The Ginger King announces his arrival!

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  1. Greetings and Salutations to all here who have come out to see me. I thank you for your time and promise it won't be a wast for I always aim to entertain the company I keep.

    Let's start with a bit of back story shall we? I have been roleplaying since I was a young lad, I always loved creating characters and developing them beyond what my friends could comprehend. My characters all soon became friends to me in their own right as a child but now that i am older I see them more as pieces of myself I wish were more prominent.

    I may not be very old but I still feel I have had enough years in the business of developing roleplays that i have a 'knack' for this kind of thing. My biggest problem and regret is that I tend to disappear quite literally from sites where I do enjoy others writing with my own. Even worse when I am not focused on writing with others I tend to stop working my own writing. So, since I know I want to really try and focus on my writing as if it was a second job I knew I would need a helpful outlet to keep my mind focused on writing better everyday. Thus I joined Iwaku.

    I cannot guarantee I won't disappear some time down the road. However, I promise that I will not leave a story unfinished. If I am in a story, I will keep coming back, even if I cannot find the muse to write anything, I will still try my damnedest to get on Iwaku and just be a part of it.

    Now onto the questions.

    Name/Nickname: Well, My Name is Dylan. Online I have many names, I've used Ginger King and many variations mostly, DylantheVillain has been an alias of mine. I fancy imagining people referring to me as GK now. I want a red tie with those letters on it. If I ever get one it will become my Avatar I promise.

    Gender: ....I'm a dude, like.... no question. I have a- *Expletive Deleted*

    Age: 22 Years old, another simple one.

    Experience: As I stated above I've been creating characters since I was a child but Roleplaying specifically started when I was around 14 or so.

    Rp size: I have found I don't work well in massive groups due to my sporadic nature for both posting and logging on. So anything above 4 members is probably not Ideal.

    Cold or hot?: I live in Central New York... I get enough cold. I don't care much for heat either though. Give me a place that sits at a steady 60-80 degrees and I'd be happy.

    Music: Oh god... you had to open that bag of wonders. Music is.... amazing. I can't even begin to fathom describing what music does for my soul. [Insert soulless ginger joke here] If I had to pick one song at the moment it would be Ed Sheeran in general, I like the way he sounds and flows. He has a nice way of building up a song and coming back down in the same song. I've caught myself singing along plenty of times. ~You need me man, I don't need you~ :P
  2. Hmmmm Ed Sheeran...

    Ahem, welcome to the community, Mister Ginger King! >:3 We're happy to have you!
  3. Welcome Ginger King and Welcome to Iwaku. Hopefully you can be inspired to come back more often than your normal habits. ^-^ Also hopefully it will help you keep your creative writing mojo flowing.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Ginger type King person!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku ^^

    Character creation is one of the true glories of any RPer, to watch the cute little things stumble around until they become true beings in their own right.

    Its what drives my interest, and the worlds that I spin around them.

    I hope you get to join some stories of grand proportions, and grant it characters from your imaginative mind :D
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