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  1. Hey guys!


    It's been awhile since I've started up an old role-play in these parts, but recently I've been wanting throw around my idea for a superhuman role-play about a team of teen heroes called the Giger Counter.

    A little background on the setting for this story.


    It's the present day, and Giger City is a cesspool of chaos. Newgens, people with superhuman abilities, have been active in the city as long as people can remember. But since the breakup of the Giger City's foremost superhuman team, the Guardians, the city has trusted in none other than their one and only hero, Henry the Lion, the super strong so-called Guardian of Giger City.

    And as far as the prideful Henry is concerned, he'd like to keep things that way.

    But little does the populace of Giger City know that for the first time in thirty years, there's a new group of newgens on the block, ready to protect them. Five teenagers, who share an eighth period science class in Giger City's O'Mailley High School, are about to form the first super hero team since the Guardians themselves.

    But can a bunch of teenagers really protect a city full of rampant newgen opponents and a police department that doesn't trust them one bit?

    Guess the Giger Counter's got their work cut out them. That is, if Henry the Lion doesn't cut their half-life as heroes down to zero first.


    So the deal behind this is that the Giger Counter and its teenage heroes are already established. I've written the five of them in great detail, but obviously, three of them are female and two are male, and I can't play all these characters at once. I worked pretty hard to make them interesting and their powers fun to role play with. I'll write up a little bit about each member below, to gauge some interest.



    The seemingly shy one of the group, Sia possesses the ability to grow to giant size, upwards of forty feet tall. She gains strength and durability, but the price of her power is that the bigger she is, the more irritable she is. At some point, she can get so mad in giant form that she might even lose sight of the people she calls friends.



    Nerdy and very much full of himself, Ian possesses the ability to duplicate himself into up to ten people, each capable of acting independently of one another. As Osmosis-Prime, he can direct his clones to pool their intelligences together and become a formidable thinking team. Unfortunately, they share his ego, and thus will not always get along or agree on something.



    She would be a bug for real if she could, and she'd probably live in the woods for the rest of her life also. Nell possesses the ability to shape-shift into any arthropod she can visualize, though her forms are far more gigantic than their earthly counterparts. She prefers insect forms, whether it be a giant scorpion, cockroach, or even a big butterfly. While Nell's power may seem incredible, she can only become things that she has previously seen, and she has a bit of an issue when it comes to using her power in any deadly manner.



    Obsessed with her video games, the quiet and methodical Kate Nintega possesses the unorthodox power to transform matter itself. Upon touching anything of the primary colors red, yellow or blue, she can disassemble its component parts into literal 8-bit pixels, which she can then turn into weapons, objects and even temporary servants. Of course, like the moves in the video games she loves so much, Kate's power has a cool-down timer, and thus she cannot use it in repeated succession.



    The talent of O'Mailley High's soccer team, the confident and cool Hector possesses the power to increase the velocity of objects, including himself. As a speedster, he can run within a blink of an eye, and using his velocity-enhancing touch, he can speed objects to such a point where they literally burn everything in their way. But this magic touch has a price, as Hector can only give himself speed so many times in such a small span of time. Otherwise, after repeated uses, his heart rate dangerously increases, giving him a prime reason to never use his power on anyone himself.


    That's just a taste of the heroes I want people to role-play in the Giger Counter. I've written up their back-stories, the deeper details of their powers, appearances, and personalities in full, but there's plenty of room to fill in the blanks.

    Anyway, I'd like to see if anyone's interested in this idea. The feel of this RP would be a mix between Kick-Ass and Teen Titans. There's just this dichotomy to the Giger Counter that I'd really like to see.

    Anyone who's interested in perhaps role-playing these prospective heroes with me, please post with your interest, and I can discuss with you the character details I've written up from there.
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  2. I would be interested! Could I have Kate Nintega?
  3. Sure!

    I'll send you some info and note you down for the role. I guess I'll take Osmosis for now.
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  4. IC is up people.


    Still, this is the kind of story where people can jump in along with the way. Still, we'll keep the train going until then.
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  5. Hey, I've got some interest in trying out Hector. Always wanted to roleplay a speedster!
  6. Oh sure. I'll send full info on him in a PM and put you down as him.

    Now all we need is someone for Immensia and Sectomorph and we got a complete team.
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  7. Ooh, Immensia please! She sounds awesome! :)
  8. Sure, I'll send you some info.
  9. Last call for Sectomorph. Once someone claims her the whole Giger Counter's complete.
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  10. yay!!! more people!!!
  11. I'm up to play Sectomorph ^_^
  12. Sure, I'll send you Sectomorph's info and close up the sign-up.

    The IC's up, so everyone find a way to introduce yourself.


    If you have any questions, just ask me. We'll move forward from there.
  13. Awesome! ^_^ I'll definitely post right away
  14. So I figure, once we get a post from Eclipse, it'll start the cycle.

    Me, EternalMusic, The Imagineer, Harvey Randall and then Eclipse.

    Also, I thinking we should start a Skype group because I want to bounce ideas around cause I'm thinking this RP may actually get pretty deep and detailed. What do you guys think?

    EDIT: We could break the cycle too, for all the small talk that's going to go in that room in the beginning, but I want to give people enough time to post so they don't fall behind. It's up to you guys cause I can literally post whenever you need me to.
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  15. I think maybe an informal "don't flood the post" rule (with exceptions to one-on-one dialogues) could work better, perhaps with a post cycle for combat scenes or hectic scenarios - you as the GM can decide when that kicks in / is removed with some kind of header in the post.

    Just my suggestions tho, I'm cool with a post cycle if that's what everyone wants.
  16. I'm alright to post whenever, and the skype group thing sounds pretty cool actually. I've never had a group dedicated to an rp before heh.
  17. Perhaps we should give Immensia time to post before the story moves forward, but in the meantime our characters can engage in small talk. I'll think of something to post up next.

    As for the Skype group, my user-name on that is hejin57. If you want me to add you to the group private message me your details and I'll make a group.
  18. It's not fair of me to keep you guys behind. I won't be able to post for another two hours, so I'm going to have to drop out. I hope you guys have fun. :)
  19. Nonsense, Eclipse. :) Two hours isn't a long time at all.
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