the Girl from the Forbidden Kingdom



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There was a place called the forbidden kingdom that was said to be the home of the people who had transformed into monsters do to the effects of some form of dark magic. Few dared to travel into the forbidden kingdom and even fewer returned to tell the tale of what they saw. Those who did told stories of monster that looked human-like and those that were monstrous versions of normal animal, some able to use magic.

The concept of magic was considered normal but human who could use it were forced to live outside of town because of the feet they could achieve if they were skilled enough and were seen as a potential threat if they were allowed to live in town.

While traveling along a road that boarded the Forbidden Kingdom you saw a young girl walking towards the road stumbling from side to side unable to stand up straight. Was she ok? A moment later you realized she was walking from the direction for the Forbidden Kingdom and her clothing was torn on her left side. She was hurt and needed help. After getting off your carriage you walked over to her to offer help to her.

After getting close to her you had an uneasy feeling, you couldn't put your finger on why she didn't feel right she just didn't feel normal. As you got even closer she collapsed to the ground and something white and feathery looking protruded from her back as she fell but closed up when she hit the ground.


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