door shutting. Devon let out a sigh. "D**n it." He cursed, sliding out of his humble bed and cracking his spine in a rhythmic way while walking out his room with an air of annoyance. He stomped down the stairs, the noises outside becoming louder making his headache harder to control. Devon rubbed his chin while looking for ibuprofen to take but to no avail. His eyes soon looked to his left to the clear window with the blinds open. A young girl came walking into the large kitchen that he was at and opened the refrigerator. "Keisha, who's moving in?" The young girl looked up to Devon and shrugged. "I dunno. Probably some white family, who cares?" She retorted back with spice. Devon, extremely tired and annoyed, just ignored her sassy remark.

    "Takin' out the trash, do the dishes." He commanded with brown eyes glaring at his younger sister. "'Kay, Ranger Rick." Keisha sassed again (head in the refrigerator)while Devon stepped out, slipping on grey tennis shoes that looked worn out and ready to be torn to shreds at any moment, something only he in the household would still wear outside. He walked back into the kitchen, seeing the huge black bag filled with disposables and contrasting against the white of the kitchen. Like a blur, he hoisted the bag against his back and out the door he went without a word to his face-stuffing sister.
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  2. "I know Jacob,"Kaylee said with a sigh. She made her way through the house and into the kitchen, opening up the fridge and pulling out a bottle of milk that she made her three week old son. She warmed it up before shaking it and deciding to flip the blinds to the kitchen shut, and turning the light off. As she made her way back through the living room and towards her back bedroom where her son was laying in his crib crying.

    Kaylee sighed and lifted the small baby up into her arms and sat on her bed, feeding him until he finally fell asleep. She laid him back down and then crawled back I'm her bed, finally falling asleep. The next morning Kaylee woke up early, like usual, and picked the small baby up again. She sighed and played with him awhile before giving him a bath and feeding him. She smiled down at him as he fell back asleep I'm her arms. After she got herself dressed, she picked the diaper bag up, slung it over her shoulder, and then picked Jacob up. As she walked outside towards her car, she carried the baby carefully and tried to unlock her car, but dropped her keys before the strap to her diaper bag split and everything in it fell out. Kaylee groaned and sighed in relief to know that she at least hadn't dropped the baby.
  3. Devon had already put away the trash bag and had started to his own door, but he heard a lethargic groan near him and looked in the direction of the sound. Seeing a young woman holding a baby with items from her bag scattered around her feet, and being the gentleman he is, decided that he should help out the girl. Walking over swiftly, he did a squat sit, picked up a baby powder bottle and looking up at her. "Need some help?" He asked with a small yet charming grin at the girl. "Looks like ya do." He added in to his question.
  4. Kaylee smiled in relief as she bet down slowly and saw someone helping her,"Thank you so much,"she said smiling."I really appreciate it. I'm Kaylee by the way. I use to live here when I was younger and I just moved back with Jacob,"she says looking at the small sleeping child in her arms."It's nice to meet you, and again thank you for your help,"she said again as she opened her back door and put the sleeping baby in the car seat. She buckled him up before putting the diaper bag in the back.

    "Um, I didn't catch your name. You live right there, right?"she asks smiling at the male that had helped her. She had to admit that he was cute, and that he also looked quite familiar. She couldn't pinpoint where exactly she knew him from but she knew that she did in act know him from somewhere. Maybe they use to go to school together or something.
  5. "No problem." Devon responded to Kaylee's thanks. He had gathered the items and had put them back into the diaper bag. But as soon as she said her name paused for a second. "Oh, my name's Devon. Devon Williams." He introduced himself a bit formal like. "Me and you used to hang back in the day." In Devon's mind he couldn't believe. His best friend moved back to town...and she was way prettier than before. He gave a small grin at his thoughts and asked her. "Remember me?"
  6. Kaylee looked back up at Devon as he introduced himself and it instantly clicked. She smiled at him,"Yeah. I do remember you actually. We use to be so close. I knew you looked familiar,"she said chuckling. Kaylee smiled again,"It's good to see you again! How have you been?"she asks. She looked him over and smiled. Puberty defiantly hit him good, and she knew that he was probably breaking teenage girls heart like the snap of her fingers.
  7. "Yeah, I've been fine. Could be better." Devon responded with a genuine smile. He was secretly checking her out, although he didn't know she was doing the same. Her breasts were certainly larger than the last time he'd seen her and she had pulled on a bit of weight. 'Thank god for puberty.' He thought like a true player. "So how you been?" Devon asked out of curiosity. "Whatta you been doing all this time?" He added, not trying to sound invasive to her privacy.
  8. "Um, I've been alright, kind of tired honestly, how have you been?"she asks leaning against the car."Well, I haven't done many things honestly,"then she thought for a moment,"Well... um... I have a son now. Jacob,"she said looking through the window."He's only three weeks old, and my mom kicked me out after I had him so I moved back here. I never would have thought that I was going to see you again,"she chuckled."What have you been up to?"she asked Devon. "Any crazy things happen around this small town since I've been gone? Surely you and the rest of the boys haven't been up to much good,"she teased, thinking about all the annoying boys in her old class.
  9. "Sh*ts been crazy around here ever since you've left." Devon chuckled lightly. "Some idiots robbing people, that's all." He said, looking to the ground a bit. "You remember Carl right? Well he was arrested for some reason. I dunno." He commented with a hint curiosity. 'I wonder who's the dad..' He thought witha slight hint on anger.
  10. "Oh.. well that's not good, is he out on bail or no?"Kaylee asked curiously. She looked around the neighborhood and noticed that not much had changed. Everything looked the same except for her house. It had always been super happy and bright, but it was obvious that she needed to plant some flowers to lighten the place was up. That was one thing she was planning to do later that week when she got time."I actually have to go pick up a kid I'm watching. I'm a babysitter now. It actually pays quite a bit,"she laughed."Come over anytime. You're always welcome. Maybe we can catch up,"she says smiling. She gave him a soft hug before getting in her car and driving off to an address.
  11. Devon shook his head. "Nah, some gangster business I guess." He shrugged it off, like it was nothing. Everything since Kaylee had left had been a bit gang related, not to mention he used to be part of those, so the neighborhood seemed to give a slightly threatening aura that he hadn't noticed much before. After Kaylee gave him a soft hug and agreeing to catch up with her, and after seeing her drive off in the far distance. He let out all of the pent-up emotions from his teenage hormonal mind into one word.
    "F*ck." And the continuing onwards to his own home.
  12. Kaylee drove off to where she was picking up the kids that she was to babysit, and smiled as she greeted each parent. By the time she arrived back out her new house she had three different kids in her car, only one of which was actually hers. As she helped them all inside she began making some dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and fries for the children. She ate a small bowl of cereal, not much, but she wasn't hungry.

    "Maybe I should call Devon,"Kaylee thought to herself."Maybe if he's not busy he would want to come over for dinner tomorrow. I can actually try to make something nice since I won't be working,"she said quietly after the last parent picked her kid up. Laying Jacob down in his bed as she slept, she walked outside with her baby monitor by her side and took a drink of tea she had made herself. As she waited around thinking, she looked up at Devon house and smiled a little at the thought of reconnecting with him.